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Marghe winner of "The Voice": "I did not let go"


The day after his overwhelming victory against Jim Bauer, the protégé of Florent Pagny confides in his final, his inspirations and his future

No clandestine party.

Not even a glass of champagne.

Just a glass of Coke at the hotel, surrounded by the three other finalists (Mentissa Aziza, Jim Bauer and Cyprien).

This is how Marghe celebrated her victory at "The Voice", followed by 5.4 million viewers.

The winner of this season 10 only slept 40 minutes when she received us in Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine) in the premises of ITV Studios France, which manufactures the TF 1 telecrochet.

“I thought about it a lot in my bed,” she slips behind her FFP2 mask.

Without counting the number of messages received.

"I'm only waiting for that of Emmanuel Macron", jokes the 22-year-old singer.

She barely has time to hang up with her mother: “I'm in an interview, mom.

Hey, you have even less voice than me.

Come on, see you on FaceTime later.


This Sunday morning, Marghe only wants cigarettes and a painkiller.

But when we show her the images of her victory, she forgets the rest.

When Nikos announced the results of the votes (68% for you), we felt you were a little lost ...


(Tears in my eye)


I refrain from crying.

It just happened so quickly.

At the time of my victory, I replayed the film of the last few months, without imagining this outcome.

I arrived on my own and I'm leaving with a big family and this trophy.

At each step, I told myself that it could be the last.

I am still so moved.

This final was an incredible moment.

I am touched to end up like this.

Touched to have been chosen by the public.


The Voice

is a little girl's dream.

It's just crazy.

I didn't have time to realize.

It was the right time.

I waited for him.

For the finale, you performed “Forget everything”, one of your compositions.

You say you cracked when writing it ...

I don't really want to talk about it.

I remain a person, with a private life.

It's a personal story.

My head was just on the verge of exploding, that's it.

With music, I managed to get rid of all that, like others with sport.

But it happens to everyone to question themselves.

I was a little apprehensive about offering this title.

Singing a composition is stripping bare.

A way to represent ourselves again, as we really are.

I have others.

Music allowed me to recharge my batteries during confinement.

We worked a lot on our compositions with my pianist David Henri.

Every day we find different ideas.

You've been trying the castings for "The Voice" for five years ...

The first time, a caster from Bruno Berbères' team spotted me when I was still living in Madagascar.

With the distance, it could not be done.

Especially since I was not even sure I was selected.

Then, I contacted the production again once in France.

Except that with climate change, my voice was not there.

At least not yet.

I was told it was not possible.

It hurts to hear that.

It hurt my morale.

I asked myself questions, I wanted to get away from it all.

Despite everything, it was stronger than me.

I did not give up.

When I was called this year to tell me it was good, I couldn't believe it.

Marghe the day after her victory: "Since the blind auditions, I have learned a lot of things."

LP / Olivier Corsan

You say your victory has already changed your life.

To what extent?

Since the blind auditions, I have learned a lot of things, in the technique of the voice, artistically but also humanly.

For the doors that are going to open soon, I will take all this new baggage with me.

I know I won't stop there.

You are going to prepare an album ...

I must first meet my record company

(Editor's note: Universal Music)

and take a step back.

Being from Madagascar, I would like to highlight the richness of my crossbreeding, mix my different musical cultures, the different sounds to make one.

There will be French variety, an Italian lyrical and Malagasy tribal side.

We can also consider a collaboration with Florent Pagny.

We talked a bit after the final.

It makes me happy that he's proud of me.

After that, that he compares me to a diva, it's a big word.

I'm just Marghe.

Marghe is the diminutive of Margherita, my first name.

It's easier.

We haven't really heard from Abi, the latest winner.

Can it be scary?

Visibility is always a pleasure.

But I am not in this process.

I just want to share my music.

It doesn't matter if it's in front of four people.

Afterwards, if there are 30,000 one day, that would be even more fun.

We'll see where my lucky star guides me.

Before the park closed because of the pandemic, you were a receptionist at Futuroscope… Do you think about going back to your previous life?

Why not.

I liked this job.

But my dream is to be a singer.

There I have an opportunity.

I'm not going to let her pass.

A word for Jim Bauer, that everyone gave a winner?

Sacred Jim! It was the team's UFO. He's so awesome. It is an honor that he is part of my life. There is mutual respect between us, a special bond. We share the same passion. Why not a collaboration? Or with others like Mentissa, Chiara, Tarik or Cyprien.

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