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Researchers from the UBA tested an antihypertensive to treat covid-19 and obtained encouraging results


The trial, on a small number of patients, showed a marked reduction in mortality and a decrease in hospitalization days.

06/19/2021 10:29 AM

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Updated 06/19/2021 10:31 AM

An investigation carried out by researchers from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) on a drug commonly used to treat hypertension yielded promising results in relation to the

reduction of mortality

in patients hospitalized for coronavirus.

The results were also good in relation to a

decrease in hospitalization days


However, this was a trial on a small number of cases that requires verification with larger studies.

"This is a

novel and unique study in the world

, carried out by researchers from the UBA, which applies a drug normally used to treat hypertension," the university indicated on its official website.

The trial was carried out at the end of 2020 in patients admitted to the Hospital de Clínicas and Hospital Español.

In it, a treatment was applied that could stop "one of the main causes of death in patients hospitalized with covid-19", which is "the

inflammatory attack

that the virus unleashes in the respiratory system."

The results of the work were published by the scientific journal EClinical Medicine, edited by

The Lancet.

The experimental treatment was carried out by professionals from the Faculty of Medicine of the UBA, among 162 people over 18 years hospitalized for covid-19.

"The results are encouraging, since it was possible to reduce hospitalization days by almost half, as well as to

reduce mortality by 81 percent,

" said the UBA.

It is a study that "applies a drug normally used to treat hypertension."

Photo: EFE

How is the treatment?

During the study, hospitalized patients were administered "a drug normally used to correct hypertension, which is


", applying "doses much higher than those usually received by hypertensive



"The result was that it was possible to counteract the

inflammatory attack

that sometimes generates the infection of SARS-CoV-2, a virus that causes the covid-19 disease," said the house of studies.

Within this framework, the UBA explained that "the virus enters our body through the respiratory tract. Once there, it uses its Spike protein to bind to an enzyme found in mucosal cells known as


. But, the addition of angiotensin has a side effect that can trigger the inflammatory attack suffered by some COVID-19 patients. "

"The virus prevents the enzyme from working normally, a job that consists of

degrading itself

from angiotensin II to another called 1-7. The latter is a natural vasodilator, and for this reason it is the target of the drug telmisartan, which is usually prescribed to those who suffer from arterial hypertension ", indicated the university.

According to the study, the length of stay "was reduced to 9 days" and the probabilities of death "fell by 81%".

Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

For the experimental treatment, "the team of researchers hypothesized that, using a drug that could

block angiotensin receptors

, they could avoid the inflammatory effects of this enzyme."

People, all over 18 years of age, who agreed to take part in the trial, were divided into two groups.

One of the groups received telmisartan twice a day, and the other

was treated as normal


"By day 5 the levels of inflammation had already been reduced in the group treated with telmisartan, and by day 8 the reduction was already greater. But, the most promising thing was that, among those who received the drug, the length of stay was reduced. it was reduced to 9 days, compared to 15 or more in the control group. At the same time,

the need for oxygen was reduced

, and the probability of death fell by 81% ", highlighted the University of Buenos Aires.

Finally, the house of studies clarified that "although it is a

preliminary study

, the good results and the fact that there have been no adverse effects related to telmisartan, support the fact that larger studies can be carried out to certify the therapeutic value of this treatment ".

The work was carried out by the cardiologist Mariano Duarte, head of the Hypertension area of ​​the Hospital de Clínicas;

the pathologist Facundo Pelorosso;

UBA teacher Liliana Nicolosi, medical director of the Spanish Hospital;

and led by the renowned pharmacologist

Rodolfo Rothlin

, professor and researcher at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the UBA.


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