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Trial in Munich: What connects the alternative practitioner and the NSU helper


She visited him in prison, he wrote her letters and cards: The trial against a naturopath in Munich shows her close ties to the NSU environment.

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Defendant Susanne G. in court: "Mein Kampf" on the bedside table

Photo: Frank Hoermann / SVEN SIMON / picture alliance

When André E. is in custody on suspicion of helping the Nazi terror trio "National Socialist Underground" (NSU) with an bomb attack in Cologne, Susanne G. visits him in prison.

About two years later she is behind bars and he is free.

In September 2020, Susanne G., 55, was placed in custody on suspicion of preparing a serious, state-endangering act of violence.

André E., on the other hand, has long been free again: The Munich Higher Regional Court (OLG) sentenced him, but only for supporting the NSU, not for complicity in attempted murder.

The contact is intimate

Since April, Susanne G. has had to answer to the State Security Senate of the Munich Higher Regional Court.

The Attorney General is convinced that the alternative practitioner intended to commit an attack on Muslims, police officers or politicians with a so-called gasoline hand bomb.

Before that, she is said to have sent threatening cards to a Muslim community, two local politicians and a refugee aid association.

She was arrested in the fall of 2020.

The Federal Public Prosecutor charged Susanne G. as a single perpetrator.

Accordingly, she planned and wanted to carry out her alleged terrorist action all by herself.

The authorities are not aware of any helpers, confidants or supporters.

An official from the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office (LKA) said in court on Thursday that there was "no influence of the NSU or its supporters" on the acts that Susanne G. was accused of.

The contact between the defendants and the NSU environment is intimate.

Swastika flag in the bedroom

At first, André E., 41, and Susanne G. only write letters to each other.

To the knowledge of the authorities, Susanne G. received eleven letters and two greeting cards from André E.

The first letter the investigators know comes from September 2017, when E. had just come into custody. André E. wrote about his family, his motorcycle, also about "fears and plans" and his "political views". What exactly André E. wrote to the defendant, the LKA man does not explain in court. "Your relationship seems friendly," he notes.

André E. and Susanne G. have a lot in common.

Susanne G. decorated her bedroom with a swastika flag and had Hitler's “Mein Kampf” and the book “The Jew as a World Parasite” on her bedside table.

She has an "enemy of the state" tattooed on her upper body, along with two submachine guns.

André E. has »Die Jew Die«, »Die Jew, Die«, written on his stomach.

In the NSU trial, he had his defense lawyer explain that he was "a National Socialist who stands by his political convictions with skin and hair."

Together in the black jeep

Both Susanne G. and André E. were or are fans of rock clubs.

Susanne G. was part of the MC committee, André E. was part of the Invictus Germanitas MC.

Maik E., André E.'s twin brother, is committed to the neo-Nazi micro-party »Der III.

Weg «, of which Susanne G. was a member until March 2020.

In one of his letters, André E. invited Susanne G. to visit him at home after he was released from prison.

In fact, the two of them see each other on the day of his release.

Susanne G. picks André E. up from the correctional facility in Munich-Stadelheim on July 11, 2018, and they drive away together in their black Jeep Cherokee.

They continued to meet and, according to the authorities, celebrated his birthday together.

Ralf Wohlleben, 46 years old, another NSU helper, was among the guests.

Wohlleben was convicted in the NSU trial for aiding and abetting murder in nine cases.

He is said to have helped the NSU terrorists obtain the weapon with which Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt shot nine people of Turkish and Greek origin.

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Susanne G. also wrote Wohlleben letters in prison, the investigators registered the first letter contact in October 2015. Wohlleben calls her "Susl" in his letters.

He wrote her a total of 34 letters.

Wohlleben has also been at large again since 2018.

Susanne G. had saved the addresses of Wohlleben and André E. in the navigation device of her car in 2020.

In September 2020 she asked permission for both André E. and Wohlleben to visit her in custody.

Obviously, Susanne G. was in close contact not only with André E. and Ralf Wohlleben, but also with their families.

The investigators found about 20 photos on their cell phones not only of the two men, but also of their wives, Wohlleben's daughters and André E.'s twin brother.

But that Susanne G. may have talked to André E. or Wohlleben about attacks during their encounters, the witnesses from the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the Federal Criminal Police Office, the State Criminal Police Office and local police stations, which the court hears on that day, have no knowledge.

Source: spiegel

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