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No filters: 5 things the stars must * not * do on Instagram - Walla! Celebs


Habits of Instagram celebrities that must stop: Enough with the "natural" filters on Instagram, enough with live broadcasts or camouflage commercials

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Correction of weeks

No filters: 5 things the stars must * not * do on Instagram

Enough with the "natural" filters on Instagram, enough with the exhausting live broadcasts or the camouflage commercials: here are some habits of celebrities on the social network with the tired photos and stories ... and must be corrected for the instinct of us all.


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Amir Tzomer

Sunday, 16 May 2021, 00:03

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(Photo: Walla! NEWS system, Doron Shiner, Instagram)

In a world where Instagram is not just a social network of photos, but probably the best way to explore, communicate, peek, roll your eyes and envy - or actually get all the information you want (and do not want) to know about the people you are curious about - entertainment stars, whether Big, small, veterans or beginners, take advantage of the photography and storytelling platform to bring you into their lives intensely. After all, they are just like everyone else, at least as much as they are willing to think.

While the professional gossipers from the media provide information that the stars (maybe) would not want you to hear - the celebrities document on Instush everything that happens to them in a "routine": you see them in a 'natural' state. You check how they sleep or sweat in a fitness workout. You watch them have fun with family or other beautiful and sparkling friends or join an entertaining viral trend. All alongside ‘cool’ quotes and ‘digging’ written descriptions, yes?

Gossip about the celebs on Instagram here too

But beyond entertainment - through this innocent social network, you get from your favorite stars also things that might be worth giving up, that we may have already exhausted and seen and enough, enough ... so for Pentecost, Walla!

Celebs are offering celebrities to make some tweaks to their Instagram profile, for a better world, or at least a more enjoyable online entertainment egg.

Say cheese!

More on Walla!


This is the most complicated thing in business, but we have the solution for you

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Cessation of commercials - sponsored by your favorite star

Kylie Jenner is not a fan of brands.

Probably (Photo: Screenshot, Instagram)

When you scroll through the endless feed of photos, between a picture of

Dana Zermon

in a bathing suit (because that's all she does?) And

David Beckham

's fun

with the family (because that's all he does. Really), you do not pay attention to the amount of overt and covert advertisements. That you absorb. Once upon a time, when that Channel 2 started, there were still transitions towards the marketing cluster, but today in an era where everyone who buys followers becomes an "influencer" in the penny, who makes money from Instush? Not sure you will notice the #ad tag in someone's post that feels branded like at least one Kardashian's.

However, all the flooding of marketing content leads to a situation where in a moment probably no one will believe anyone, so it might be worthwhile for celebrities to reduce all the advertising forgery.

Otherwise we will get to a point where you will not buy the model you love using the toothpaste (nor will you buy it) or when you see the instant coffee that the Hollywood drinks - there is no way you will think you did not pay her for it.

So this is it, which is probably the first time in her life that she has sipped the drink, even though she has indicated that she has been "sick of it for years."



Those who maintain privacy from voyeurs.


Yes, that's how anyone who does not follow Taylor Malchov on the net knows her (Photo: screenshot, Instagram)

In recent years, since the network allowed everyone to block access to their intimate profile and confirm viewing only to those who really want to know everything, there has also been a surprising turnaround in account management among the beautiful and glittering: there are those who prevent everyone from seeing them. , For fear of losing something in the future.

Number of followers?


So it is that apart from the self-importance that one network star attaches to herself or the marketing genius in a blocked profile that is accessed when you have already started peeking at a celebrity, you will probably find that his life is not that impressive.

Khalas, celebrities, did you want to share your daily life with everyone?

So there is really no reason to block the profile to the public, other than the fear that they will find that your #boring is boring too.

Natural is the most, the most, the most ... unnatural

Aline Cohen with filter.

Illustration (Photo: Screenshot, Instagram)

In two words: Filter Paris.

A little more?

Beyond the fact that Instush stole Snapshot's trick and dress for any puppy owner's smartphone earner, there's nothing more unbearable than exaggerated filters that make the lives of those photographed a little (much) more beautiful.

Today, even the stars who are most proud of how "real" or "makeup-free" they are, can not avoid the tiny fixes using the invisible filters, which hide all the flaws.

It's true that you can not call them liars, because the result is not at the level of Photoshop, but the message that goes to the fans?

A beauty model (Toffee), but one that is very unnatural.

# Without_makeup_with_filter

Live from the living room, even though it's boredom


who cares.

Chloe Kardashian (Photo: Screenshot, Instagram)

The global Corona frenzy has led anyone who thought it was something on Instagram, from

Miley Cyrus


Asi Ezer

, to think it was possible to host an interview program (with his best friend in the guest role) live on Instagram, for the enjoyment of followers.


No, no one cared.

Otherwise how would you explain that stars with millions of followers, hundreds of thousands of likes and masses of voyeurs in the story, brought to the live broadcast on the social network no more than a few hundred to thousands of individual viewers, at any given time?


And another request: give the personal things to Walla!

Celebs advertise?

Whose baby is it?

The hand of Asi Bouzaglo, his wife Adi and the pregnancy test (Photo: screenshot, Instagram)

Nothing to do, the direct communication of celebrities with the audience on the networks in recent years, has brought the most interesting people in the entertainment egg "to control the story themselves" and personally publish information that arouses a lot of interest, on their own behalf, for the world.

Suppose, that they expect.

Who were engaged or separated.

How they chose to call Baby, where they are flying to or just their opinion on a matter unrelated to them.

That might be a little petty on the part of Walla!

Celebs ask, but they make her life a lot harder - so she begs the celebrities, enough, enough, you ruin her job, keep everything to yourself a secret and let her reveal this interesting information to surfers first.


Well thank you.

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