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Why invest in a WiFi 6 system?


Wi-Fi or wifi since its creation in 1999 has continued to develop both in terms of uses and technical terms. What does its sixth major evolution bring to everyday use? Which router to choose to improve your daily life?

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Each evolution of the WiFi standard is accompanied by its share of improvements: increased speeds, data security, reliability and robustness of the network, energy consumption ... Eight years after WiFi 5 (2014), the WiFi 6 standard appears in more and more terminals (an average household has more than ten connected devices).

But what are the advantages of this sixth version?

The promises of WiFi 6:

As with each update, speed is one of the key marketing arguments, the manufacturers announce 40% higher peaks in WiFi 6 compared to WiFi 5 for a single terminal and a theoretical shared bandwidth of 9.6 Gb / s to be compared with the 3.5 Gb / s of WiFi 5. Particular attention has been paid to the “standby” mode of WiFi, in particular for the many connected objects, which by virtue of their miniaturization often carry batteries of limited capacity. Progress that also benefits our favorite gadgets such as smartphones provided they are compatible. Beyond the war of numbers and advertisements touting a theoretical speed that will probably never be felt by a user, the revolution of WiFi 6 and in its management of congestion or saturation of networks.The new version of wifi uses MU-MIMO or "Multi-user multiple in, multiple out", allowing your wireless network to respond optimally to more "customers" at the same time.

Indeed, the number of terminals (computers, tablets, smartphones, connected speakers, connected objects, etc.) connected to WiFi within the same home has continued to grow in recent years and they are almost all connected to WiFi. .

Causing saturation of the internal network in some.

And becoming a vector of exacerbated frustration with teleworking and tele-school.

The certification process for a new WiFi standard is long and tedious, the last draft is validated by all stakeholders and in fact many terminals (computers, smartphones) already support this new standard.

In which case is it interesting to modernize your installation and switch to WiFi 6?

As soon as you feel that your network is struggling to manage too many terminals connected simultaneously.

WiFi 6 will not improve the speed of the source (if you have a low speed ADSL, this limit will remain a strong constraint) but will offer a better distribution of resources.

Even more if you want to steam a movie or series on your television in 4K, via Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney +.

Which WiFi 6 router to choose?

Operator boxes are not equal on WiFi 6. Free has ignored this standard and awaits the next evolution, WiFi 6E.

SFR supports this money via its v8 box for an additional 5 € / month, Bouygues limits its use to its "ultym" subscription offer, finally Orange has just released WiFi 6 repeaters to plug into its livebox for a one-time purchase of 89 €.

Be careful in the case of the citrus operator, the WiFi 6 repeater does not transform the Livebox 4 or 5 into a WiFi 6 box: a WiFi 5 box is made to coexist with a WiFi 6 repeater. '' back-up not comparable with a complete WiFi 6 system.

WiFi system 6 Netgear pack Orbi RBK 353

The Orbi 6 Mesh Wi-Fi pack includes a Router (RBR 350) and two satellites (RBS 350), covering an area of ​​300m2 with more than 30 terminals connected simultaneously. Netgear

The American manufacturer, Netgear, known worldwide for its network solutions, routers and switches has struck a big blow with its Orbi WiFi 6 plug & play mesh network offer. unable to cross load-bearing walls, or repeaters causing blackouts when switching from one network to another ... The mesh WiFi system guarantees you uninterrupted use because it is one and the same network, unlike repeaters which create “local” networks. If your home has load-bearing walls that are too thick for even the wifi 6 signal to pass through them, it is possible to connect the Orbi satellites to the router by ethernet cable.

The installation of the system only takes a few minutes, you just need to connect the router via ethernet cable to your internet box.

Then place the two satellites elsewhere in your home.

The latter two will then act as quality WiFi 6 relays and cover more than 300m2 of surface area without loss of speed.

Netgear Armor is a paid option (69 € per year) which allows you to apply security rules directly at the router level.

Protecting all connected terminals from the main types of malware or intrusions.

Powered by BitDefender, Armor is interesting in that the number of client licenses is not limited: in a household with a lot of computers this is a significant point.

Buy the Orbi RBK 353 system on amazon: on sale at

296.99 euros instead of 379.99 euros


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