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Growing strawberries yourself: it works with these tips


Summer is an ideal time to grow strawberries in your own garden. You should consider this in order to be able to harvest plenty of tasty fruit.

Summer is an ideal time to grow strawberries in your own garden.

You should consider this in order to be able to harvest plenty of tasty fruit.

Munich - Summer is strawberry time.

And strawberries from your own garden taste particularly good.

Here are a few tips that can help you harvest plenty of juicy red strawberries.

This already starts with the right time for planting.

But also an optimal location and the right procedure are crucial for a good strawberry harvest.

Growing strawberry plants: the right time

Since the rose family needs the warmth of summer in order to grow well and survive the winter, it should be planted in the summer months of July and August.

Because then beautiful and intensely tasting strawberries can be harvested the following year.

If the plants are planted too late, there is a risk that they will rot in the soil.

Multi-bearing strawberry plants can also be planted in August and September, whereas climbing strawberries are used for the balcony in spring.

This also applies to strawberries that are grown in pots or flower boxes.

The optimal location for the strawberries

When planting strawberries, the right time and the choice of location are also crucial.

It is best to place the plants in rows 25 centimeters apart in a sunny garden spot.


recommends that there should be around 50 centimeters between the strawberry plants within a row


It is best to arrange the plants in a staggered manner, because this allows the fruits to ripen optimally through the sunlight and the heat.

In addition, the nut fruit dries faster after watering or rain.

This can prevent leaf diseases and gray mold infestation.

It is advisable to use collected rainwater to water the plants.

If you do not have a full sun location, wild strawberries or monthly strawberries can also be planted in partial shade, explains



You should consider the following steps when planting the strawberry plants:

  • Enrich the soil with compost or other fertilizer about two weeks before planting the plants.

  • The hole for the strawberry plant should be deep enough: enough space for all the roots, leaves and bud should be just above the ground.

  • After planting, press the soil lightly and water vigorously.

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Straw: the all-rounder against snails and mold

From around May, when the first green fruits appear, the ground should be covered with straw about four to five centimeters high. Before this step, weeding, fertilizing and watering should be carried out again. Due to the straw, the fruits can no longer have any contact with the earth. This keeps the strawberries clean and sufficiently dry and prevents rot and mold. In addition, the laying out of straw means that snail damage occurs less often. Of course, the straw cannot keep the snails off completely.

Before the onset of winter, you should cut back the strawberry plants, i.e. remove old leaves.

Care must be taken not to damage the heart leaf of the rose family.

After pruning, loosen the soil and add compost.

According to information from


a layer of mulch on the bed

helps to

protect the plants from the cold for

the winter


Strawberry plants don't last forever: when it's time for young plants

Even if the plants have now been grown optimally, they will not last forever. The large-fruited varieties in particular produce smaller and mostly imperfect fruits from the third year onwards. Therefore, you should replace


strawberry plants with young plants after four years at the latest, recommends


. New plants can be bought in pots and then planted in spring. Another option is to use cuttings and move them to another bed in August. For your own runners, you should simply let the desired number of mother plants grow, separate the young plants with the small roots in August and plant them again.

A new bed should be created for the new strawberry plants, as the soil that was previously used has already become tired. According to

, a completely new bed should


be prepared with well-rotted horse manure or other organic fertilizer. Read here what tips you can use to make your cucumber harvest profitable.


Source: merkur

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