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TV program for Friday 23 April: our selection


Great cinema with "Once Upon A Time ... In Hollywood" by Tarantino with Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, an unreleased documentary on Na


Once upon a time Tarantino

At 9:05 p.m., on Canal +.

Two accomplices: a successful actor (Leonardo DiCaprio) from TV series who is trying to break into the cinema, and his best friend (Brad Pitt), ex-stuntman who became his handyman, navigate between severe drunkenness and filming.

These two nickel-plated Hollywood feet are the immediate neighbors of Roman Polanski and his wife Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie).

They will be brought to frequent by chance the members of the satanist sect of Charles Manson.

While the hero duo multiplies the misadventures, the sect prowls around their house… and that of Tate and Polanski.

What movie ! Everything is virtuoso: the reconstruction of Los Angeles of the time, with its neon lights, its parties, its fast food restaurants, its cars; the incredible work on the sound - the radio, constantly present, gives rhythm to the film with blows of news, the soundtrack where one finds pearls like “California Dreamin '” or “Mrs Robinson”, the numerous references to westerns, TV series like "Mannix", or spy movies from the 1960s ...

And above all, the stunning images and staging of a Tarantino who quotes himself and puts his own cinema in abyss, while sparing the suspense and offering hilarious sequences and lines ... and shock, in a last part where he rewrites history with great daring and humor.

Without forgetting the impeccable scores of the actors, with an astonishing Brad Pitt against the job (Oscar 2020 for the best supporting role) and a dazzling DiCaprio, able to compose between performances where he turns out to be despicable and others where he shows himself terribly. moving.

The whole forming a funny, scintillating, rock, cheeky, lively film-river: very great cinema.


“Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood”

, American drama by Quentin Tarantino (2019), with Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Al Pacino… (2h39)


Napoleon, emperor of images

At 8:55 pm, on France 5.

There are historical documentaries that we watch politely, and others that we devour.

Like this one on Napoleon, his propaganda and his influence on artists.

Bonaparte on the Pont d'Arcole?

In fact, he had fallen into the water and was splashing around in the mud.

The glorious passage of the Great Saint-Bernard?

He was riding a mule, not a horse.

His coronation?

Josephine was 41 years old, but the painter David had his own daughter pose in her place, to make her younger.

This film, which brings in the best experts, and the most varied, shows how the emperor shaped his image from his rise to his fall.

He never gets old on drawings, paintings, medals, except on a caricature which captures him well in spite of himself, puffy and asleep during a performance.

The second part, devoted to his influence after his death, from Abel Gance's cinema to Abba's song “Waterloo”, is less original but basically, even dead, Napoleon continues to lead his world by the nose.

Legendary to forget the bloodthirsty.


“Napoleon the Influencer”

, an unreleased French documentary by Raphaëlle Baillot and Jérôme Bermyn.



Dazzling "Indochina"

Eliane (Catherine Deneuve) falls under the spell of the handsome naval lieutenant, played by Vincent Perez.

1992 Paradis Films / GeneraleImages / Orly Films / Bac Films

At 9:05 p.m., on 6Ter.

“We lived in peace and in illusion, as if we had the strength to stop time.

»Eliane (Catherine Deneuve) runs a plantation in colonial Indochina in the 1920s. Free, without a husband and without enemies, she sees her carelessness shattered when Camille, her ward (Linh Dan Pham), falls in love with the same man that she, a handsome naval lieutenant (Vincent Perez).

Between the class of the mother and the ardor of the daughter, the heart of Jean-Baptiste swings, until Camille joins the Vietnamese nationalists… What is the Oscar for best foreign film, the latest received by France? ?

And the 5 Caesars, including the one attributed to Catherine Deneuve?

Ambition perhaps.

The ambition not to be a small film.

To put it in your eyes and break your heart.

To be both grandiose and elegant.

Almost thirty years later, “Indochina” still praises itself as high as ever.



, French drama by Régis Wargnier (1992), with Catherine Deneuve, Vincent Perez, Linh Dan Pham… (2h30)


In search of the rapist

At 8:55 p.m., in Arte.

In Saarlouis, Barbara Falk is raped in her own room while she was sleeping alone, her husband being away. Commissioner Judith Mohn arrives a little late at the crime scene to interview the victim. There, she realizes that her male colleagues have already started asking questions and are questioning the veracity of Barbara's testimony. She tries to regain control of the matter, but must systematically face the skepticism of the men who work with her.

This new part of the series "The whole truth" which, as usual, is appreciated even if we have not seen the previous surveys, highlights the bias that women victims of sexual assault often have to undergo. to male police officers.

The determination of Commissioner Judith Mohn brings air to this stifling investigation which surprises until the end.

If some strings of the scenario remain in suspense, the outcome is particularly heartbreaking.


“All the Truth: In Another Life”

, German TV movie by Jens Wischnewski (2021), with Christina Hecke, Robin Sondermann, Rudolf Kowalski… (1h30)

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A very spatial journey

Willy, a fearless little boy, finds himself on an unknown planet with Buck, a robot.

Distribution film bin

At 9:05 pm, on France 4.

Willy, a little boy who lives in a spaceship with his parents, finds himself ejected when the capsule crosses an asteroid field.

This intrepid "Thomas Pesquet" in short pants then finds himself on an unknown planet, without his family, but with Buck, a robot who speaks with the malicious voice of Edouard Baer and will protect him against dangers.

And there are many: poisonous plants, bizarre and threatening creatures, crevices, hailstorms, thunder… “Terra Willy” relentlessly alternates funny moments and disturbing sequences.

We are especially impressed by the beauty of the decorations, which amaze us.


“Terra Willy”

, French animated film by Eric Tosti (2019), with the voices of Timothé Vom Dorp, Edouard Baer… (1h30) From 6 years old.

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