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Weevil: How to get rid of the crawly animal


Plants in particular are not safe from the weevil. If you notice the crawling animals in your home, you should act. We'll explain how.

Plants in particular are not safe from the weevil.

If you notice the crawling animals in your home, you should act.

We'll explain how.

Every now and then beetles or other insects get lost in the apartment - unfortunately nothing can be done about that.

Whether it is moths *, bacon beetles or ants, home remedies can be used against each of the unwanted roommates.

Another favorite that likes to get lost in the house and cause a lot of damage there is the weevil.

But how can you get rid of the crawly animal?

We'll tell you.

Weevils: This is where they stay


find their way into the apartment

above all via the

terrace and balcony


Especially in spring they are more common here.

As soon as the larvae have grown into beetles, they target plants in the


and in the house.

It does not matter to the voracious beetles whether they are fine roots or thick main roots.

As soon as you spot the crawfish, it is time to act and protect the plants.

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Fight weevils in the home

The crawfish are shy of


and therefore only crawl out of their hiding place in the dark.

As soon as the moment



with a flashlight

, you can

take action against them.

All you have to do is


it at the



If he feels discovered, he will pretend to be dead.

You then only need to collect it and put it out in the open.

Alternatively, there are also special


that you can add to the irrigation water for the plants.

Nematodes have also proven effective in combating them.

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Prevent weevils in the home

One way to prevent the pests is to inspect newly purchased plants for larvae and beetles.

This means you don't run the risk of letting several crawly animals into your house.

If you use a new substrate, this must also be checked.

Good plant care also prevents the pests from damaging the plant too much.

(swa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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