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Protection on the road: the best motorcycle helmets


The motorcycle helmet is the first piece of protective equipment to purchase when purchasing a motorcycle or scooter. On the road it is pr

Lovers of two-wheeled vehicles know how important it is to ensure your own safety before hitting the road.

A motorcyclist is in fact more exposed to the dangers of the road compared to other users.

This is why the law on road safety has required for several decades to wear a helmet when getting on a two-wheeler.

To reduce damage in the event of an accident, and often to avoid the worst, it is essential to have the

best motorcycle helmet.

adapted to both your morphology and your type of practice. The dangers to which a motorcycle rider is exposed vary depending on their environment and use. If you do motocross, for example, there will be helmets specially designed for this activity. For everyday life or longer journeys, for example during a trip, it will be necessary to turn to a suitable model.

On the market you will find several types of helmets. The off-road helmet, for example, is preferable for sports use of the motorcycle. The jet helmet, lighter and more comfortable, is ideal for urban use for short journeys, where the full face helmet is recommended for long journeys. To better guide your purchase, several criteria must be taken into consideration. First, you need to know your head size to find the reference adapted to your physiognomy. The materials provide strength and protection for your head, while the coating improves comfort. Ventilation is also important. The model should allow you to breathe well without feeling suffocated. Other criteria should be taken into account, such as visibility,homologation or the closing of the chinstrap.

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  • What are the best motorcycle helmets for men and women?

    In the market, there is a plethora of motorcycle helmets for men and women.

    But not all are created equal.

    In addition, the motorcycle helmet is often a costly investment.

    You should not compromise on the quality of the helmet, because it is largely responsible for your safety when you take your two-wheeler.

    However, it is difficult to know which is the best motorcycle helmet before having really tried it on the road.

    However, several criteria to take into account will help you better target your purchase.

    Unlike the car that can be bought second-hand, it is not recommended to take a second-hand motorcycle helmet, because its integrity may have been damaged, or the latter is not necessarily adapted to your own physiognomy.

    A helmet adapted to your two-wheeler vehicle and your activity

    The first thing to do before buying a motorcycle helmet is to know its purpose. In fact, there are globally five different categories of helmets, each suitable for a particular use. Motorcycle, scooter, motocross, there is a wide variety of two-wheeled vehicles, each with their own particularity when you drive them. If you have a so-called "road" motorcycle, and you often take the highway, you will have to turn to a helmet model with good noise attenuation, excellent ventilation and full protection. If you are more used to short urban journeys, then a modular or jet helmet will do the trick. Knowing your daily practices on the road on the back of your motorcycle is therefore the first of the bases before any purchase.

    Why is the size of the motorcycle helmet important?

    The best motorcycle helmet is first and foremost the one that fits your head perfectly.

    It must therefore have an appropriate size, because it is this which will allow you to protect yourself effectively in addition to ensuring good comfort.

    From the size guide offered by the sellers, choose the size that suits your head circumference.

    The helmet should not hug you too much and give you some mobility when wearing it.

    If it swings when you shake your head, it means that it is too big for you: it is dangerous, because during a fall on the asphalt, it will not protect you in any way!

    What materials for your motorcycle helmet?

    The choice of materials may seem anecdotal, but it is actually just as important since one material will offer greater protection than another.

    Thermoplastic is therefore the entry level: it is generally used for urban helmets (when the speed is limited and the risks in the event of a fall on the asphalt less important).

    The high-end material is carbon fiber, which is essential for a helmet used for long journeys and particularly on the motorway where the speed is higher and therefore where the risks are more serious in the event of a fall on the asphalt.

    There are two types of intermediate materials, namely composite fibers (which also provide excellent protection), or glass fibers for short and medium journeys.

    Think about your comfort!

    Safety and comfort are linked.

    A helmet that gets in your way, limits your visibility, or hurts you after prolonged use, will end up compromising your own safety.

    Your attention on the road will be weakened and you will increase the risk of an accident.

    So pay attention to the interior lining, good ventilation and especially the weight of the helmet.

    A helmet that is too heavy for you will weigh you down in the long run and is likely to get in your way.

    To limit breakage in the event of an accident, do not forget to use competent motorcycle insurance adapted to your needs.

    How to choose your motocross helmet?

    If you practice motocross, you should take the above advice into account while readjusting your purchase to a particular type of helmet: the motocross helmet. Although there are also models of versatile helmets that will be able to adapt to your extreme sport use, it is better, if you do not feel safe while practicing, to stick to a helmet entirely designed for this purpose. effect. It is better to have two different helmets for two different uses than one and the same helmet which is not necessarily suitable for motocross.

    Preferably, absolutely avoid a motocross helmet whose main material is not at least made of fiberglass.

    A carbon fiber model remains the must-have.

    It should also be light and provide excellent ventilation.

    Since motocross often demands your physical abilities, you must be able to easily evacuate air and perspiration to avoid being hampered in your activity.

    Comfort, safety and good ventilation are the three main criteria when looking to buy a motocross helmet.

    Which vintage helmet to choose according to my motorcycle?

    Having a motorcycle helmet doesn't have to mean sacrificing your style! And of course you can combine safety with aesthetics. Vintage has recently come back into fashion and more and more bikers like to wear a helmet that affirms their personality and originality. Once again, the vintage helmet will depend on the primary use of your motorcycle. Vintage helmets, like modern ones, can be jet, modular, full-face, or even motocross. You will therefore have to choose the helmet model according to your own driving habits.

    To this is also added the design: a vintage helmet with a recently released scooter is not necessarily recommended.

    We must turn more to motorcycle models with a little more retro look.

    Be careful to check that the helmet is approved!

    Many manufacturers are bringing vintage helmets adapted to today's standards back into fashion, but it is strongly discouraged to buy real old models marketed before the 1980s and the regulations in force.

    Otherwise, you may not be able to use it or be fined if you are caught driving with it!

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