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An Italian-American love story, a hot drink of an Israeli summer - Walla! Food


All the new products on the market, all the snacks, sweets and temptations on the shelf: new on the shelf, Walla's food consumer section

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An Italian-American love story, a hot drink of an Israeli summer

A self-mixed cocktail, a mixed bag of snacks and thought-provoking cookies: "New on the shelf" tasters mixed


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Thursday, 17 June 2021, 06:00 Updated: Friday, 18 June 2021, 06:41

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Bushwick, Tel Aviv (Shai Makhlouf)

You'll have to believe us when we say it's not an easy job, not an easy one at all.

To experience all the new products that come out of the Israeli market (and sometimes even outside it), to taste before everyone else, deliveries and other deliveries, paper bags that accumulate in the office (and at home), a constant feeling of satiety.

Seriously, it's harder than it looks, and no one pays you for the gym, or compensates you for the rapidly evolving sense of FOMO in the mind.

For all the articles in the "New on the Shelf" section

of Walla!


S delicious Instagram page!


However, a "new on the shelf" section, with its tasters, curiosities and loyal consumers, has set out again.

And this time - a cocktail that mixes itself, a bag of mixed snacks and thought-provoking cookies.

Yes, we are very eclectic.

enjoy your meal!

Prepare yourselves for summer

Take LION, ice cream, chocolate and caramel and mix.

What exactly do you think came out?

To the full article

Gene Portofino

Gene Portofino (Photo: Portofino)

The dry gin from the Italian Gulf that we all would have preferred to spawn in has now recently landed in Israel, offering a composition of 21 plants, including rosemary, sage and lavender.

The frame story is interesting - an alcoholic tribute to the struggle that removed the Nazi regional headquarters from Portofino.

The bottle is spectacular, and is in line with the leap of gin shelves in recent years.

And the taste?

Dry in the most refreshing section there is, and seasoned excellently.

To say we noticed each of the 21 raw materials?


To say we managed to count after this session was over?

Neither does it.

Carbonated water with fruit flavors, it is called

Carbonated water with the fruit flavors of La Croix (Photo: Tal Terry)

And now, on the other side of the gin from above, in a match that was probably created in the skies of the Israeli consumer world.

Barel Alon landed La Croy's American cans in Israel.

This is, for those who have not yet known, carbonated water with delicate fruit flavors, without artificial sweeteners, without sugar and without calories.

The colors are eye-catching, the flavors - mango, coconut, grapefruit, hibiscus and apricot, for example - break any convection on this dry shelf, and feel in the mouth exactly what these drinks are supposed to feel in the mouth - a subtle hint of fruit, without the noisy drums we are used to.

And the gin from above?

A good friend of all this business.

MIX team, Barn

Barn's MIX snacks (Photo: Barn Studio)

The fascinating Euro tournament generated a completely legitimate backlash from Nestle Barn, in the form of the launch of the "Mix Team".

These are snacks "in a football atmosphere", which are supposed to "upgrade the shared experience of watching games".

In practice, this means a limited edition Bamba-Beasley onion mix that can remove its limitations for us and stay, a more familiar and always successful Bamba-Beasley Mix mix, "Beasley Grill Mix" (Beasley Grill, Apropo and Spicy Nuts) Crunchy, which was also our favorite, And a large edition of Bamba filled with nougat cream.

For injury time that requires a little (a lot) sweet, if you will.

Healthy cookies, Danny and Galit in collaboration with Domotok

Healthy cookies by Danny and Galit in collaboration with Domtok (Photo: Danny and Galit)

"Danny and Galit" and the fascinating food tech company "Domtok" are collaborating to create a new series of healthy cookies, without a red sugar sticker.

The cookies, all based on whole spelled flour, cold-pressed coconut oil and fruit zest, come in three flavors - coconut spelled, cinnamon and orange zest, almond spelled, cranberries and lemon zest as well as blueberry spelled, vanilla and cashews - and are priced at just 1.3 grams of sugar per unit.

They were delicious AS IS, matched excellently for a 16:00 coffee and brought up deep thoughts about the sugar levels we routinely put into the body.

Muesli and granola, Moranflakes

Mornflakes muesli and granola (Photo: Morenflakes)

Leiman Schlissl enters the field of breakfast cereals and launches two series of muesli and granola products, under the Morenflake brand.

The new cereal series, made in England, includes three flavors (Proti, Natty and Walnut) of crispy muesli crispy muesli, very rich and relatively rich in the dried fruit and walnut genre, as well as three flavors (Orchard, Hawaii, Original) of Moranflake Crunchy Granola, She also provides receipts for her name, and she also indulges in toppings (we gave up the raisins, stole more and more from the nuts and seeds).

Formula 1 snack, Herbalife

Herbalife's Formula 1 snack (Photo: Studio Details)

Herbalife launches "Formula 1 Express", a chocolate-based soy protein-based snack.

The snack, which is marketed as a "meal replacement", contains 13 grams of soy protein, 8 grams of dietary fiber and about 20 vitamins and minerals, but does not contain sweeteners and artificial preservatives.

It is very rich, and if you find yourself in a complex situation in terms of meals, it will close a corner for you easily (and at a price of 207-211 calories per snack).

Arisa Lemon, Neptune

Neptune Lemon Arisa Spread (Photo: Michael Katz)

The long-established Neptune company is launching Arisa lemon spread, which tries to combine Tunisian and Moroccan cuisine.

Spoiler: He's successful.

The reddish spread contains pickled lemon, oil, water, red peppers and spices, but no preservatives, food coloring or monosodium glutamate.

It went great for rich lunch sandwiches, went even more wonderfully into a shakshuka pan and by and large raised in us questions about culinary matchmaking that should have happened long before.

Beasley Grill-flavored schnitzel crumbs

Beasley Grill-flavored schnitzel crumbs (Photo: Studio Osem)

And speaking of culinary matches that should have happened long before - Osem is launching a special edition of crumbs for a schnitzel-flavored schnitzel coating.

These are, as you probably guessed, the familiar bread crumbs that have received an even more familiar snack castor.

The result is the same crunch, with a slightly different taste, a bit of a nostalgic return to childhood and a bit of an adult snack.

Awaiting future releases.

BIO soy delicacies enriched with protein, Tnuva

BIO soy delicacies enriched with Tnuva protein (Photo: Tnuva)

Tnuva's alternative series is expanding, launching BIO soy delicacies enriched with soy protein.

The delicacies, weighing 170 grams, now come in two flavors - an absolutely cute strawberry (10 grams of protein) and a delicacy with a subtle sweetness (11.7 grams of protein), which was even more successful, and neutralizes any longing for the milky yogurt shelves.

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