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Not knocking an account: Gal Gvaram closed a season in sexy jeans and a crazy top - Walla! Fashion


Gal Gvaram closed a season in jeans and an interesting pearl shirt and Linor Sabinik dazzled in a yellow evening dress - what did we think of the locks of the deposed?

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Not knocking an account: Gal Gvaram closed a season in sexy jeans and a crazy top

Gal Gvaram arrived in jeans and an interesting pearl shirt, Linor Sabinik dazzled in a yellow evening dress, Noa Yonni picked up the sexiness index in an orange mini dress and the evening host Liron Weizman closed a sparkling block season - what did the girls wear to the final night of "Big Brother"?


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Tuesday, 23 March 2021, 07:00 Updated: 08:44

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Behind the scenes of "Big Brother" - Gal Gvaram in Gili Algabi's hair makeup (Photo: PR)

Gal Gvaram kicked off the opening of the season in a challenging cleavage dress by Alon Livneh, one that not everyone can manage.

Gvaram (19), who has become one of the favorite characters in the house, signed a season on the final broadcast on "Network 13" a block light years away from a sexy evening dress and it was so spot on.

For the first time since the beginning of the season, an audience was present in the studio, the families of the contestants of course, and the expelled panel that waited for everyone who left the house until Zehava Ben's big win.

Alongside the successful Gvaram was also Noa Yonni in a sexy dress, Linor Sibink and Liron Weizman who signed a sparkling block season.

Here's what we thought of the locks.

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Gal Gvaram

180 degrees from the provocative entrance dress by Alon Livneh, closed by the gorgeous Gvaram season in high-waisted jeans, mobile-colored stiletto shoes and a t-shirt made entirely of pearls.

The intriguing shirt designed by Dror Contento consists of strapless and a top that is worn only on the shoulders, which gives the illusion of a cut-out neckline and blends in great with the sexy jeans of Gavram's chosen.

When you did your thing and just came to have fun - that's what it looks like.


At the beginning of the season - in an Alon Livne dress (Photo: Gili Algabi)

Closes the season with a hot and cool block - Dror Contento's top, Diesel jeans, Gili Algabi's hair makeup (Photo: Official PR)

Noa Yonni

After this look, there is a situation where someone will be interested in picking up the glove and filming a new version of the well-known advertisement for Tapuzina - Noa Yonni knocked on the entrance in a tight mini dress in a screaming orange by Uriah Azran with a cleavage neckline.

Sexy is it yes, hot?

Not really.

Soon a new advertisement for Tapuzina?

Noa Yonni in an orange dress by Uriah Azran (Photo: screenshot, official Instagram)

Linor Sibinik

Look, it's not what we expected for a tailored and polished look, but the sun dress designed by Ben Ozen worn by Linor Sibinik is really exaggerated by all accounts.

Glitter, a deep slit, a deadly cleavage and underneath it a competition is popping up and everything in dazzling yellow that makes all this fashion disaster even worse.

Gili Algabi's delicate makeup on the other hand was a refreshing breeze.

I wish you would also release the heavy locks as you released from the make-up.

You can adopt the delicate glam, the dress less (Photo: Gili Algabi)

Liron Weizmann

The evening host closed a season that was mostly about the purity of black, with shimmers in chewing gum pink and banana yellow, in a silver mini dress by Inbal Dror that in the bright lighting of the studio turned into beautiful gold.

The glam was as accurate as usual with Assaf Babo's makeup, a ponytail fastened with a trail in the middle of Liraz Lake and Padney's diamond jewelry.

Feels that crossing the fabric at the top was pretty unnecessary in combination with the zipper at the bottom of the dress but overall not bad.

A successful gift wrap.

Liron Weizman in a silver dress by Inbal Dror (Photo: screenshot, official Instagram)

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Dror Contento

The most colorful tenant in the house arrived on the eve of the finale in a gorgeous suit in his design in a hybrid fuchsia pink, with a white T-shirt underneath that lightens the look, a hat that became a hallmark and yellow socks because the pink just wasn’t amazing enough.

Fun and bitter as always.

Insane color that lifted the studio (Photo: Gili Algabi)

And this is how it looks on stage - Contento with a suit in his design (Photo: screenshot, Network 13)

Old Shula

Dror Contento's wonders continue, this time with the white dress designed by Shula Zaken.

Good cut, red stone ornaments and golden embroidery throughout.

The right and flattering choice.

Old Shula with a white dress and red stone decorations by Dror Contento (Photo: screenshot, Instagram Dror Contento)

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