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A rare glimpse: this is what life is like in a town where all the residents live in one building - Walla! Tourism


Tiktok user gave an intriguing glimpse into the frozen town whose residents all live together in a 14-story building with 196 residential units. Watch selected excerpts from the remote area

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A rare glimpse: this is what life is like in a town where all the residents live in one building

A ticketing user living in Alaska gave an intriguing glimpse into the frozen town whose entire residents live together in a 14-story building with 196 residential units.

The building that served as a military bunker during World War II includes a grocery store, clinic, post office, police station and even a church


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Friday, 07 May 2021, 00:08

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The town in Alaska where everyone lives in one building (messy.nessy / TikTok)

Living in a closed community is a great thing, but how would you feel if you were asked to share a stairwell with all the residents of the city?

This is what many have asked the tic-tac-toe gensa user who gave a special glimpse into life in Vittier, Alaska, a small town where 80 percent of the population lives under one roof and the weather is almost always freezing, with winter temperatures dropping to minus 12 degrees Celsius.

The building where almost all the residents of the city live includes 14 floors and 196 residential units.

The town, known as "a city under one roof", was formerly a major center of military activity, when the concrete structure then called the Hodge Building was used - and is used to this day - mainly for residence.

The building, later called Begich Towers, also includes a grocery store, post office, clinic, police station and even a church.

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For anyone who has a hard time imagining what life is like when all the residents of the city are your neighbors Genessa, who is also the daughter of the mayor, gave Tiktok a rare glimpse and insights into the daily life of the town.

In response to a video in which a colleague in Tiktok declared: "There is a town where everyone lives in the same building," Genesa replied: "Ummm, I currently live in this building."

In the video, she took a look at the view from her window and added: "This building has a grocery store, a post office, a church, a police station and offices. In the basement of the building we have a tunnel that goes from here to the school across the street. Currently 318 people live here."

In a series of videos, the young resident of Whitaire answered questions about living in such a community.

She also gave a quick tour of the building, where she has lived for seven years, and introduced the entrance to the church, grocery store and other attractions it has to offer.

Building tour:

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And a tour of her apartment:

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In one video she gave a brief overview of the history of the settlement, she said: "Whittier has existed since the 1940s. It was established during World War II and served as a military bunker. After World War II, many people left, but there was still a large population here until the earthquake in "1964. Vittier suffered a lot of damage due to the earthquake and so many people left. One of the other buildings in the area that was also used for housing was completely abandoned and remains abandoned to this day."

Jensa refers to the adjacent building - the abandoned 6-story Buckner building.

The two buildings emerged almost unscathed from the magnitude 9.2 earthquake that killed 131 people.

Because it is too expensive and dangerous to demolish the Buckner Building, Mother Nature is slowly taking over, with the site popular with young people, vandals and urban researchers.

The area was developed during World War II after being identified as strategically important for the war due to its ant never freezing and its almost permanent cloud cover.

Even during the Cold War, the two buildings served as the center of military operations in the area, with tunnels connecting them and adjacent buildings.

The unique construction now allows city residents to “not get out of the house,” with most of the shops and attractions being right under their noses.

The story of the building:

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In one video Genesis explained why almost all city residents live in the same building: "There are no houses here because you can't buy any property because most of them are owned by the train. That's why everyone lives in one building because you can't buy property and build a house. You can own "An apartment in this building, or you can rent from someone. In most cases, everyone has their own apartment. However, we have to pay for a house, water, electricity, things like that."

The implication of this unique situation is that there are very few young people in its vicinity.

Genessa's best friend lives one floor above her - and there are only about 18 other residents their age.

She admitted that this does not exactly provide good potential for a relationship.

"No one really goes out on dates here because we all grew up together, so that would be a little weird," she said.

This is why everyone lives in one building:

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In another video she also explained why there is not much work in the area: "Because Whitier is such a small place, there are not many vacancies. Whitier is a seasonal city so in winter everything is closed. If you are looking for work, you can work by train, you can work in tunnel, at home "The book, at the municipality, at the clinic, at the port manager's office or for the building management. Some people go to work in Anchorage."

Asked what happens if someone needs medical attention, she replied: "We have one doctor at Vittier and I'm pretty sure he only works Monday through Friday. Vittier also has postal service volunteers, and I actually volunteer here, so if there is an emergency you will be transferred to Anchorage." .

In one of the videos Genesis toured the town and showcased its few buildings, including the school, boat park, tiny gas station, private marina, pedestrian tunnel, fish factory, city offices, police, clinic and gift shop.

Take a tour of the city:

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Jenna's videos together garnered more than 20 million views, with viewers fascinated to learn about the snowy town.

Jensa laughed at the claim that she looked "depressed" in the videos and insisted that there was a lot to do in the area to keep her and her neighbors busy: "Vittier is a great city," she said as she passed the frozen landscape, "So it's not really hard to go to the movies in a nearby town," she explained.

She said there are also bars, restaurants, shops and a hotel: "In the summer there are lots of things you can do - you can get on a boat, you can go hiking, you can go fishing, go sea skiing, go on a glacier tour ... so much "A lot of things. It's not really sad," she added with a smile.

On the other hand, she admits, the area is quite desolate in winter: "In winter there is not much to do here, because everything is closed. We have pretty bad weather here in winter."

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