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Swastika flag over the bed - the trial against Susanne G.


How did police ammunition get into this woman's house? Investigators found not only a live cartridge in the accused naturopath Susanne G. But also a room full of Nazi devotional items.

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Defendant Susanne G. in the Munich Higher Regional Court: She is said to have planned attacks on police officers, politicians and Muslims

Photo: Sven Hoppe / picture alliance / dpa

The police still have one room in their memory today.

"The special room," according to an investigator, is located in a row house in the community of Leinburg near Nuremberg.

The naturopath Susanne G. lived and worked in the row house.

When a special task force (SEK) stormed the house on March 20, 2020 at around 6 a.m., she was in bed. Above it hangs a swastika flag, on the bedside table are Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf and a book with the title The Jew as a World Parasite. A Rudolf Hess painting is leaning against the wall. "The special room" is a bedroom full of Nazi devotional items. The State Security Senate of the Munich Higher Regional Court, chaired by Judge Michael Höhne, had photos of the room and the house in the courtroom shown on this day.

The 55-year-old Susanne G. has to answer in court for preparing a serious act of violence that is dangerous to the state, disturbing the public peace and threatening.

The Federal Prosecutor's Office assumes that the woman from the district of Nürnberger Land was on the verge of perpetrating an attack on police officers, local politicians or Muslims.

She is said to have already spied out potential targets.

The investigators also find weapons, not just in the bedroom.

A telescopic baton is right in the entrance area of ​​the house.

"Accessible," says a policeman.

In the house, the officers find a tomahawk, machete, knife, revolver and pistols.

According to a police officer, these are alarm weapons.

You will also find a sharp cartridge.

According to an investigator, it is "government ammunition" as it is used "especially in the area of ​​special forces".

But how did police ammunition get into Susanne G.'s house?

Binoculars and zip ties

The assistant judge asked the police witness whether the SEK might have lost a cartridge that morning.

"I don't know that they lost anything," says the witness.

"If the ammunition is gone, that's noticeable," insists defender Nicole Schneiders.

"Have you ever asked whether something is missing?" The witness cannot help those involved in the process.

He asks to ask the SEK officers themselves if they are missing ammunition.

The officers also searched a black Jeep Cherokee that was parked in front of the house.

In the car you will find flyers from the neo-Nazi party »The III.


You will also find binoculars and cable ties.

On this day the Senate hears one police officer after another.

The witnesses talk about the results of the search, they talk about what the evaluation of a cell phone that the investigators attribute to Susanne G.

They discovered more than 9700 pictures on their mobile phones.

Including »various pictures in connection with the right scene«.

A policeman says in court that he was given the task of looking for links to the right-wing terrorist organization "National Socialist Underground" (NSU).

He didn't find any.

Apparently he overlooked two photos.

One picture shows Ralf Wohlleben and André E. happily grilling. In 2018, Wohlleben was convicted of aiding and abetting murder in nine cases by the Munich Higher Regional Court for helping the NSU terrorists to obtain their murder weapon. André E. was convicted of supporting the NSU. A second photo shows Wohlleben and E. with a third man in front of a poster for »Prisoners' Aid«, a right-wing extremist organization that cares for imprisoned neo-Nazis. When the photos were taken and who took them remains unclear. The Federal Prosecutor apparently has no indications that the two knew something about Susanne G's alleged plans. In her opinion, Susanne G. acted alone.

There are photos on her cell phone that the prosecution considers to be spying.

You can see two police inspections, accommodation for refugees and the mosque in Röthenbach in the Nürnberger Land, which, according to the Federal Prosecutor's Office, received mail from Susanne G. on March 5, 2020: a card with a threat including live ammunition.

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The investigators found Susanne G. through these and other threatening cards.

The cards could be traced back to a drugstore in the Nuremberg region via the manufacturer.

On March 3, 2020 someone bought three tickets there.

At the time, the customer had Payback points credited to her at the checkout in the drugstore.

The Payback account was in the name of Susanne G. On March 20, 2020, the police will visit her.

The second time she is searched, she is not at home

Susanne G. did not come into custody at the time.

According to the Federal Prosecutor's office, the alternative practitioner continues to radicalize.

After the search of her house at the latest, she is said to have been ready to act on the threats.

Five months later, on August 25, 2020, the police ransacked her home again.

This time "the special room" is free of Nazi devotional objects.

Susanne G. is not at home.

It seems to the police as if she has gone into hiding.

There's a note on the front door.

The naturopath informs her patients that her practice is temporarily closed.

Less than two weeks later, she was arrested at a hotel in Fürth.

This time the investigators found materials in the black Jeep Cherokee that the Federal Prosecutor believes are suitable for carrying out an arson attack.

Source: spiegel

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