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You'll need it: four drinks to help you with your family (and the situation) - Walla! Food


Wine from Argentina and France, a classic cocktail that does the job and food recommendations: four drinks that will help you in weeks

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You will need it: four drinks to help you with your family (and the situation)

French stars, an Argentine reinforcement player and the mix that never disappoints: let's come to life and mean it


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Friday, 14 May 2021, 06:00 Updated: 07:29

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Happy holiday, you will need it (Photo: Giphy)

Quite a bit of white wine has been flowing in our veins in recent weeks in preparation for this fun holiday, and the last few days have certainly not made us want to stop, pick or filter alcohol, but someone still needs to make some order here in the never-ending world of cheeses and bottles, and maybe target you.

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"We believe that there is one rule of thumb binding, and red wine can be enjoyed alongside cheeses such as white wine can be enjoyed alongside entrecote. Everything depends on the nature of wine," said Elad Slobtik, vice president of marketing Espiritu.

He said, "For every type expresses Features Varieties based on where it comes from, the trout, the type of grapes, the age of the vine and more, as well as the cheeses.

After all, each of them carries a uniqueness, and many times a cheese that is perceived as perfect alongside merlot will be just as delicious with a sip of Sauvignon Blanc. "And most importantly, of course - cheers!

Always festive, but this time more

How to make "Challah of Shavuot" at home

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Opening blow: Cavit Pinot Grigio

Cavit Pinot Grigio (Photo: Cavit Pinot Grigio)

The Pinot Grigio of Cavit Winery is a pretty successful aperitif starter for a holiday meal (and for any other meal now, to be honest).

It is a young and light white with a fruity aroma, a fresh taste and full of character.

Just please - serve it cold.

What dishes is the wine suitable for?

Pizza, soft cheeses and meat dishes, or as mentioned, as an aperitif alongside appetizers.

A Frenchman who loves everything: Rock Angel

Rock Angel Wine (Photo: Rock Angel)

The ROCK ANGEL is a rose rich in flavors, strong but elegant, with a distinct aroma of red berries, flowers and spices.

It comes from the French CHATEAU D'ESCLANS winery, where it undergoes fermentation in both stainless steel tanks and French oak barrels that give it a rich ceramic texture, delicate acidity and a long, mineral finish.

What dishes is the wine suitable for?

Thcls, it goes with everything, but we recommend enjoying it at a later stage of the holiday meal, alongside hard cheeses like old-fashioned and buttery gouda for example.

The whitest red: Traces Malbec Reserve

Traces Malbec Reserve Wine (Photo: Trazes Malbec Reserve)

The Malbec Reserve of the Argentine TERRAZAS Winery looks red to you and not from here, but you should break some frames and try it anyway at the white table.

This is a wine that has been aged for 12 months in French oak barrels, and reflects excellently the qualities of the vineyards and unique trout of Mendoza in western Argentina.

It has a full body, balanced acidity, a velvety taste and a floral aroma that combines black berries and hints of chocolate.

Or in other words - very whitish red.

What dishes is the wine suitable for?

Hard cheeses like Gouda, Manchego and Cheddar.

Gin, tonic, need no more

Gin and tonic (Photo: Giphy)

At the end of each wine awaits a cocktail, and on days like this it is best to avoid as much as possible advanced mixology.

It does not matter which gin you put here as long as it maintains a certain standard of quality.

We took 50 ml of balanced London gin, very smooth and slightly bluish (thanks to the infusion of gardenia flowers and bergamot oil), added to a glass of ice with lemon, mixed with about 200 ml of tonic and closed interest.

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