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Drinking enough in summer: the body needs this amount of water every day


Summer fun or heat hell: The current temperatures keep Germany in check. It is important to drink enough - even more than previously assumed.

Summer fun or heat hell: The current temperatures keep Germany in check.

It is important to drink enough - even more than previously assumed.

The summer finally reached Germany.

The great heat broods over the parks, in the apartments, on every street corner.

You just have to step outside, and a film of sweat forms on your skin, reports RUHR24 *.



boiling point

100 degrees

Melting point

0 degrees

Heat in Germany: Drink more water than previously thought - danger in extreme temperatures

Given this extreme heat, some may prefer to stay indoors, which can be kept cool with a few tips.

But sometimes barricading doesn't help, no fan - sometimes you just have to go outside.

However, if you leave home in the blazing heat, you have to take care of yourself.

It is by no means a secret and sounds like a saying your mom gave you to play with on the way - but you can't emphasize it enough: At these temperatures, drinking is extremely important!

Drinking water in extreme heat: three liters is the right amount - possibly even more

The heat in Germany is currently driven by the motto: "36 degrees and it gets even hotter" *.

In weather like this, the human body needs exactly three things: water, water and water.

And precisely in this amount: Contrary to the previously accepted two-liter rule

, an adult should better drink at least three liters of water under such heat conditions


If necessary even more, sports or other activities should be added.


It is important to drink a lot in extreme heat.

Sometimes more than four liters of water are required.

© Denis Charlet / AFP

The hot summer has begun: sweating at high temperatures - drink water for your own protection

If the body does not get enough water or fluids, it can be dangerous.

The beloved balcony plants are the best example: If you forget to water them, they will succumb to the sun and perish.

In the case of extreme plus temperatures, the human organism must also be watered sufficiently and regularly.

“The body reacts to intense heat in a similar way to physical exertion - it starts to sweat.

In the process, he not only loses water, important minerals are also released.

It is important to compensate for this loss of fluid, ”explains Günter Wagner from the German Institute for Sports Nutrition Bad Nauheim at


The requirement could even increase to four liters.

Drinking in the heat: Several liters of water are required - amount depends on exercise

The body, which may already be weakened after a sleepless, hot night *, starts up and reacts with sweating to the summer temperatures in order to cool itself down.

The liquid must be absorbed again, otherwise the person threatens to collapse.

The measure: drink enough water.

But watch out, because not all fluids are created equal.

The expert advises against soft drinks such as lemonade, juice or iced tea, as these would not quench thirst properly.

“In addition, they are very unhealthy and contain a lot of calories.” Alcohol is also fatal in the blazing sun: The Federal Center for Health Education warns that alcohol gets into the blood more quickly when it is very hot and promotes circulatory problems.

Drink water in extreme heat: also drink water through fruit

Better the good, old, solid and reliable mineral water to protect yourself and your body from the extreme heat in Germany.

If you find it difficult to drink at least three liters of water a day, you can also use simple tricks.

For example, according to the expert, you can balance the water balance with fruits and vegetables with a high fluid content.

He also recommends drinking warm tea.

The stomach can cope better with this and has to work less, which in turn leads to cooling.

It seems paradoxical: with ice-cold drinks, the body needs more energy to process them - the body heat rises.

* RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network.

List of rubric lists: © Denis Charlet / AFP

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