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What a doll: these are the shoes you need for the transition season - Walla! Fashion


The transition season is coming and you need to be equipped with suitable shoes. Here are the most worthwhile options in doll shoe stores

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What a doll: These are the shoes you need for the transition season

Spring is upon us and it's time to stock up on suitable shoes.

The classic doll shoes, which interface with the weather, have been relevant and correct for years and those who are connected to the style - will find a wide variety this season.

With a sexy spike, a ballerina nose or a sweet bow tie - these are the most beautiful models in stores


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Gal Slonimsky

Wednesday, 10 March 2021, 08:00 Updated: 08:08

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A kind of "mast-heb" for the transition season.

Zara doll shoes, NIS 259 ​​(Photo: PR abroad)

Passover can already be felt on the horizon, which means that spring is coming and the transition season is beginning.

There may be a few more rainy days until summer, but these are just remnants of the cold season.

When you think of a wardrobe for the transition season, straight up are some “mast-heb” items, like skinny sweaters, clothes that can create a layered look and airy dresses with long sleeves.

But what about the shoe segment?

The answer to this question, almost always, is flat, comfortable and timeless doll shoes.

Ones that can be renewed now, and be sure they will always be relevant.

Yes, next year too.

Some people call them ballerina shoes, others prefer boat shoes and some stick to doll shoes.

The name varies according to the subtleties of the cut, but overall it is the same idea of ​​a shoe - in shape and appearance.

While doll shoes can also be found with high heels, sponsored by the Corona epidemic that led us to prefer comfort - we would recommend getting organized on flat ones.

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Chanel's iconic model - just upgraded.

From 1957 until today (Photo: GettyImages)

The doll shoes have accompanied our wardrobe for many years, proving that they are here to stay.

From Jane Birkin in the 70s, through Kate Moss in the 2000s to this day, when this year the leading brand of doll shoes, ballerina items, celebrates a decade in Israel.

Just last month, Angelina Jolie posed for the cover of British Vogue magazine with doll shoes and said she "just picks a quality pair, and wears them to death."

But in fact, doll shoes were born much earlier in the 16th century, and were used by both men and women.

In the time of Marie Antoinette they went out of fashion and returned to it only later when the big comeback was in the 50s, and thanks to Coco Chanel.

In 1957, the Chanel fashion house launched one of the most famous doll shoe models - beige with a black extension.

Since then, they have received a variety of variations and upgrades, both inside and outside the fashion house.

The doll's shoes can be combined with a romantic, bohemian or classic block, it all depends on your favorite cut and the changing colors that come this season in all the colors of the rainbow.

After a long period of sneaker rule, allow yourself to rejuvenate with a lighter and more refined model.

We have therefore collected some recommended options.

All colors, all cuts.

Doll shoes for spring-summer 2021 (Photo: Walla! NEWS system, PR)

1. In a champagne shade - Tori Birch for Factory 54 for NIS 929.

2. Classic black with bow tie - Aldo for NIS 329.

Sparkling with a pointed nose - Jimmy Choo for Factory 54 for NIS 2,390.

4. Straw in a cream shade - Black & White for NIS 199.

5. Summer yellow - paraffin for NIS 89.90.

6. Black and white dots with a pink bow tie - ballerina items for NIS 749.

Readiness for every look - doll shoes (Photo: Walla! NEWS system, PR)

7. Powder with a pointed nose and a brown chain - ballerina items for NIS 899.

8. Classic white - Pool & Bar for NIS 129.90.

9. Refreshing blue - golf for NIS 99.

10. Bold red - Zara for NIS 259.

11. Classic black - reserved for NIS 69.90.

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