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Meditation has been shown to lower high blood pressure: It's that easy to learn to meditate - in eight steps


Stress promotes obesity and high blood pressure. Simple relaxation techniques like meditation will help you relax. Meditating succeeds with the following instructions.

Stress promotes obesity and high blood pressure.

Simple relaxation techniques like meditation will help you relax.

Meditating succeeds with the following instructions.

Meditation is understood to mean mental exercises that have been handed down for thousands of years in various traditions and beliefs such as Buddhism. The aim is to achieve deep relaxation through concentration exercises.

There are also reports of people who can achieve altered states of consciousness through meditation

. The aim of meditation should be to achieve inner silence - the freedom from all thoughts.

Relaxation exercises such as meditation now also play an important role in conventional medicine.

Many medical professionals who take a holistic approach are aware that practices such as meditation or autogenic training can have an enormous impact on one's physical well-being.

In 2005, doctors at the University of Würzburg were able to demonstrate a blood pressure lowering effect through meditation and spiritual breathing techniques, according to the Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung.

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Meditation is said to relax the body and mind.

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Simple Meditation: Instructions in Eight Steps

It is usually not easy, especially for beginners, to simply remain calm for a long time.

Often, after a few seconds of rest, many thoughts flash through your head, such as the next to-dos of the day.

But with a little patience and practice, such thoughts can be locked out.

The Swiss health insurance agency Helsana advises that you always proceed in the same way during meditation.

The body would then more easily internalize and automate the state of calm.

These eight step meditation instructions will help you: 

  • Choose a quiet place

    : Ambient noise, cell phone tones and restlessness from others prevent you from being able to relax and let go.

  • Wear warm and comfortable clothing

    : Even if you are cold or uncomfortable in tight pants, it will be difficult to engage in mediation.

  • Finding the right sitting position

    : During meditation, you can sit, stand or lie on the floor or on a chair - no matter which position you choose, you have to feel comfortable with it and shouldn't have any pain in your knees even after a long period of time.

    Many use a small pillow to sit on.

  • Sit upright

    : When meditating, it is important to straighten your spine and lower your chin slightly towards your chest.

    The shoulders remain loose and fall back slightly.

    Place your hands relaxed on your knees or thighs.

  • Slowly increase the meditation time

    : It is best to set an alarm clock and slowly increase the minutes. The time of meditation can be varied depending on how long you are comfortable with.

  • Focus on breathing:

    Breathing is used in meditation as an aid to stabilize and calm down the troubled mind, according to the health insurance agency Helsana. Turning your attention to your breathing increases the chances of staying mentally in the here and now. Alternatively, you can slowly move your focus from body part to body part and release the muscular tension in each area of ​​the body. After traveling through all parts of the body, spread your awareness to the whole body. Try to let go and feel what reactions are occurring, says Helsana.

  • Turn off thoughts

    : Let thoughts slip by, don't get stuck on them.

    For some it helps the idea of ​​simply accepting thoughts and letting them pass by like clouds in the sky.

  • Ending meditation

    : slowly emerge from meditation, stretch, and take a deep breath.

    Drinking a cup of tea is also a good way to end the meditation.


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