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Michel Sardou contact case of Roselyne Bachelot: "I am a Covid commander"


The 74-year-old singer was decorated Friday evening with the insignia of Commander of the Legion of Honor by Roselyne Bachelot. The minister being

Roselyne Bachelot revealed it on Saturday evening: “I took a test which confirms that I am positive for Covid.

“Michel Sardou learned this Sunday while reading the newspapers on his smartphone.

He immediately deduced that he was in contact with his wife, Anne-Marie, and that both also had to isolate themselves.

The 74-year-old actor and former singer is one of the last to have crossed paths with the Minister of Culture.

She gave him the insignia of Commander of the Legion of Honor on Friday evening.

Joined at his home in Paris, Michel Sardou takes the matter with humor.

How are you ?


I won't tell you I'm as cheerful as a chaffinch, but I'm in good shape.

I expect to be tested on Wednesday.

I was given this crap along with the title of commander.

I am a Covid Commander

(he laughs)


I said to myself: "I have the honor to receive this decoration which gives me great pleasure ... It would be too stupid not to take it ..." And I fall on it.

Besides, it's the only outing I've allowed myself in months, do you believe it?

Apart from a little last summer, I haven't moved from the house for a year.

My wife has completely cloistered me.

It's long, I'm sick of it.

Are you going to get vaccinated?

As soon as possible.

I am one year younger than the expected age, I have no comorbidity, but I may have a possibility of having a dispensation because I have to be given a treatment based on fairly long infusions - nothing serious, I assure you - and it can only be done if I am vaccinated.

Many of you were with the minister on Friday?

There were only three of us!

My wife, a friend of my wife and me.

Roselyne Bachelot was just accompanied by two collaborators.

I didn't want to party.

I am careful and respect the rules.

When the secretariat of the President of the Republic called me to tell me the news, I was very surprised and happy.

He was supposed to give me this cross, but given his concerns at the time, I thought it was better to leave him alone.

I asked my friend Roselyne if she could give it to me.

I'm going to write to her to thank her twice




Soon a musical around the hits of Michel Sardou

Your friend does not lack concerns either ...

Yes it's sure.

The artists, the creators, are in a terrible situation.

And it is understandable that they are yelling at their supervisory minister.

But I find it unfair that they put all their misfortunes on Roselyne's back.

She does what she can.

Culture is not a decision-making ministry.

It goes well after the Army, the Interior, Bercy.

I like him a lot.

The minister was heckled at the Caesars.

Did you watch the ceremony?

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I left at the end of the little girl's intro

(Editor's note: Marina Foïs, the mistress of ceremonies)

with her shit in her hand.

I'm not a client of that.

I thought to myself, “This is going to be a disaster.

I think it was and I wonder if it has served French cinema.

These ceremonies, the Victories, the Molières, do not fascinate me.

In France, there are settling of scores, it's always a bit stuck.

In America, I was lucky enough to attend the Oscars and the Golden Globes, it's a party.

This year, we should have canceled the Caesars.

We were sure that the artists, who are at their wit's end, would show their discomfort.

I hope the next ones will be better.

Do you advocate a reopening of theaters?

Theaters certainly do not have windows, so it is difficult to ventilate the rooms.

But it has been proven that with the mask and the distancing, there has never been a cluster or contamination.

I think we could, with all possible precautions, try to reopen a little.

But this is only my opinion and I am just an average artist.

I didn't even have time to tell Roselyne.

The ceremony was really very quick, a very nice speech, a glass of champagne and it was over.

Today I presented the insignia of Commander of the Legion of Honor to Michel Sardou.

A multifaceted artist, author, composer, performer, but also a talented actor, he makes our culture shine.

Thank you for these so many moments of happiness and emotion!

- Roselyne Bachelot (@R_Bachelot) March 19, 2021

The pandemic interrupted your play "Don't listen to ladies" ...

And I got sick at the end of January.

My late friend Jean-Loup Dabadie

(Editor's note: disappeared in May 2020)

came to see me with a big fat burst that he gave me back and I could not play.

I don't know what he had, but we had to quit a week before the end.

There, rehearsals are postponed until September.

If that works out, we'll go on tour with this Guitry piece.

At the start of the 2022 school year, I will play in a show written by my friend Eric Assous and with Patrick Chesnais in “Our women”, a very funny play.

I think that people who come back to the theater will want to laugh more than to see dramas.

How have you been busy this past year?

I did nothing but write, read, from Richelieu to Churchill via Marc Aurèle, play chess, watch films and series.

I loved "The Lady's Game" on Netflix.

I did not listen to any music.

I was careful, but I gained three kg.

(He pauses, his wife is talking to him.)

Ah yes, what I wrote is a book that will be released on May 6… About me.

I had already done a biography, but the publisher complained that it was too fictionalized.

This time I told the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth, I swear.

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