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Psychological treatment does not work for you and so does Ciprofloxacin? There is a chance that biofeedback therapy will do the job. What is it anyway and how does it work? Answers inside

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The psychologist and the pills are not working?

Get to know the method that trains your brain

Lots of people are looking for a solution to difficult emotions, something that will bring relief, reduce the burden or help us get rid of feelings that are stopping us.

This is exactly where biofeedback comes into the picture.

An expert explains what it is exactly and why you should try it


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Dr. Irena Nathaniel

Wednesday, 05 May 2021, 06:49 Updated: 08:24

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Five things you may not have known about the brain ("not to be missed" system)

It's no secret that we are more tense than before, that we are more stressed and worried.

All the stresses that come in our daily lives take their toll on fatigue and exhaustion, stress and anxiety.

When we feel that the situation is getting a little out of control, we are looking for a solution, something that will bring relief, a reduction in the load or at least help us get rid of the feelings and emotions that stop us and prevent us from moving forward.

so what are we doing?

Many people turn to different treatments, such as talking to a psychologist, or even a doctor, to get medication, but what to do, sometimes even after trying one treatment or another, we stopped, continued, and God forbid, we find ourselves almost at the starting point - with a problem that must Find her a solution.

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This situation where we decide to take care of ourselves, take significant steps like turn to therapists and various therapies, who fail to give us an answer, is a very looking situation, but may have a solution.

In recent years we are hearing more and more of the concepts - biofeedback and neurofeedback.

Whether through health funds that offer these treatments, hospitals, institutes and more.

What are these treatment methods, and can they help us even when the other treatments have not been helpful?

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Biofeedback, what is it and how does it work?

Biofeedback is a biological feedback that allows observation as in a mirror that reflects a psycho-physiological state of the body and mind, the connection and influence between the two at a given moment. The goal of biofeedback therapy is to help a person acquire tools and skills of controlling unwanted physiological responses.

What is the therapeutic approach?

The therapeutic approach in biofeedback emphasizes the interrelationships between physical and mental processes. The basic assumption is that psychological stress affects a physiological response, whereas physiological function affects the quality of the emotional experience. Biofeedback grows out of the behavioral psychological approach that emphasizes the importance of the learning mechanism and focuses on improving new skills and learning behaviors that will replace ineffective and limiting behaviors.

What is the purpose of the treatment?

The goal of biofeedback therapy is to regulate the abnormal action of autonomic physiological functions, the acquisition of tools and skills necessary for coping with stressful situations.

The treatment allows a person to manage his life so that he does not feel that external conditions control him.

How does it actually work?

Attach to the patient a conductivity sensor (non-invasive) that is attached to the fingers.

The sensor picks up electrical changes and transmits the data for decoding.

The data obtained describe the measured physiological function.

The resulting measurements provide accurate information about the processes taking place in his body.

Connect to a sensor that detects the electrical changes in the body and decodes them.

Brain GIF (Photo: Giphy)

The uniqueness of the biofeedback therapy model is that it is based on learning processes that are conditional on receiving accurate and reliable feedback.

This feedback is obtained by technology that enables reliable measurement, which can detect tiny physiological changes and present the patient with accurate, accessible and clear feedback.

During biofeedback therapy the patient gains control of his psycho-physiological function and acquires techniques and skills for self-regulation.

Biofeedback therapy provides patients with tools that help deal with stress, pressure, worries and anxieties.

Biofeedback therapy is effective for people dealing with stressful situations, physical and mental exhaustion, various anxiety disorders, phobias and panic and even for people who have difficulty restraining aggressive behaviors.

What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a non-pharmacological, scientifically and research-proven treatment that often manages to achieve a substantial improvement for us, even when various treatments have not been helpful. And the best part - the improvement is long-term, not for a day or two.

What is the therapeutic approach?

The concept of neuro-sadness, teaches us about the type of treatment. It is a method of treatment in which the patient practices and trains the brain to function optimally to influence the irregular brain activity, to regulate and normalize it.

Who is it good for?

For anyone who suffers from disorders that are defined as brain disorders, and are related to irregularities in the activity of the brain: ADHD, depression, anxiety, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), learning disabilities, and a long list of other disorders.

How It Works?

To understand the method, we need to understand how our brain works - at every moment, electrical activity takes place in the different areas of our brain, which is expressed in the appearance of different brain waves.

Normal electrical activity indicates normal brain function - and abnormalities in electrical activity may be the cause of various disorders and difficulties in human functioning.

Neurofeedback therapy "trains" specific areas of the brain and improves their function in a targeted manner.

Such treatment is non-pharmacological, non-invasive and has no side effects.

The treatment has an effect over time.

When "learning" is created, the brain remembers it.

The process is similar to learning to ride a bike, when the mind learns to master this skill it does not forget it.

This is a treatment that has been tested and proven by research and is common among health centers in Israel and around the world.

The mapping detects if there is an anomaly in any area and then the treatment is adjusted accordingly.

Brain mapping before and after neurofeedback treatment (Photo: screenshot, courtesy of the interviewee)

Take Yair as an example, 15 years old, with ADHD that accompanies him throughout childhood. He came to neurofeedback therapy after no therapy helped him sit down to study and concentrate.

In the first stage, Yair underwent brain mapping using a QEEG test. This test identified abnormal brain activity in the area of ​​the brain responsible for attention deficit disorder. Now, Yair has adapted a neurofeedback training program tailored to his brain activity, symptoms and goals. During the neurofeedback sessions, the areas involved in the attention deficit disorder were monitored in real time. Yair performed the training again and again. He learned on his own to control ADHD and reach a state of calm and concentration. The change for the better in his mind map could be easily seen.

This change was also consistent with the feedback received from Meir and his parents, they reported great improvement, being able to sit an entire lesson uninterrupted, access tests and complete tasks that require significant concentration. Yair successfully completed the treatment. His brain is now in a more comfortable state and his brain map proves it.

Dr. Irena Nathaniel, PhD is the founder and owner of Alpha Brain Center

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