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Claus Kleber stops at “heute journal”: And who will be his successor?


When someone quits, the guesswork begins: Who will succeed him? Well: We have a few suggestions!

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Claus Kleber - soon to retire

Photo: Thomas Frey / picture alliance / dpa

It's sad, no question about it.

The presenter Claus Kleber puts an end to the “heute journal”, after what felt like 2003 years (he says himself) an era is ending (let's say).

When one door closes, another opens. Claus Kleber will leave, but there is an almost complete probability that someone new will come, a new partner for Gundula Gause, with whom Kleber usually moderates as a duo. But who? Hard to say. The ZDF has not announced anything yet, there may still be an eager search. Jan Hofer? Shit, go to RTL! Linda Zervakis? Damn it, go to ProSieben. Pinar Atalay? Uff: Leave the public transport - for the private ones!

At ZDF, the squabbling might start now, who wants it, who can do it, who should do it instead, and who do the Germans want to see on their channel at 9.45 p.m.?

We have nothing to do with that - but because we are only too happy to take the pressure off our colleagues, we have a few suggestions for them here.

Who will be the next Claus Kleber?

David Hasselhoff

Wouldn't it be the worst choice, you have to admit: David Hasselhoff, 9.45 p.m., ZDF?


Jens Kalaene / picture alliance / dpa

He would begin: “One morning in June, some twenty years ago, I was born a rich man's son ...” Then he would look over at Gundula Gause, the camera would go along, and he would add, relatively dryly, “I've been looking for freedom. "Then, but only then, would the trumpets come,


, the news would start and everyone who watched would be clear: Come what may, but we are one.

The other day, when the wall came down, he showed how important we are to him.

Then again recently, when vaccination began here.

For the Federal Ministry of Health, Hasselhoff held his biceps, which were provided with a patch, into a camera.

He said, "Hoff off. I, David Hasselhoff, am supposed to be a hero because of Baywatch and Knight Rider and the Berlin Wall, but my freedom was the vaccination."

You can do that too. "

Apart from the fact that we unfortunately cannot tell you with certainty what


is supposed to mean, the rest of the message is clear: this man really doesn't mind explaining to a country that it can hope.

Not the worst quality of talking about the hopelessness of the world night after night, is it?

Come on, the thought isn't all that bad:

The Hoff

and Gundula.

Wild curls, accurate bob.

Light chain leather jacket, baby blue blazer.

Then to say goodbye, just before the weather starts, he would turn to the audience and say it again: "I've been looking for freedom." Then, when Gundula Gause gives him and us a friendly smile, he would add quietly: "Still the search." goes on. "

By Nike Laurenz

Oliver Welke

The natural successor to Claus Kleber is the news presenter impersonator Oliver Welke. Logically, “heute-show” and “heute journal” are related anyway, the titles don't sound similar by chance, the structure of the programs is interchangeable: there are clips, sometimes guests, and Welke could also wear his ties in his new job. Thanks to the experience he has gained so far by connecting crazy colleagues, he is well prepared for live conversations, and he should also get along well with bulky candidates like Horst Seehofer or annoying candidates like Christian Lindner. For “heute journal” fans, everything would basically remain reassuringly familiar: a man in a suit explains the world. Which could be somehow comforting in the face of the worryingly rapidly changing world.

Who knows, maybe Welke already speculated on this when he conceptualized his "heute-show".

The airtime of the serious sister is much better, the question of salary can certainly be settled, but he would have to get used to much shorter summer breaks.

Carolin Kebekus would then take over the vacant position on the "heute-Show".

She could relax a little while sitting to stay fit for her one-women show in the first.

By Katharina Stegelmann

Jan Böhmermann

Jan Böhmermann enters a boomerring phase with 40plus, at least that's what he calls his Wednesday podcast.

The fact that he bridges the summer months with a traditional cookery program à la Alfred Biolek brings him closer to the traditional.

I think an old TV proverb goes something like this: Whoever honors Biolek is worth the glue.

Something like that.

So why not get into the serious subject entirely?

Anyway, Jan Böhmermann is on the air for current affairs with 2.3 million followers on Twitter.

Outwardly, there is not much to be done - it is certainly housed in the main program on ZDF and could easily expand its formal look on “Heute Journal”.

International relations are also his thing, just remember Varoufaki's finger fingers or Erdogate.

We want more of that.

From Carola Padtberg

Jorge González

Those eyes of Jorge González, who obviously say: "And now for the news, Gundula"


Christoph Hardt / Future Image / imago images

If you recently switched on RTL by mistake, you might see Jan Hofer dancing.

And was faced with the question: If the metamorphosis from public news anchor to “Let's Dance” dervish succeeds - will it work the other way around?

Now is the time to test it.

With Jorge González, the most flamboyant 53-year-old in Germany.

González must have nerves like steel, so the right nerve quality as Germany's Next Anchorman, after all, he has already done eight years of "Let's Dance" and even a few episodes of "Germany's Next Top Model" alongside Heidi Klum. Not everyone can do it. González mastered all of this not with one laughing and one crying eye, but with a face that consisted only of laughter.

The public broadcasters have not yet fully understood the principle of laughter: If someone on ZDF slips a laugh, it is at most in the form of a mean laughing at, that is, as a reaction of one "Markus Lanz" guest to the other.

Here González could also teach the "heute-journal" regular gazers something.

Not only here: his diploma in nuclear ecology predestines him to explain the environment and climate competently.

Or, as a choreographer, to dance the results of the UN climate conference in eurythmy.

Jorge González, the nuclear ecologist choreographer, that is personified infotainment.

And, on top, the Cuban still has that wonderful accent that ZDF viewers should hear much more often anyway, because it gives a voice to the beauty of German reality.

By Jurek Skrobala

Source: spiegel

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