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Nagui: "I'm stopping Everyone wants to take their place"


EXCLUSIVE. The star host of France 2 gives up the midday game, after 15 years of presentation. He explains to us the reasons and reveres us

Who wants to take Nagui's place?

At the start of the school year, the star host of the public service will no longer present "Everyone wants to take their place", before 1 pm in France 2. "It's a micro-event", he assures, after 15 years in the animation of this cult game, which sent “Watch out for walking” to join the INA archives, before being caught up by “Les 12 coups de midi” on TF1.

Nagui evokes a "desire for change" without hiding a fundamental disagreement with her co-producer.

He also announces the launch of a new game and tells us about his new hobby, fiction.

According to our information, you have decided to stop “Everyone wants to take their place”.

Why this choice ?


Out of a desire to change.

It was a bit lacking in my life.

This decision is well considered.

It's been almost three years since I mentioned the need to refresh the game, if only to renew myself.

I felt a gap between the show and me.

When I spoke about it, they tried to reason with me.

I was asked if I was sure, if it wasn't a slump, if it wasn't the blues.

I was advised to take a vacation.

But no.

I didn't have the appetite anymore, the “grinta”, as we say in football.

It's like working for bosses you don't like.

I prefer to stop before I am arrested.

I will not go back on this choice.

You mention "a lag".

That is to say ?

I wanted to change this show, to modernize it a little bit.

Every time I came up with ideas, they didn't come to fruition.

Perhaps out of fear of rejection from viewers.

Result, it's been 15 years exactly the same game as the first day.

This is not the case with “Don't forget the lyrics”, for example.

The format has evolved.

We often change the rules, we do specials.

It's not just cosmetics where you change a light and a piece of decor.

In the end, it's better for everyone.

I informed France 2 and the Effervescence box of this by mail, with which I am co-producing “Everyone wants to take their place”.


"Don't forget the words": coach, revisions ... the secrets of champions

We're talking about a disagreement with your co-producer Simone Harari ...

The word misunderstanding implies dramas, slamming doors and shouting matches.

We just don't have the same vision of things.

This game designed to last half an hour has been reduced to 45 minutes without changing the concept or the number of questions.

In the first part, the interviews therefore take on as much, if not more, importance than the rest.

Beyond the pleasure that I have to exchange with candidates, it implies that everything rests on my mood, my form, my sense of departure.

But I am not a comedian.

While I have already recorded sick "Don't forget the lyrics", without the show suffering as a result.

Everyone is going to want to take your place.

Moreover, Cyril Féraud and Laurence Boccolini would hold the rope ...

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What is certain is that the game will continue with someone else.

It will do the show good and allow you to put something else in it.

He's got plenty of people who can run the store.

But I was not asked for my opinion.

This game revived your career 15 years ago ...

The program that really got me started was above all “Intervilles” in access, then in prime time.

It allowed me to reach a large audience and to be seen by the management of the time as a potential host of the midday.

But it is true that with "Everyone wants to take their place", we have passed "Watch out for walking", before "The 12 strokes of noon" do not come back to the top, even if our audiences are still between. 10% and 18% audience share.

I say well played to Jean-Luc Reichmann, who relied on champions like us.

The soap opera in the game is a good recipe.

You recently produced and animated the pilot for a new game called “The Invincibles Club”.

Will we see it on the air?

Yes, in the first part of the evening, by June on France 2. Everything is in the title: great champions of games, of all games, of all channels, will face personalities in their chosen field.

The mechanics are crazy.

It started from an idea of ​​director Tristan Carné ("The Voice" ...) and producer Aurélien Lipiansky ("Guess my age").


TV games: why so few French creations on France Televisions?

Banijay is shooting a pilot this Friday with Bruno Guillon to replace “Les Z'amours”.

Will you be in the driver's seat?

If I am asked to help them, I will be there.

But there are a lot of pilots to take up this case

(Editor's note: two others will be produced by the companies Sony Pictures France and A Prime, according to our information)


I am already quite busy.

On France 2, you celebrate Thursday the 5000th of “Don't forget the lyrics”, with surprise guests like Vianney, Kendji Girac or Pascal Obispo.


It is something incredible to do so many shows and duration!

With such an audience, another 4.1 million Monday

(Editor's note: against 3.7 million for "Tomorrow belongs to us" on TF 1)


We can no longer count the number of times we have been a leader, all channels combined.

Including with the replay.

I have infinite gratitude for those who make this show, those who participate in it and those who watch it.

There is a real chemistry, a magic.

There's always something going on.

This is what he has most crazy, most exciting.

Let's create a bit of madness, a bit of originality.

Otherwise, it's sad.

You produced "The School of Life", your first mini-series which will be broadcast from April 21st.

Did you care about fiction?

For several reasons.

With all that I owe to streaming programs, I am well aware that it is ephemeral, that it has no consistency over time, nor any interest in being rebroadcast, except “Taratata”.

There, we made something timeless.

And then, we tell a story of teachers, I am the son of two teachers.

It is a tribute that I pay them.

There is a psychoanalytic side to my approach, while ensuring twists and various plots that reflect what is happening at school, such as bullying, grossophobia and various forms of violence.

There is also a song by Clara Luciani, who was herself the victim of harassment.

Michel Cymes, Stéphane Bern or Jean-Luc Reichmann have taken to comedy.

And you, when will it be ?

If they are happy, good for them.

But me, never in my life.

I know I'm a bad actor.

I would rather produce people who have talent than believe that I have talent.

Other projects?

We are preparing a fiction for TF 1, via Banijay fiction.

I really want to do more.

On the radio side, are you backing up for a new season of "The Original Band"?

Yes, it is decided.

I have fun behind a microphone, especially with my little sister, Leïla Kaddour.

I'll stop this show the day she says stop.

In the meantime, I continue.

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