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Tax return: Where can I get the forms for the tax office - and do I have to hand in the receipts?


This year, many cannot avoid filing a tax return. But not everyone finds it easy with it. The most important questions and answers.

This year, many cannot avoid filing a tax return.

But not everyone finds it easy with it.

The most important questions and answers.


annual tax return

is a chore for many Germans.

For some, the explanation has become routine, for others it is new territory.


Corona crisis



known many employees in

short-time work


Most of them are now also required to file a tax return.

In which cases there is a reimbursement and when an additional payment is due depends on the individual case, as the taxpayers' federal government explains.

The German Press Agency (dpa) reported in March on the basis of a "checklist" on the most important

questions and answers about the 2020 tax return *

- here is an excerpt:

Do I have to submit a tax return?

Who is required to submit a tax return?

According to the law, if

you only get your salary and

have no other income

, you don't have to fill out the forms, dpa explains.

However, there is an

obligation to submit the tax return

 if, in

addition to the wages, additional income of more than 410 euros was


The same applies to

wage replacement benefits

such as

unemployment benefits





short-time work



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According to the dpa, the forms also have to be filled out if you had

several employers

next to each other in the past year


Even if

both spouses had received wages


one of the two was taxed with tax class V or VI

or the couple

had chosen

the so-called

factor method

, there is a duty to pay.

Freelancers, self-employed persons and traders

are also

required to submit income tax




seniors also

have to file a tax return.

Whether this is the case depends on the amount of the gross pension and the year of the start of retirement, as the report says, among other things.

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How do I have to file the income tax return?

Theoretically, the

income tax

return can

not only be submitted electronically, but also in paper form.

However, there are restrictions on the paper form, explains the taxpayers' association, according to the dpa.

Because the paper form should only be used by employees and senior citizens if they have no further profit income as a self-employed person, trader or from agriculture and forestry.

The self-employed, freelancers and entrepreneurs would have

to submit


declaration electronically


The report also states that

entrepreneurs, freelancers and the self-employed

can only


corporate tax returns - for example for sales tax and trade tax as well as the income surplus invoice (EÜR) - authenticated via the 

electronic tax office "Elster"


To do this, you have to

register once



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Where can I find the forms?

According to the taxpayers' association, you can

either download


official forms

(only these are accepted by the tax office) for the

income tax

return online or pick them up from the tax office.

If you want to send your income tax return to the tax office without any paperwork, you can use the "

electronic tax office

", a corresponding

software program

or an



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Tax return: Annex Corona aid for assessment year 202ß

New additions are for the

year of assessment 2020

, the

plant Corona helps

the and

system for energy-saving measures for property owners


There are also new forms for pensioners.


system R was divided into three systems

, dpa portrays also: In the plant R statutory and private pensions come from the domestic market.

Benefits from domestic pension contracts and company pension schemes are explained in Appendix R-AV / bAV.

Pensions and benefits from foreign insurances, contracts and company pension schemes must be specified in Appendix R-AUS.

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Tax return: do you have to send collected receipts?

Many wonder whether you

should or have to send


receipts with


income tax


You no longer have to enclose them with your tax return, according to the information from the taxpayers' association according to the dpa - you still have to keep the documents because it can happen that you have to present them to the tax office when asked.


donation receipts

must be no longer attached, the report says - but they would have from the date of the tax assessment one year are canceled long.

(ahu) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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