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Artificial intelligence: why should AI eradicate us? Out of boredom?


The AI ​​is still at the level of a drunk field mouse with math skills. But we don't have to fear the future either: We have nothing to which a higher intelligence could be jealous.

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Baby hand reaches for robot hand: what can go wrong there?

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That's how scary he is, the man in the night.

When he lies down, without his uniform, without his so-called facial expression, he lies there and sweats and is afraid of his life and his work.

Without them, he has learned, he has no right to walk around.

People dream of AI, the robots that will replace them.

In the first step, they take away his work in banks, insurance companies, on the drawing board and in the laboratory.

And he - unemployed, without rights - is a useless vegetable and will be eliminated by the robot in step two.

They come with creaky hinges and clumsy feet, and with a grip of the iron hand they finish him off.

Man can hardly imagine what does not resemble him.

Man cannot even imagine that a self-programming AI at some point could not have the slightest interest in dull human jobs.


My ass.

But what about the extinction of our species?

“Why should they kill us?

Do we kill all ants just because they are inferior to us? ”Replied Professor Schmidhuber when asked about the lust for murder of our future rulers, artificial intelligence.

Schmidhuber should know; in Lugano, one of the Swiss supercomputer locations, he is developing robots that are currently far from our great brains.

In other words, the minds of the almost exclusively male, mainly white, programmers.

Well, what can go wrong there?

Some algorithms can write scripts - at TV movie level

The AI ​​doesn't kill anything at the moment, unless you equip drones with weapons and let their algorithms kill people based on a search in the biometric face recognition database.

But please, who should do such a stupid thing?

The intelligence of common AI is now on the level of a drunk field mouse with good math skills.

She solves arithmetic problems, is great at playing chess and evaluating DNA chains.

Well, some algorithms can already write scripts that then have the level of Swiss television films.

So - still no need to worry.

How do we actually know how smart ants are, incoherently occurs to me.

Our mind.

The so-called human mind is a sparkling piece of gold that has developed excellently in all the millions of years since we said goodbye to the monkey family.

Not exponential like the mind of AI, but still.

Notable when we look at the results of our brain-driven evolution.

For example here and here or there.

We have nothing to envy a higher intelligence.

We can ride scooters, we can PowerPoint, we believe that there is a social market economy and Islamist terror.

So in Switzerland.

Against what a law was passed.

A good law that preventively condemns people if they intend to engage in terrorist activities.

Is abortion actually already a terror of the national body?

Swam over it.

So why should the AI ​​exterminate us, out of boredom?

Because she is keen on our scooters, on the shiny management floors or the fighter pilots?

We have nothing to envy a higher intelligence.

A damaged planet, dictators, strange hobbies and sushi.

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New arms race with self-flying killer drones: two tons of explosive power, no pilot by Hilmar Schmundt

The AI ​​doesn't need anything but energy.

The energy that is just about to run out.

Because the human mind has not been able to produce them sufficiently without resorting to finite raw materials or leaving behind waste that can radioactively contaminate the planet for a million years.

No matter.

So energy.

And now we come to the answer to the question. It may well be possible that in the foreseeable future there will be a legitimate interest on the part of AI to drastically reduce human energy consumption. But don't worry, because the AI ​​inherited its ethical and moral values ​​from its parents, the programmers mentioned above. So we can wait for our natural demise to be completely relaxed.

Source: spiegel

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