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Be careful in the garden! You should be careful with these poisonous animals


Summer brings nice weather and gardening is on the agenda. However, caution is advised as you may encounter some poisonous animals in your own garden.

Summer brings nice weather and gardening is on the agenda.

However, caution is advised as you may encounter some poisonous animals in your own garden.

Munich - When you think of poisonous animals, you usually think of distant countries, such as Australia with its spiders and snakes.

But caution is also advised in Germany: It's hard to believe, but you can come across some poisonous animals in your garden.

Snake venom can also be threatening in Germany: These snakes are poisonous

There are around 3000 species of snakes worldwide, only seven of them can be found in Germany.

Most of the snakes in this country are harmless to humans.

But two species can actually be dangerous to humans with their poison.

The aspis viper and adder belong to the genus of vipers and could also be found in your garden.

The aspis viper is native to the southern Black Forest, the adder can be found in northern Germany and occasionally in the Black Forest.

The poison of the two snakes can be

dangerous to humans

, according to

Focus Online


Difficulty breathing, heart problems and paralysis can all result.

In the event of a bite, a doctor should be consulted.

Video: The five most poisonous animals in Germany

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Spider bites can be painful

In addition to snakes, many people seem to be scared of spiders.

Most spider species in Germany are completely harmless to humans.

The Nurse Dornfinger is an exception.

This is a spider about 1.6 centimeters tall, and its bite can be painful to humans.

As a rule, such a spider bite has no further consequences.

However, bitten limbs can be painful for up to three days, and also lead to sore lymph nodes.

To be on the safe side, a doctor should be consulted in order to rule out possible consequences and irregularities.

Caution poisonous: fire salamanders, yellow-bellied toad and even the shrew

The fire salamander is another poisonous animal that you may encounter in your garden.

It secretes a skin secretion which can lead to an unpleasant burning sensation when touched.

Focus Online

warns that the poison can even cause difficulty breathing, nausea and vomiting in children.

The yellow-bellied toad also secretes its poison through the skin.

This toxin can irritate the human mucous membranes, but is otherwise harmless.

The yellow-bellied toad is at home in central and southern Germany.

Hard to imagine, but caution should also be exercised with the shrew.

The poison of the species swamp shrew and water shrew produced in the lower salivary glands is generally harmless to humans.

Still, a bite from these shrew species is painful and the wound swells.

Beware of the oil beetle: it is one of the most poisonous animals in Germany

One of the most poisonous animals in Germany is the oil beetle.

The beetle venom is enough to kill an adult human.

To do this, however, the toxin has to get directly into the bloodstream.

However, since the oil beetle only sprays a small amount of its poison through the pores on the leg joints when in danger, it is unlikely that enough poison will get into the human bloodstream.

On contact with the golden-yellow secretion, inflammation, necrosis (death of cells) and damage to the mucous membrane can occur. Therefore, a doctor should be consulted in the event of contact with the poison. The oil beetle can be found on dry lawns, orchards and heaths. The beetle can also be found near beehives because its larvae feed on pollen and bee eggs. Not only animals in your garden can be dangerous, but also what they have left behind, including cat droppings. However, there are a few tips against cat poop in the garden.


Source: merkur

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