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Tabs don't just belong in the dishwasher - they are real all-rounders


If you only use tabs for the dishwasher, you are making a serious mistake. Because they can do a lot more. What else can you use dishwasher tabs for in the home? 

If you only use tabs for the dishwasher, you are making a serious mistake.

Because they can do a lot more.

What else can you use dishwasher tabs for in the home? 

  • Dishwasher tabs are not only useful in the dishwasher.

  • The

    Tabs are also suitable for other household tasks.

  • Tip for consumers: Anyone who handles dishwasher tablets needs gloves.

Offenbach - Regardless of whether it is urine stone in the toilet bowl, stubborn dirt in the oven or bad-smelling garbage can: tabs for the dishwasher can do a lot more than just remove dirt and limescale from our dishes and bring them to a shine.

They are real all-rounders and the solution to many annoying problems that we encounter in the household every day.

But be careful: you should always wear rubber gloves when handling the tabs, because direct contact can cause skin irritation.



contain so-called builders.

These soften the

rinse water

and also clean it.

The dishwasher tabs also contain bleach, which is supposed to lighten discoloration.

In addition, enzymes are added to remove protein or starchy food residues.

Surfactants give glasses and dishes shine.


Dishwasher tabs not only help to make dishes shine again.

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Leftovers and nasty smells: Dishwasher tablets help with cleaning the garbage can

Everyone knows it: Especially with high temperatures in

summer, it

takes less than two days for the garbage can to smell bad.

Leftovers leave their mark and start to go moldy.

Every now and then, intensive

cleaning is



This works best with


for the




the trash can with hot


add one or two tabs and let it work for a good 30 minutes.

Then even stubborn dirt can simply be rinsed off.

This can of course also be done with the garbage can.

Washing machine and light-colored clothing: tabs for the dishwasher are real all-rounders

From time to time, the required





Otherwise, moldy smells can develop, which will eventually be carried over to clothing.

To prevent this, all you have to do is put a dishwasher tab in the drum and start a wash program at 60 degrees.



, which is actually intended for the


, frees the machine from limescale and dirt deposits in rubber seals, hoses and in the laundry drum.

By the way: Even stubborn stains and gray haze on light-colored


can be treated with the tabs.

You can simply add a

dishwasher tab

to the wash cycle.

However, it is important to wash the garments again before wearing them.

Otherwise skin irritation can occur here as well.

The toilet is cleaned with dishwasher tablets

Limescale and urine scale in the toilet bowl are probably the most stubborn dirt in the


To remove these, you need aggressive cleaners and a good portion of muscle power.

But there is also an easier way: if you dissolve two

dishwasher tabs

in a cup with hot water and then use the toilet brush to spread the liquid in the toilet bowl, this dirt can also be rinsed off very easily after a short time.

Ideally, the mixture of



tablet should be left

to act overnight.

Doodles on the wall: it'll be clean again with dishwasher tabs

Parents in particular know it only too well when the little ones let their creativity run free with chalk or colored pencils on the wall.

Here, too, the


for the




Dissolved in hot


, they remove the scribble from the walls.

With wallpapered walls, you should be careful not to use less water.

With the



in hot


, you can generally also remove a lot of burnt food in ovens or on the grill.

It helps to soak the affected areas beforehand with enough warm water in order to achieve the best result.

Not just for the dishwasher: the tabs also clear the drain

Dishwasher tabs are also

a real miracle cure

elsewhere in the kitchen or bathroom


So they can also be used perfectly for cleaning the drain.

To do

this, a


should be

dissolved in two to three liters of boiling water.

The hot mixture is then gradually

poured down



to clear the drain pipe of debris such as hair, lime, food scraps and grease.

In the dishwasher, it's not just dishes that get really clean again.

It also gives a new shine to numerous everyday objects.

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