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The first execution of a UVA loan: 'If I have to leave the house I accept it, but this is only fixed by politics'


The Macaluso family received a court notice and could evict them for their debt. "I don't think we're going to save ourselves," says Marcelo, husband and father of four children.

Javier Firpo

04/11/2021 4:25 PM

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Updated 04/11/2021 4:25 PM

Three days ago Marcelo was talking after dinner with his wife Mariela at their home in San Rafael, Mendoza.

The serene tone did not match the tenor of the talk.

"We have to talk to the guys and tell them," they agreed.

After a while, the four children between the ages of 8 and 18 listened calmly.

"It is very possible that we will have to leave this house. Grandmother Elida or Grandmother Mirtha will give us a place



The boys looked at each other and the oldest, Ariadna, replied: "Dad, with you we will go down a bridge if necessary."

On March 30, a notice of execution had arrived at the Macaluso home, delivered by hand from the local court by a justice official.

"They have a period of five days to respond

if they have something to say," ends the notice, which previously details an

imminent "foreclosure

that is processed in the Federal Court of First Instance of San Rafael, in case of not proceeding to the payment of 4,990,607 pesos, equivalent to 99,295 UVAS on the settlement day, January 17, 2020 ".

Yes, January 2020 when the notification was written, which took a few months to be sent.

The procedure was about to be carried out until the coronavirus pandemic left everything on standby and that notification that was supposed to arrive in March of last year, arrived at the Malacuso house last week.

"Those almost five million pesos that I have in debt, today, a little over a year later, are 9 million pesos


With a mixture of sensations, which is difficult for him to describe, Marcelo Macaluso (45), from San Rafael, remembers when in September 2017 they gave him the UVA mortgage loan that he had requested from Banco Nación.

"We were with my wife and the employee who attended us said exultingly: '

What a good decision they made

, they will have no problem paying it, it will be like a cheap rent for thirty years.'

At that time 1 UVA was $ 14, today $ 74


The notice of execution that Marcelo Macaluso received on March 30 at his home in San Rafael Mendoza.

"They gave us five days to present a defense, now we wait for the judge's decision."

Macaluso has worked at the ICBC bank for thirteen years and talks to


sitting in an armchair in the living room.

"I am alone, thinking about what to do but without losing my temper.

I want to try to protect my wife Mariela and my children as much as possible

. Mariela is very distressed and the situation overwhelmed her and her blood pressure shot up to the point that the cardiologist He prescribed medication for life.

That worries me more than the house

, luckily the beautiful family that I have is more united than ever ", says Marcelo, married for 20 years and who alone took the bull by the horns.

Realistically, Macaluso knows that the embarrassing legal situation with his house advanced too far for him to go back "by work of a miracle."

On Wednesday, one day before the required deadline, "my lawyer responded to the Federal Court, the notification explaining the reasons for the debt, which are the same as those suffered by the more than one hundred thousand families that took on UVA loans.

Now the The judge will determine if he supports my defense or rejects it.

If he accepts it, I have a little more time, two or three months to see what I do; on the other hand, if he rejects it, in a week or ten days

the execution will proceed, then the eviction and auction of the property


He reviews his credit history and tells that he paid the installment for twenty months, until it became unsustainable.

"I started with $ 9,000 per month in September 2017 and earned about $ 45,000 in salary.

In April 2019 my salary was about $ 55,000 and the fee, which was the last time I paid, went up to $ 21,000

. I have four children and my wife She is a housewife. But I was in perfect conditions to take credit; in fact,

being a bank official at the ICBC requires me to have impeccable credit behavior

. "

"I am alone in this situation, I want to protect my family, my wife, who is anguished and medicated. There are situations that are inexplicable in life but you have to accept them," says Macaluso.

Parallel to the mortgage loan, Marcelo asked for another 200 thousand pesos for writing expenses, which together with the UVA fee became suffocating.

"Burdened at one point I had to choose 

and I chose to continue paying the mortgage loan.

But not paying the personal loan made me disabled

for any type of credit card operation, in addition to having

 30 percent of my salary garnished

, something that I will have to endure for a long time, "he explains temperately.

The Macalusos are as united as believers in God.

While he talks with this medium, he looks and caresses his little virgin of the Rosary of San Nicolás, "who supports and guides us. The little virgin is a week in the house of different relatives and friends, but

a cousin reached me a few days ago: 'you go to need a lot ',

he told me, and here we are, praying the rosary and talking to God, who does not reckon with us, on the contrary, he puts us to the test to overcome this obstacle and then know that something better will come.

There are things inexplicable in life that must be accepted ".

Handy for numbers, Marcelo shares the calculation that, out of curiosity, he made in the face of a possible future debt.

"What is increasing in cases like mine is the carry-over, not the amount payable. So I made a projection of what I will be owing in fifteen years, taking the value of the UVA and the average inflation.

Do you know how much? Will my debt rise in 2036? To 46 million pesos

. It seems to you! ", he comments without losing his composure."

The Macaluso family is very close, both the couple and the 4 children.

"Dad, let's all live under a bridge together if necessary," Ariadna, the eldest daughter, told him.

He does not regret having asked for the loan,

he is not angry with anyone, nor does he blame this or that government


However, he is convinced that "this is only fixed by politics, we have to shuffle and give again, it is necessary to study each case of the 105 thousand and make a sensible payment plan. But

I cannot fight with my wife, with my children. or in my work, nor do I blame Macri or Alberto Fernández

, at all, none of them represent me ... God decided that I carry this cross to get to heaven and I will do that. "

What will happen if the execution and subsequent eviction are carried out?

"We will have to go and

the Banco Nación will auction the property that, in these cases, is usually sold at 50 percent of its value

. If it is sold for about 5 million pesos, I will have to pay the difference between the sale and the debt that I have; that is, I will have to pay the 4 million, which are what I owe to the bank. How would I pay them?

As if it were a 15-year loan but without having the house

. It is really painful, but it will be like that, you have to be strong for what is coming ".


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