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Haredim for News: Guy Zohar's Third Side Israel today


Here 11 showed parts of interviews with the Minister of Health, which show that his condemnations of violators of the ultra-Orthodox guidelines are more qualified • Is this true? | TV

In his program here 11, the journalist showed parts of interviews with the Minister of Health, which implies that his condemnations of violators of the guidelines in ultra-Orthodox society are reluctant, compared to those directed at seculars • But is this true?

  • Trying to make an order?

    Guy Zohar

Sometimes it's hard to understand from watching the news what's really going on here.

I mean - yes, there is a mess, the right does not know what the left is doing and everyone is against everyone, but the feeling that arises from watching most news channels is that they did not bring us enough facts from both sides and we were left with unresolved questions that probably no one will answer.

Guy Zohar's corner here 11, "From the Other Side with Guy Zohar," came to fix just that.

"In days of constant flow of messages and information, there are those who try to make order. Guy Zohar reveals the gap between reality and the way it is reflected in the media" - this is how the corner is defined here, and surprisingly, it does make order, bringing facts and evidence in a neutral way And most of all, very pleasant to watch, with Zohar's clear and fluid explanations.

But the program from the beginning of the week left us wondering.

She dealt with Health Minister Edelstein's harsh response on Twitter against violators of the guidelines at parties, to which he personally addressed and wrote, among other things: "The loss of human life will be on your conscience."

The program focused on the fact that, in contrast to appealing to the secular, his comments toward ultra-Orthodox society always end in "mourning."

Zohar brought evidence from television interviews starring the minister, in which he declares that every such wedding is bloodshed, but on the other hand he adds that it is important to remember that such a thing happens in every city and in every sector and public, citing gatherings in Habima Square, weddings in the Arab sector and more.

According to Edelstein, when he is interviewed in the secular media he attacks secularists, and in the ultra-Orthodox media - ultra-Orthodox.

To try to disprove this, Zohar quoted the ultra-Orthodox media as saying that the minister attacked the secular parties again: "When a group of young people do not do the math, do a party and sticky, they say 'you have to understand, they are young and difficult'. I do not accept these excuses."

Or according to Zohar - "a one-way mirror".

So wait, first of all - if you take one post where the appeal is direct to the partygoers, was the expectation that he would write to them "you vile murderers, your brother's blood by you, but know that it happens in every sector"?

Of course not.

In contrast to a personal post, in a media interview it is legitimate to maintain a "mourning" that does exist in order to be fair, and from the variety of his interviews it is quite clear that Edelstein attacks everyone, without mourning: Arabs, ultra-Orthodox and secularists.

Does the "mourning" downplay the value of the offense or does it come to mention that it exists in other places, and is equally terrible?

And we will move on to the interview itself from January 23 in "Shabbat Square".

Edelstein talks about the particularly high morbidity among the ultra-Orthodox, the piracy of educational institutions and specific violations in the ultra-Orthodox sector, and most importantly, the same sentence quoted in the corner here, according to which Edelstein attacks secular parties in an interview with an ultra-Orthodox website. The trend in the ultra-Orthodox media that began to attack the violators, he explained that the attitude towards lawbreakers in ultra-Orthodox society should be changed, and as an example he quoted in an interview elsewhere: "I said in one interview that if a drunk group hits an elderly person no one should say 'they should just graduate "But when a bunch of young people don't do the math, do a party and catch up, they say, 'You have to understand, they're young and it's hard for them.' I don't accept these excuses ... these things need to seep into the public eye."

So wait, where's the one-sided look?

"From the other side with Guy Zohar," here, 11 before the evening news

Source: israelhayom

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