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How safe is the Moderna vaccine? New safety report reports 107 serious side effects


Since December 27, 2020, 713,067 vaccinations with the Moderna vaccine have been carried out in Germany. As with any vaccination, complications can arise here too.

Since December 27, 2020, 713,067 vaccinations with the Moderna vaccine have been carried out in Germany.

As with any vaccination, complications can arise here too.

The corona vaccine from US biotechnology company Moderna was approved in the European Union on January 6, 2021. Like the Biontech product, it is an mRNA vaccine. With mRNA technology, an antigen (i.e. the pathogen itself or parts of it) is not inoculated in the classic way, but the instructions for the corona-specific spike protein. The coronavirus uses this to dock on and penetrate body cells. The mRNA vaccination causes the body to be stimulated to produce these spike proteins.

As a result, the immune system is activated and forms antibodies against the protein.

Symptoms such as fatigue, tiredness, a slight fever or other signs of illness after a vaccination are a sign that the body's own defenses are producing antibodies.

Most vaccine reactions are harmless

and go away within a short time.

But there are also people who react to a corona vaccination with serious complications.

Find out here what side effects a Biontech and Astrazeneca vaccination can have.

Moderna vaccination offers up to 96 percent protection against infection with coronaviruses

Any vaccination and any drug therapy can cause side effects.

With regard to the corona vaccines, serious side effects are very rare according to the current state of knowledge.

According to German authorities such as the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the benefits of corona vaccinations predominate.

For example, the RKI says: “The data from the approval studies and observational studies, especially from Great Britain and Israel, show

that all available Covid-19 vaccines are highly effective against severe courses of Covid-19


That means, even if one were to fall ill, the risk of becoming seriously ill would be very low ”.


A sticker that indicates a vaccination with the vaccine Moderna sticks in the vaccination center of the Stuttgart Clinic in the vaccination passport of a person being vaccinated.

Like any vaccine, Moderna can cause side effects.

Most of them are harmless, however.

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The complete vaccination with the Moderna preparation protected younger people very well against infection with coronaviruses (96 percent), as the portal informs.

This is operated by the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG).

For people over 65 years of age, the value was 86 percent.

But vaccination reactions can also occur with the Moderna vaccination.

Moderna: An overview of side effects and deaths

In the Moderna registration study, the study directors observed slight temporary side effects such as pain and redness at the injection site in 92 percent of the approximately 30,000 study participants. Fever, chills, headache, muscle or joint pain, nausea or vomiting after the vaccination complained about 83 percent of the vaccinated subjects. There were no indications of serious side effects during the approval study, but the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care said: “The approval study for the Moderna vaccine will be continued. (...)

Therefore, there may be more information about the effectiveness and side effects in the next few months

". If millions of people are now being vaccinated against corona in Germany and around the world, it is to be expected, purely by chance, that more serious illnesses will occur again and again after a vaccination, according to the IQWiG statement.

The Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) as the German Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedical Medicines reported in its safety report of April 6 of 107 serious vaccination complications after a Moderna vaccination. Serious reactions are those that require hospital treatment or reactions that have been classified as medically significant, according to the PEI. "In seven cases people died after being vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine Moderna," the report says.

Serious complications reported included anaphylactic reactions to the vaccine and thrombosis in the veins.

Arterial thrombosis has also been reported.

The PEI also published the total number of vaccinations for classification: "According to the Robert Koch Institute, 14,381,068 vaccinations were carried out by April 2nd, 2021, of which 713,067 vaccinations with the Covid-19 vaccine Moderna," it says.


Here you can find out

what you have to

do immediately

after a corona vaccination if you

suspect a thrombosis

and how you can even recognize it.

More sources:;

These viruses and bacteria make us sick

These viruses and bacteria make us sick

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