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"Less rich, more beehives", "stop screwing your sea" ... at the heart of the march for the climate in Paris


Several tens of thousands of demonstrators marched between République and Bastille this Sunday, with sometimes funny or perceived slogans

"In an organized group, no one can channel us ..." The Marseille accent could surprise in the streets of the capital, but the sound spitting out through the loudspeakers of a stand on the route of the Parisian march for the climate finally stuck quite well with the slogan of the day, hung on the truck at the head of the procession: "Climate and social justice, same fight".

More than 700 organizations called for demonstrations this Sunday, at the end of the vote on the climate law which took only 46 of the 150 proposals of the Citizen's Convention for the Climate (CCC), according to the count made by this body symbol of democracy participatory.

According to the organizers, the Parisian demonstration brought together 56,000 people, ie half of the participants of the 164 processions listed in France (115,000 participants, again according to the organizers).

According to the police, nearly 47,000 people have been identified in France, including 8,500 in Paris.

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In the center of the viewfinder, against a background of suspicion of abandoning the project to include climate protection in the constitution, Emmanuel Macron, whose portrait is displayed at the start of the event with a message in English: "The Paris agreement is in flames and Macron is looking elsewhere ”, then a huge sign:“ 0/10, climate law, zero points ”.

A first reference to a message delivered by Jacques Chirac in 2002 ("Our house is burning and we are looking elsewhere"), and a second to the score given by the participants to the CCC on the transcription of their proposals (3.3 out of 10) .

"We are there for our children and grandchildren"

The multiplicity of causes is particularly palpable in a joyful procession animated by batucadas, salsa or techno, without visible police presence. From Alternatiba, in charge of the organization, to Europe ecology the greens (at the back of the parade), via Greenpeace, the peasant confederation, the animalist party or L214.

"Less rich, more beehives", displays Damien, 74, while his granddaughter Eva, 5, sneaks between the demonstrators.

“We are there for our children and grandchildren,” he explains.

I am a CGT trade unionist.

It is a first for the organization to participate in this kind of event.

It is an old debate in our ranks, which is finally coming to fruition.

We can no longer oppose employment and the climate.

There are skills among the ecologists and in the unions.

We have to think and work intelligently for the planet.

Not far from there, a sign "Let it bees" ("let the bees") follows the same beekeeping line.


March for the climate: thousands of demonstrators across France

The half-humorous, half-alarmist messages are linked throughout the procession, while women in their forties, who can easily be imagined taking their children to school the next morning, tag the sidewalks using “blah-blah climate law” stencils. Other activists replace the advertising posters along the procession with anti-capitalist messages such as: "Work, consume, pollute, die and shut your mouth".

"Because it's our planet," brandishes a protester towards the front of the procession.

Not far from him, a young woman regrets: “The planet is hotter than my girlfriend” while another participant urges his fellow citizens: “Stop screwing your sea”.

In the same salty register, “Mimi”, a Seine-et-Marnaise disguised in green carries a sign: “Not tonight honey, my earth hurts”.

Thyphaine and Gaëlle have crafted messages that testify to their concern.

LP / Jean-Baptiste Quentin

"If we all hang out, it doesn't make you want to join us," she smiles, quenching her thirst with a sip of beer. We are all concerned, ourselves, like our children. "Her friend Cynthia, who also wears a disguise" permaculatrice in the making ", pleads for a concrete ecology. To the point of embarking her spouse and her two children on the adventure: “I left my job as a truck driver on Wednesday to get into permaculture and an educational farm in Haute-Savoie. I already do my laundry, we collect our rainwater so as not to flush the toilet, I no longer eat meat. We couldn't go further here. "His niece Johana, 18, delighted to see" a lot of young people "is not yet fixed but begins" studies of agronomy to work in the environment anyway. "

"A woman or a kangaroo at the head of the country, that wouldn't change anything"

Not far away, a family from Pantin (Seine-Saint-Denis) came with three generations grouped together behind a message from Gandhi: “To live all simply so that all can simply live”. From Siméon, 9, to Jean-Claude and Maryvonne, his grandparents, via Grégoire, his dad. "We are all concerned, we try to talk to him about it in a way that is not too anxiety-provoking", explains the latter. The grandparents, invested in the ATD Quart-monde association to help the most deprived, also illustrate the variety of the public present. Maryvonne says she is "worried" for her descendants and advocates "a radical change, otherwise we will not get out." “It goes further than a question of organization,” her husband continued. We could put a woman or a kangaroo at the head of the country, that wouldn't change anything today.It has to come from the deep human desire. "

The marches come at a time when doubts hover over a possible referendum aimed at amending the Constitution to include climate preservation. LP / Jean-Baptiste Quentin

Mask on the face, sunglasses completely in phase with the 26 degrees of the day, two friends have crafted messages that betray their anxiety ... and their Breton identity: "God save the green" and "The earth is the only planet where the kouign amann exists, so let's save there ”. “The Citizen's Convention project was great,” says Gaëlle. It's a huge disappointment after realizing that the rulers completely lied and didn't listen. But it's good to see that when we are informed and guided by scientists, we come to a realization of urgency. We must change our behavior, with the objective not to consume but to live. "

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