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Unprecedented ruling: Justice recognized one of the 'forgotten women' of Malvinas


She is one of the nurses who treated the soldiers. 23 years later, she was awarded a 'War Veteran' bonus.

Ismael Bermudez

05/07/2021 1:41 PM

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Updated 05/07/2021 1:48 PM

She had to

wait 23 years

between the approval of the benefit that was denied, the claim in court, the appeals and now the ruling of Chamber II of the Social Security Chamber to determine that “Mrs. Alicia Mabel Reynoso she meets the sufficient conditions "to be considered a true



War Veteran


Thus, the judges Nora Dorado, Walter Carnota and Juan Fantini decided that it is up to Reynoso to collect

a “special bonus” or salary bonus

approved in 1998 for the ex-combatants who participated in the war actions carried out in the South Atlantic between April 2 and June 14, 1982.

Reynoso is one of the "forgotten women" of Malvinas.

An Air Force nurse, along with dozens of other women, attended to the Argentine fighters who died or were injured.

Colleague Mariana Iglesias told in


, on March 27, the dramatic story of these women.

Reynoso with three of her companions, in the documentary "We were also there. The story of the Malvinas nurses."


Like so many others, Reynoso requested that he be paid a special bonus (decree 1244/1998) for services rendered during the Malvinas War.

The Air Force denied him that right.

In 2010, he went to the Social Security Justice and obtained a favorable ruling in 2018.

The Air Force appealed him.

In June 2019, the file entered Chamber II of the Chamber and now, with the vote of the three chamber members, the first degree sentence was confirmed and, in addition, it

opens the doors for the rest of the nurses

and to be awarded the Honorary War Veterans Pension.

To reject Reynoso's claim, the Air Force argued that the nurses

did not participate in military actions

within the South Atlantic Theater of Operations.

For this reason, in the sentence, the chambermaids say that the “key point lies in deciding whether or not the military nursing personnel of the Argentine Air Force, for their services rendered in the relocatable field hospital of Comodoro Rivadavia, has the status of ex fighter for his participation in the Malvinas war, with the right to benefit ”.

Alicia Reynoso, Stella Morales and Ana Masitto today, friends, rereading notes made to them during the war.

The chambermaids recall that for the granting of pensions, Decree 886/05 indicates that they must be granted to "conscript soldiers, officers and NCOs of the Armed and Security Forces who

have been assigned to the Malvinas Theater of Operations (TOM)

or effectively entered combat in the area of ​​the South Atlantic Theater of Operations (TOAS) and

the civilians who were performing service and / or support functions

in the aforementioned places ”.

Consequently, the chambermaids maintain that it is


for nurses to be excluded from the benefit because "it is possible in the case of a civilian nurse" that the benefit is recognized "simply because of having carried out support tasks" and that “Ensign Nurse Reynoso, who was an active officer of the Argentine Air Force at the time of the conflict,

imposes the extra requirement of having actually had to go into combat

, a requirement that is impossible to fulfill.

Not only due to the special protection that health personnel have, but also because they are expressly excluded from the right to participate directly in hostilities ”.

Gender perspective

The chambermaids also say that “thinking about a physical combat only, and excluding the work of the nurse not only makes her contribution to the war effort invisible, but also

prolongs the persistence of stereotypes in society


There are many ways to 'engage in combat'.

The plaintiff did so from her role as a nurse, which must be computed when evaluating the origin of the Social Security benefit she is claiming ”.

"Recognizing a 'war veteran' underpowered or to a lesser degree, to the extent that combat was not witnessed as alleged by the defendant (Air Force), is - in the case of the plaintiff, a field nurse - to perpetuate prejudices social and cultural that must be banished ”, concludes the sentence.


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