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There are those who do not wait abroad: the restaurants that bring Mykonos, Dubai and Istanbul to Israel - Walla! Food


New fish restaurant in Petah Tikva, Greek food on the beach of Haifa and International Hamburger Day in Mozes: Food News

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There are those who do not wait abroad: the restaurants that bring Mykonos, Dubai and Istanbul to Israel

Fish from Greece, Perna from Morocco, a kebab from Turkey and a celebrity chef who has already conquered the Gulf: the most delicious news in Israel


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Sunday, 23 May 2021, 06:00 Updated: 14:31

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Opening of "Buffet", Sharona Market (Yaniv Granot)

Long months of gloomy food headlines and a genuine passion for some delicious seasoning in the kitchen that is our life ended - for now and without the evil eye - with the food world returning to normal.

It took another week or two of euphoria, and the plague headlines were replaced with even more bad news.

In the meantime, the routine is back (some sort of routine, for now we will not be petty), and because we know where we live, let's keep our fingers crossed for a bit quiet, and talk about food.

To all the news and headlines from Walla!

I can eat

Walla's delicious Instagram page!


restaurateurs, chefs and other Israelis who just love food (and just want to end this constant extreme survival season in the right group of survivors), have started to come back to life, and we are with them.

Let’s hope the next food news takes less and less consideration of “situation”.

And this week: fish from Greece, prana from Morocco, kebab from Turkey and a celebrity chef who has already conquered the bay.

And that's not all.

In short, get the most delicious news in Israel.

"Arabs and Jews refuse to be enemies"

The food march that reconnected Uri Buri and Said

To the full article

Top Chef from Dubai to Haifa

Najma Restaurant (Photo: Anatoly Michaelo)

Najama Restaurant returns to activity after the Corona respite.

The restaurant, led by finalist "Top Chef" Dubai Asil Sharif, is located next to the cable car in the Bat Galim neighborhood of Haifa, and offers a varied Levantine cuisine.

Here you will find, among other things, Shushbarak stuffed with Arabian spinach with chickpeas, roasted tomatoes, cumin and yogurt in a heart, tuna (chopped tuna tartare with black lentil salad, chickpeas, sesame twill and white whipped cream), Edna kebab, dumpling dumpling from Istanbul ( Cuba burgul with spicy pepper puree on garlic cream, lettuce leaf, sheep yogurt stone and crispy shark bread as well as an alcohol menu rich in cocktails.

For more details and reservations

Beach Club Haifa opens

Beach Club Restaurant in Haifa (Photo: Limor Crescenti)

Stay in Haifa, with good news from the sea, announcing the opening of Beach club Haifa.

The restaurant, which collaborates with Lechem Erez and the surf club "Club Surf", is inspired by Mykonos and offers, among other things, breakfasts and sandwiches, pizzas and pastries from the oven, pastas and snack dishes along with hamburger and schnitzel of course.

For more details and reservations

New fish restaurant

Fish and chips in Donis (Photo: Gil Aviram)

The Donis restaurant opened in Petah Tikva and offers Greek-inspired fish cuisine led by chef Eitan Peer.

Here you will find, among other things, prana from the oven, Ikra Balkan, fish sandwich (prana bun, cod-coated cod with tempura and panko, tartar sauce, lettuce and tomato), fish rice, fish & chips, salmon popcorn and of course quite a few whole fish or Emitted.

For more details and reservations

Greek living room in Tel Aviv

Greek living room restaurant (Photo: Shiran Cohen Shai)

Stay with a little Greece, and add Turkey: a Greek salon restaurant has opened at the West Hotel in Tel Aviv.

The Mediterranean restaurant, led by chef Guy Peretz, offers a locus cigar for example, "fish crustini", fish soufflé sword (grilled sea and vegetable cubes on Greek pita), pasta dumplings and also Greek semolina cake on toffee cream and vanilla ice cream, Milfey Ouzo and Kataif nuts.

Alongside these, breakfasts (Greek style of course) with breads, salads, mazats and mains such as frittata zucchini or shakshuka saloniki will be served in the restaurant.

For more details and reservations

Night menu, Dialna

Dialna Restaurant (Photo: Daniel Leila)

Chef Ronen Dovrat Bloch's Dialna restaurant has reopened and adds a night menu.

The restaurant, on the purity of Moroccan cuisine, serves six alternating dishes at the prana, including whole poultry, stews, chunks of veal and asado from the smokehouse.

To these she is expected to add at night also a face-part cigar, an annoyance, "Chinese of salads from mom's house," spicy veal almonds, and "Logsi's spleen."

For more details and reservations

Hamburger Day, Moses

Moses' burger (Photo: Gil Aviram)

The Mozes and Mozes Shop chain marks International Hamburger Day (28.05) with a "particularly overdone burger."

This is a classic hamburger (about 450 grams of beef), smoked lamb, emmental cheese, egg, tomato, iceberg lettuce, purple onion and pickle, along with French fries or mashed potatoes, for NIS 85.

The new Moses Shop chain will offer "MOON LIGHT", which is a classic hamburger, lettuce, purple onion, glazed garlic, leek strips and the king of the forest mushroom (NIS 71 including fries and drinks).

For more details and reservations

Disturbed toppings, garage

The garage burger (Photo: Dudi Eisenthal)

The happy patty celebrations brought back to the garage restaurant all the toppings from the specials menu for its generations.

These include solid toppings such as emmental cheese or cheddar sauce, but also fried Mac & Cheese balls, bananas in salted caramel, shredded meat, onion flower, sweet popcorn and also creme brulee.

Yes, creme brulee.

Each hamburger can hold up to 3 toppings of your choice, at a price of NIS 77.

For more details and reservations

Hamburger Day, BBB

BBB hamburger (Photo: Netanel Israel)

International Hamburger Day is also celebrated on the BBB network, with a New York special.

These are two burgers (about 100 grams each, before grilling) from fresh beef, cheddar cheese on each patty, smoked and sliced ​​black angus brisket (about 80 grams before grilling), mustard aioli, rocket, purple onion and pickled cucumber Homemade, alongside French fries.

Price: NIS 78.

For more details and reservations

Hamburger collection, pantry

Rolling hamburger of the pantry (Photo: The pantry)

The festive day led the "pantry" deli chain to launch a new collection of burgers, which will be sold for grilling at home or for tasting at branches.

The new patties are a cylindrical burger (250 grams of lamb with 30% lia fat, the "pantry" sauce, smoked lamb bacon and fresh vegetables), a Mexican burger (250 grams of pondera with 30% fat, spicy aioli, caramelized onions and fresh vegetables) and 'Hezburger' which is a meatball with cheddar tofu.

Price: NIS 35 per unit on site, NIS 110 for a home DIY kit.

For more details and reservations

Global Business, Pau Wow

Pau Wow Restaurant (Photo: Gal Kolog)

The bar-restaurant in Rishon Lezion offers new global businesses, including an Indian business with curry, chapati and mango gros drink, an Asian business of Pad frozen, a Vietnamese salad and a mint gros drink, an Italian business of pizza, a panzanella salad and a glass of wine, and an American business with a hamburger , Goose breast, French fries and a strawberry drink.

For more details and reservations

New branch for a toastburger

Toastburger (Photo: Anatoly Michaelo)

The toastburger chain is expanding with a new and kosher branch in Rishon Lezion.

The ground and spicy meat concept that goes into a half bun and from there into a toaster - is also preserved here, as are the combinations (sizes of 100, 200 and 300 grams, and a mix of halves), the successful vegan versions and the meat stars.

You can find here, among other things, a toastburger with egg salad, tomato and pickle, a guacamole toaster with chili jam and tomato, a pineapple chili toastburger and a toastburger with a patty topped with a coleslaw salad.

For more details and reservations

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