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That's why the last minute of the washing machine feels like forever


You may be familiar with the problem: The washing machine shows another minute - but it feels like it takes an eternity. Read here why that is.

You may be familiar with the problem: The washing machine shows another minute - but it feels like it takes an eternity.

Read here why that is.

Especially when things have to be done quickly, the sense of time seems to be much more sensitive than usual. This is also the case with the washing machine.

Because the last minute can take what feels like an eternity.

First of all: it is not an imagination.

The last minute of the wash cycle can take longer than a minute.

Even if the ad says otherwise.

Indeed, there are several explanations for this phenomenon.

Because both the machine and the user can be to blame.

Reason 1: pressure and water temperature

How long the washing machine takes for the wash cycle also depends on the water pressure and temperature.

However, these factors

cannot be influenced from the outside


If the water runs into the washing machine with too little pressure, it takes longer, which then delays the washing time.

It is similar with the water temperature.

If this is too cold, it must first be warmed up.

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Reason 2: Too much detergent

On the other hand, one factor that users can influence is the amount of detergent in the machine.

The sensors in the washing machine then decide when the wash cycle is over.

The basis for this is the

amount of foam


The more foam there is in the machine, the longer it will take to wash the laundry.

The machine will only end the wash cycle when the

sensors can no longer


any foam


To rinse the foam out of the washing machine, it has to be repeatedly rinsed with water.

Of course, this process takes time.

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Reason 3: imbalance in the washing drum

The imbalance in the drum occurs precisely when, for example, too few items of clothing are in the washing machine.

Or even if it's just a large blanket.

The washing machine normally presses the laundry against the edge in a ring.

In such a case, however, this is difficult, which is why the machine



spin cycle


This is purely a safety measure to prevent damage.

As the drum detects that the wash cycle is not running smoothly, it rotates



And this until the laundry is washed clean without spinning.

This also affects the time and makes the last minute seem longer.


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