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You've been burned in the sun and now your skin is red, burning and every movement hurts - before you apply anything to it - you must read this article and avoid the following >>

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7 things not to do after burning in the sun

The skin is red, sore and burning and you are dying to do something that will make it easier for you, but there are some mistakes you must avoid if you are burned in the sun.

These are the rules that everyone must know in the summer


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Friday, 18 June 2021, 06:10 Updated: 06:55

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It will happen to all of us at least once a summer (if it has not already happened) and there are those who will experience it several times - sunburn. Of course the most important thing is to be smart in the sun and take every precaution and protection to avoid this unpleasant experience and the potential and long-term damage it entails for our health. But if this has already happened to you, here are some things that are important to avoid, so as not to aggravate the situation and speed up the healing of the skin.

1. Do not wear tight clothing

after it has been burned by the sun, your skin must breathe. That's why tight clothes are the last thing you need to wear because they can exacerbate the inflammatory process that has begun in the skin. "The body responds to trauma by flowing blood to the skin that aids in recovery. This is what causes redness, fever and local inflammation," Dr. Sheerin Idris, a dermatologist, explained in an interview with The Healthy website.Wearing tight, non-ventilated clothing can aggravate the swelling and blisters that appear on the skin during the various stages of recovery.

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Try to avoid getting into this situation.

Gif of a woman burned in the sun (Photo: Giphy)

2. Do not apply preparations that contain Vaseline. You

may very well want to smear your burning skin with something that will cool, moisturize and soothe it. It is important to note that the preparation you apply will not contain Vaseline, one of the properties of which is that it captures heat. Other substances that should be avoided are benzocaine and lidocaine (which are found in various anesthetic creams), which may irritate the skin. What is worth applying? Creams or lotions that contain aloe vera, which is known for its soothing and healing properties.

3. Do not

put on makeup you have burned inside and you want to hide the red embarrassment with make-up or concealer? Really not a good idea. Sunburn heals better and faster when you let your skin breathe. Applying cosmetic covers with all kinds of non-sterile sponges or brushes will only increase the risk of infection or allergic reaction and the result will look worse than it was in the first place. Just accept the fact that your face will be red for a few days, and you will learn a lesson for the future from this - always apply sunscreen and be protected from the sun.

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Some important things to know about sunscreens (Angle - Science and Environment Agency)

4. Do not pull the peels

Yes, we know that the temptation is unbearable.

Still, control yourself.

Peeling of the skin is part of the healing process, and in fact it marks the end.

Therefore, you really should not start interfering and spoiling right now.

Let the skin peels fall off you naturally without helping or pulling them.

What can you do?

Apply moisturizer and make sure the skin gets plenty of fluids (even when drinking).

The scent of the skin will improve the appearance of the peels without compromising the healing process and it will also make you feel more comfortable.

Do not peel!

Peeling skin after sunburn (Photo: ShutterStock)

5. Do not burst blisters

If your

sunburn is

severe, a few hours later, blisters full of fluid may begin to appear on the skin.

These blisters play a very important role in protecting the injured skin and removing contaminants from it.

So by no means blow them up, Kafish?

6. Do not be afraid to use anti-inflammatory drugs Inflammation

is the body's natural response to sunburn, but you can alleviate it - in fact, you should do it.

Most people do not know this and believe that there is no connection between drugs like ibuprofen and sunburn, but if you take such an anti-inflammatory pill near the onset of signs of sunburn they may reduce the inflammation and pain that will appear following excessive exposure to the sun.

Sunburn usually takes 4-6 hours to subside after sun exposure, if you wait longer than that - it may no longer be helpful.

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7. Do not apply products that contain alcohol or acids

There are quite a few care products that contain alcohol (sometimes it appears in different names).

Alcohol is known to remove its natural oils from the skin, and these are now very much needed by him to recover.

Even creams or facial care products that contain glycolic acids, salicylic acids or retinoids are prohibited for use with sunburn.

Once your skin is completely healed, wait another 3 days and only then go back to using preparations that contain these ingredients.

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