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Breakfast, Druze food at a funny price, beer and Makluba: 4 delicious places in the north - Walla! Food


Druze food at a funny price, a fresh and fun dairy, a living room of beer and Akko that will teach you to cook: delicious places in the north

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Breakfast, Druze food at a funny price, beer and makluba: 4 delicious places in the north

A family and green cafe, a cook who taught everyone a lesson, an alcoholic and alcoholic living room that will take you into the kitchen: equal recommendations in the Galilee


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Yaniv Granot

Tuesday, 04 May 2021, 06:00 Updated: 06:42

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Sama Lounge Bar in Old Acre (Photo: Ziv Reinstein, Editing: Nir Chen)

86 minutes of slow but photogenic train travel (relatively, because at the end of every look west a neglected station awaits), and two or three turns on the road leading out of Acre, and you are no longer in Israel.

I mean, obviously you are, but not in the Israel of the stressful morning that started somewhere in Tel Aviv.

Here, cliché or no cliché, it does not really matter, things are run a little differently.

And how refreshing it is.

To the delicious Instagram page of Walla!


Michal Shiloach Gal-Nur picks me up from the station key in Acre and navigates its way as green as possible from there.

Density opens up, breathing is regulated and even the road cooperates and clears almost by itself.

I'm dying to ask her what everyone else would have been dying to ask her at this point - that is, when can I move here?

- but falls silent.

There will be time for that later, in the meantime it is better to look out the window.

Through food

24 hours, 47 miles, 13 stops, a million calories

To the full article

The Western Galilee Time Association, managed by Michal, was established "with the aim of promoting the cultural, historical and geographical richness of the region together." This is a well-worded professional definition, which needs only one small addition - the word "human" immediately after "wealth".

She knows this much better than I do, a daily visitor who is about to return to her center in a few hours and it would be good for him if he kept his advice to himself. She also knows how to prove it in her stories, experiences, smiles and hugs. I have not seen much greater embracing time than this. I have not seen for a long time people who are so happy to receive hugs. I did not get out of the bubble for a long time.

We hike a bit in the area, especially in the car, which makes it easier to juggle food and alcohol (mine, is probably one of the most responsible drivers I’ve met). We taste, bullshit, talk and meet. This should have been a simple article of "4 delicious places in the Galilee". By the end of the day it had become "4 delicious places in the Galilee, with a huge appetite for more".

Alto, Kibbutz Shomrat

Alto Dairy in Kibbutz Shomrat (Photo: Anatoly Michaelo)

Yonat and Ariel Mazen established this orchard-kibbutz cafe in an abandoned building that was revived with family strength and aspirations to learn, do and laugh a little along the way.

Modest thoughts of a cozy place to sit, continued to produce excellent and flavorful cheeses based on goat milk, expanded into thick yogurts and lava, fresh milk and ice cream which is a bit of dessert and a bit of an elegant wink, and stopped (for now only, yes?) At baking breads.

This is how it is when you do not want to sit and wait for the corona to pass.

There is shame here with charcoal, "dahlia" which is a kind of gouda and also comes in the basil and chili version, and there is also an old-fashioned Golan.

There is a salty knapsack and butter based on the same goat's milk, white and different from what you know when you are told "butter".

There is also Galilean produce in the form of wine and olive oil, honey and jams, as well as a general sense of relaxed reclining.

That is, of the guests.

Everyone else walks around here without stopping.

for further details

Nur, Julis

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A post shared by Yaniv Granot (@yanivgranot)

Basma Hanu, an IDF widow with an exciting story that goes far beyond the boundaries of Julis, opened her small kingdom about six years ago. She started small, and at one point decided to do what she knows best - follow her truth, and her heart, And let everyone straighten up, not the other way

around.What can sometimes be a cliché of food reality has become a culinary must-see in the village, based on fresh, seasonal and delicious Druze food.There is a traditional meal laden with dishes, plates and saucers, including stuffed vine leaves and majdera, adsorption and mansaf lamb, the price can be multiplied in a lump-Danish more. there is also a schnitzel and a hamburger if you insist, and Mamolim home-made and knafeh warm, and in particular there is no Instagram Story, and it has been refreshing.

For more details

Salon Malka, Tefen

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A post shared by Salon Malka (@malkasaloon)

The new hall of the "Queen" people is much larger than its predecessor, but its people would do well to think seriously about real estate expansion from now on. This one will need a “bigger boat.”

The second floor of the industrial building overlooks the same machines, but provides a much more homely feel. Bluetooth convenience.

so, what started with "minimal kit and a small hut soonest deepening" as employees, recently turned to the right. if that's not worth "Cheers" so what are we doing here?

for more details

Al-Prasha House, Acre

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A post shared by Yaniv Granot (@yanivgranot)

A long-standing dream of an Acre home and working with the local community has become a real home for Katie Ruff and her husband. They waited for this specific building, hidden among the alleys and demanding a little more than Wise, insisted on leading the broker in the nose and closed a deal within two days. "This building knew it had to wait for me since I looked in through the window," she said.

The same dream that aspired high, but planted roots deep in the ground. Its essence - strengthening local women. The format is simple - joint tours of the market, delicious cooking workshops in the huge kitchen set up in the building, and food that brings people together. Upstairs, if you want more than that, there are also two accommodation suites, and a roof that almost touches the sea.

You can prepare quite a few things here - from makluba to a simple and addictive salad, pickles to a creamy-ceramic version of malabi - and choose from a varied menu a menu that suits you personally, just as the building suited Katie.

"As amazing as the buildings are, the people here are even more amazing," she explained, expressing hope that this project will succeed in connecting Arabs and Jews, "through the global connecting language that is food, cooking together, eating together and talking while."

for further details

Cook, eat, talk.

The view from the roof of Beit Al-Prasha in Acre (Photo: Walla !, Yaniv Granot)

At one point, somewhere in the middle of this day and about in the heart of the surprising traffic jam between Tefen and Acre, I ask Michal how much mileage she deletes from the list price of her car on an average day.

She smiled the smile of someone who had stopped counting a long time ago, and skipped telling how many roads get shorter when the starting point and destination are so worth it.

I of the beginning of this day, that of the train and the Tel Aviv traffic, of the pressure and the hustle and bustle and the dirt, must have rolled my eyes.

I, the passenger of the Chat-gun in Michal's hybrid vehicle, am seriously thinking about moving.

The places mentioned above, and many more, will be part of the Western Galilee Spring Festival, which will take place this coming weekend, 06-08.05.

Apart from food, it will be possible to assemble here and schedule individual or group based hobbies and preferences, passions and curiosities - a chocolate workshop to dinner smoked meats, trip ghosts (and we made sure that there is such a thing) to morning wine tasting.

Details, lowercase letters, tips and orders can be Through here

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