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No to a sacrificed generation: more than 150 personalities call to mobilize for youth


Let us mobilize for our young people. More than 150 personalities, from all political stripes, are launching this appeal this Thursday morning exclusively in n

It is a text that sounds like a manifesto.

Two pages that call for commitment, action, the fight against boredom and resignation.

“We must all, without exception, put ourselves at the service of the rise of young people.

To shirk would be to ratify their abandonment ”, affirm today in Le Parisien, exclusively, nearly 160 personalities from all walks of life and political stripes, from actress Alexandra Lamy to singer and writer Abd Al Malik via the chef of company Xavier Niel or the director of the general company and former adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy Frédéric Oudéa, or the sportsman Lilian Thuram.

“The consequences of the pandemic hamper the ability of young people to project themselves into the future, and amplify the fractures in society (...).

This implies the mobilization of everyone ”, they continue.

This call, which aims to organize in the coming months "States-General of youth in all territories in France and in Europe" was launched eight days ago by the former Minister of Labor and current permanent representative of the France to the OECD, Muriel Pénicaud.

"I did not act as a former minister but as a committed public figure," insists the one who left the rue de Grenelle last summer after the appointment of Jean Castex to Matignon.

I initially thought of bringing together around thirty people, but very quickly, goodwill flowed in, ”she confides, herself surprised by the success of the initiative.

"The future of a country is its youth"

“Our young people are our treasure.

It is with them that we will build our company, there is no question of abandoning them, ”continues Muriel Pénicaud, designating in passing both“ high school students ”and“ students, apprentices and young employees ”.

In short, all 18-25 year olds, this generation that everyone today designates as "sacrificed" and who testify in our newspaper.

“The future of a country is its youth.

However, if we remain without acting, ours risks becoming the government's No. 1 problem, which still represents 9 million people between 18 and 28 years old.

The whole country will shoot itself in the foot, insists Jean-Hervé Lorenzi, signatory of the appeal, economist and also president of the circle of economists, think-tank of liberal sensitivity.

All indicators are now red.



Covid-19: isolation, anxiety, suicidal impulses ... the alarming distress of 18-24 year olds

An observation shared today by many academics specializing in the subject.

“From the first confinement, 18-24 year olds were the first to drink.

I am not talking only of psychological or moral suffering but also material.

Young people are those who stayed in the smallest, most overcrowded apartments. One in two young people lost their job last spring, ”argues Joanie Cayouette-Remblière, sociologist at INED (national institute for demographic studies ) and author of a survey on 18-24 year olds at the time of Covid-19.

Give a new course

How, then, to reverse the trend?

Beyond words, and pending the organization of the States General, the 150 signatories wish to take concrete action.

Already involved on a daily basis with young people, some of them intend to redouble their efforts.

With the priority of "giving a new direction" to 18-25 year olds, as cook and business manager Thierry Marx explains.

He therefore suggested that he strengthen the training offer in his “Cuisine mode emploi” school, created in 2012 for young people from the neighborhoods.

Another signatory, cellist Gautier Capuçon, also plans to create a troupe of twelve young musicians.

They will provide the opening parts of his next concert tour, scheduled outdoors from July 14 to August 15 throughout France.

“This project gives them motivation.

Because each, at our small level, we can act!

»Assures Gautier Capuçon.

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Food distribution: "The crisis has doubled the number of beneficiaries" among students


The adults of today and yesterday owe a considerable debt to the younger generations: ecological debt, financial debt, social debt.

This debt must be honored by the massive and urgent mobilization of the minds and actions of all citizens.

With the most serious health, economic and social crisis in nearly a century taking hold, the risk of loss of energy and hope for young people has become a major imminent threat, impacting the very future of our population. society and its march towards more collective progress.

The risk of youth dropping out is no less serious than the ecological risk, it is cumulative.

We must all, without exception, put ourselves at the service of the rise of young people.

To shirk would be to ratify their abandonment.

In all their diversity, they are the guarantors and actors of the world of tomorrow.


Youth employment: the concern of the Covid generation

The consequences of the pandemic hamper the ability of young people to project themselves into the future, and amplify the fractures in society, among young people, and between generations.

Today a majority of young people are prevented from studying, working, learning, meeting, loving, and for some from eating, caring, and housing.

The health risk of the pandemic hides another even more considerable risk: the societal risk and the very collapse of structures of citizenship and democratic foundations.

We must therefore resolutely change our ambition and declare youth as a great civic cause in France, in Europe and in the world.

Even if actions have already been taken by governments and companies on certain immediate issues, the risk of a generation being permanently sacrificed is intolerable.

This implies a mobilization of all.

Each and every one, entrepreneur, employee, retired, independent, public official, worker, farmer, craftsman, teacher, researcher, employee, executive, investor, unemployed, student, apprentice, artist, journalist, union activist, voluntary association, parent or senior parent, visible as invisible, must be able to answer two simple questions:

- what do I personally and concretely do for young people?

- what decisions for young people should be taken by public authorities, business leaders and international institutions?

The promotion of this cause equally concerns individuals, NGOs and associations, governments and local authorities, businesses, investors, public and private institutions, political parties and trade unions.


"I was sent home": the galley of students to find an internship in a company

It would be absurd, useless and dangerous to decree the general mobilization for the youth, without the participation of the young people themselves.

Students, high school students, apprentices, work-study, young professionals, young people in integration, interns, job seekers, urban or rural must be the driving force and the soul of this dynamic.

All communication vectors must be mobilized, starting with social networks, traditional media, associations as well as informal channels.

To launch the dynamic, along with other agents of change, we propose that, everywhere in the territories in France and in Europe, be organized, General Youth Meetings bringing together all the stakeholders of this active awareness.

They will aim to develop with, by and for young people a Marshall Plan project for youth, in all dimensions of life.

Our collective ambition and boldness must match what prevailed in rebuilding Europe after the Second World War.

The stake is the future of youth, the stake is our future.

#avenirdesjeunes will be the vector of communication and dissemination of this citizen appeal.

The signatories:

Clarisse Agbegnenou (judoka), Keren Ann (author, composer), Abd Al Malik (author, composer), Habiba Addi (president of Time2start), Jean-Paul Agon (president and CEO of L'Oréal), David Allais (Managing Director of La Chance), Jean-Michel Aulas (President of Olympique Lyonnais), Stéphanie Andrieux (Founding President of Benenova), Patrick Artus (Chief Economist of Natixis), Jérôme Auriac (President of Eloquentia), Lisa Azuelos (director), Bertrand Badré (former CEO of the World Bank), Jean-Marc Barki (CEO of Sealock), Sébastien Bazin (CEO of Accor), Karol Beffa (composer, pianist), Jean -Claude Bellanger (vice-president of Walt Community), Sophie Bellon (president of the Board of Directors of Sodexo), François Berléand (actor), Dominique Besnehard (producer), Florence Besson (journalist at ELLE, writer), Diane Binder ( co-founder of Action Emploi Réfugiés), Benjamin Blavi

st (co-founder of Article 1), Alexandre Bompard (Chairman and CEO of Carrefour), Pierre Bongiovanni (artistic producer), Jean-Laurent Bonnafé (CEO of BNP Paribas), Franck Bonnet (eyewear craftsman Maison BONNET), Jean-Marc Borello (president of the SOS Group), Charlotte Bouvard (founder and president of the SOS Prema Association), Nicolas Bouzou (economist), Kavita Brahmbhatt (co-founder of Action Emploi Réfugiés), Méka Brunel (general manager of Gecina), Thomas Buberl (CEO of Axa), Moussa Camara (President Les Determinés), Renaud Capuçon (violinist), Gautier Capuçon (cellist), Christophe Catoir (President of Adecco France), Bruno Cavagné (President of the Federation National Works Council), Viviane Chaine-Ribeiro (President of the Federation of Very Small Enterprises), Jean-Pierre Clamadieu (President of the Board of Directors of Engie), Ericka Cogne (Managing Director of Télémaque), Philippe Darmayan (President of the One

ion of metalworking industries and trades), Florence Dauchez (journalist, producer), Alex Dayon (technology entrepreneur, Salesforce), Stéphane de Freitas (founder Eloquentia), Claire de Mazancourt (general manager of the Institut de l'Engagement) , Alexandre de Metz (co-founder of YellowKorner), Michel de Rosen (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Faurecia), Nicolas de Tavernost (Chairman of the Board of the M6 ​​group), Aude de Thuin (Chairman of Women in Africa), Rachel Deghati (author, artistic producer), Olivier Delbosc (producer Curiosa Films), François-Xavier Demaison (actor), Pascal Demurger (general manager of MAIF), Anne Derré (producer), Hawa Dramé (general manager of Time2start), Emmanuel Druon (economist business leader), Marie-Solange Dubes (cultural engineering), Elizabeth Ducottet (CEO of Thuasne), Marc Epstein (president of La Chance), Delphine Ernotte (president of France Télévisions), Mercedes Erra (president-founder

ce of BETC Groupe), Emmanuel Faber (Chairman and CEO of Danone), Jean-Pierre Farandou (Chairman and CEO of SNCF), Olivier Faron (Professor of Universities), Cynthia Fleury (Professor of the Humanities and Health Chair at CNAM), Joël Fourny (president of CMA France), Pierre Gagnaire (chef), Bernard Gainnier (president of PwC France and Maghreb), Xavier Geoffroy (general manager of the Center of excellence for culinary professions, Ceproc), Olivier Ginon (president of GL Events), Isabelle Giordano (president of Cinéma pour Tous), Sarah Gogel (general manager and founder of YES Akademia), Nicolas Gradziel (co-founder of La Cravate solidaire), Paul Guis (general manager of Choix de l school), Angel Gurria (Secretary General of the OECD), Claudie Haigneré (astronaut), Michel Hallet Eghayan (choreographer), Saïd Hammouche (President of the Mozaïk Foundation), Simone Harari-Beaulieu (producer), Pierre Hermé (pastry chef ), Irène Jacob (actress), Aur

Élie Jean (scientist, numerician), Philippe Journo (president and founder of the Compagnie de Phalsbourg), Cyril Kamar (author, composer, producer), Eric Kayser (artisan baker), Hervé Kermarrec (entrepreneur, president of Medef Bretagne), Jean -Louis Kiehl (founding president of the Crèsus Foundation), Philippe Labro (writer, journalist), Henri Lachmann (former president of Schneider Electric), Guy Lagache (journalist, producer), Sandra Lagumina (managing director of Meridiam), Audrey Lambry (president of Alter Actions), Pascal Lamy (president of the Paris Peace Forum), Alexandra Lamy (actress), Éric Laplantif (founder of E2L Consulting), Bernard Laporte (president of France Rugby), Alexia Laroche-Joubert (producer), Laurence Lascary (producer On the other side of the periph '), Geneviève Laurenceau (violinist), Stéphane Layani (President and CEO of the Rungis International Market), Guillaume Leboucher (founder of the IA Foundation for the School ), Lion

el Lérissel (general secretary Fac Habitat), Marie-Christine Levet (co-founder of Educapital), Thomas Lièvremont (manager, trainer), Jean-Hervé Lorenzi (president of the Cercle des economistes), Yann Lotodé (co-founder of La Cravate solidaire ), Daniela Lumbroso (host, producer), David Marchand (general manager of Viens VoirMonTaf), Thierry Marx (starred chef), Olivier Mathiot (president of The Camp), Joël Mauvigney (Meilleur Ouvrier de France, president of CGAD), Frédéric Mazzella (founder of BlaBlaCar), Philippe Moracchini (Managing Director of Passerelles et Compétences), Véronique Morali (Chairman of the Board of Webedia), Virginie Morgon (Chairman of the Board of Eurazeo), Blandine Mulliez (Chairman of the Entreprendre Foundation), Éric Naulleau (host), Xavier Niel (founder of Station F and of Ecole 42), Jay Nirsimloo (Chairman and CEO of KPMG France), Françoise Nyssen (editor), Philippe Oddou (CEO of Sport dans la ville), Er

ik Orsenna (writer), Frédéric Oudéa (Chairman and CEO of Société Générale), Stéphane Pallez (CEO of La Française des Jeux), Anne-Sophie Panseri (CEO of Maviflex), Serge Papin (former Chairman of Système U, mediator for Agriculture), Muriel Pénicaud (French Ambassador to the OECD), Charles Pépin (philosopher), Guillaume Pépy (President of Initiative France), Jean Pistre (architect), Florence Poivey (President of the foundation of the CNAM), Patrick Pouyanné (Chairman and CEO of Total Energies), Reza (photographer), Franck Riboud (former Chairman and CEO of Danone), Elisabeth Richard (co-chair of Global Summit of Women France), Stéphane Richard (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Orange), Carine Rouvier (Chairman of Femmes Cheffes d'Entreprises), Caroline Sénéclauze (Chairman and Founder of Project Motor!), Martin Solveig (author, composer), Raymond Soubie (Chairman of AEF info , organizer

de Jeunes d'avenir), François Soulage (honorary president of Secours Catholique), Bernard Spitz (company director), Lionel Spizzichino (lawyer), Alessandra Sublet (host, producer), François Taddei (researcher), Mélanie Taravant ( president and co-founder of Viens VoirMonTaf), Claude Terosier (founder of MagicMakers), Agnès Touraine (president of Act III consultants), Lilian Thuram (president of the Education against racism foundation), François-Xavier Trancart (founder of Artsper) , Jean-Noël Tronc (co-founder of France Créative), Denis Valode (architect), Philippe Wahl (Chairman and CEO of La Poste group), Boris Walbaum (co-founder of Article 1), Isabelle Wekstein-Steg ( lawyer, director), Arsène Wenger (director of world football at Fifa), Denis Zervudacki (founder of the States of France), Cyril Zimmermann (entrepreneur, president of La Plateforme), Lionel Zinsou (president of Terra Nova).

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