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What was the disease of the 86-year-old woman who died after taking the second dose of Sputnik


They gave him the vaccine on Friday at the San Lorenzo headquarters and 15 minutes later he felt dizzy, confused and a cardiac arrest ended his life. The autopsy revealed the pathology he suffered.

Javier Firpo

06/15/2021 6:31 PM

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Updated 06/16/2021 3:00 AM

A cloak of mystery and uncertainty surrounded the case of RRF (initials at the request of her family), the 86-year-old woman, who died last Friday after the second dose of Sputnik was applied at the San Lorenzo vaccination center.

Endless theories and rumors were woven around the reasons for the death, since

in the first instance it was said that the woman had no history of pre-existing diseases


An allergic reaction to the dose, a cardiovascular problem, a stroke?

The Buenos Aires Ministry of Health had indicated that same Friday that the woman had gone to the vaccination center in the morning accompanied by her son.

“Once he received the vaccine, they went to the waiting room to wait for the minutes indicated in the protocol.

At that moment,

he decompensated, so SAME was contacted immediately

and in 5 minutes an ambulance arrived at the scene ”.

CPR was performed, but despite medical efforts, she was not able to resuscitate her.

RRF's body was transferred to the Judicial Morgue on Viamonte Street and the 55th National Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor's Office classified the death as a

"doubtful death



The investigation also included the study of vaccine vials that were seized from the San Lorenzo vaccination post.

96 hours after what happened,

Clarín was

able to confirm that RRF suffered from "

chronic ischemic heart disease, congestion and pulmonary edema


PAMI doctors would report it in the next few hours.

This medium tried to communicate with the woman's son, who accompanied his mother to get vaccinated and who witnessed the sad moment: "I will wait to speak, so far I have nothing confirmed," he said.

During the weekend, medical specialists referred to the unprecedented case of RRF, an event that had not happened since the vaccination campaign had started in December. One of the hypotheses that circulated was that of

anaphylactic shock, a severe allergic reaction that ends in death,

which could have been produced by some component of the vaccine. Although with the passing of the hours it was diluted and the chances that it had been a cardiological problem grew.

Nothing and no one foreshadowed the outcome of RRF, especially after his son, on the same Friday, when he was contained by a network of psychologists, said that

his mother had woken up well that Friday, that she had had a quiet breakfast and that she was happy

for give yourself the second dose.

However, the autopsy revealed that the lady had pre-existing diseases.

What is chronic ischemic heart disease

Chronic ischemic heart disease "is the disease of the most common heart in older adults. How does it manifest itself? When the arteries that should supply blood to the muscle of the heart become clogged partially or completely. Ischemia is a decrease in the blood supply

to the heart. Without knowing the woman's case, it is highly probable that

her arteries were obstructed, not totally, and that she had a heart attack,

"explains Roberto Peidró, a cardiologist at the Favaloro Foundation.

When RRF suffers from chronic heart disease, "we can be talking about a disease that had it for many years. Although there is generally medical treatment, it can become

silent and asymptomatic

, and it could even happen that this woman did not know she had it. And suddenly, the artery was completely covered as a result of an arrhythmia, as happened, saving the distances, to the Danish player Eriksen. Unfortunately the woman had a sudden death ".

Peidró remarks that heart disease "is the most frequent heart disease in people over 40 years of age, so at 86 suffering a coronary artery disease (arteriosclerosis) is very possible.

If the emotional aspect could have been influenced

by the second dose of the vaccine?

Without any doubt

that could have had to do but in the final triggering, not in the disease ".

Finally, Peidró stresses that "heart disease is a broad, multifactorial disease that can be caused by various factors. What does it mean? What influences having 

high cholesterol, high blood pressure, being diabetic

, being a smoker or even having peaks of stress. They are risk factors that can influence clogged arteries. "


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