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Cyril Hanouna: "I wanted to make people believe that I was running for president ..."


EXCLUSIVE. The star host of C8 reveals the hoax he had envisioned for the presidential election of 2022 and his plans for

A huge laugh in front of Francis Lalanne, then insults between Sylvie Ortega and Eryl Prayer in the last seconds. This is how the tenth season of “Touche pas à mon poste” ended on Thursday, June 10. "We could not have dreamed of better", assures Cyril Hanouna. The star host of C 8 tackles the passage "Daily", which went "more in the field of the media" when he relied more on "the news that buzz on social networks". Not yet on vacation, Hanouna has only one idea in mind: back to school. He will co-host a modeling clay competition with Delphine Wespiser and has “another project in the genre”. New political program, success of CNews, ousting from Canal + of the comedian Sébastien Thoen, TV rights to Ligue 1… The troublemaker of the PAF answers everything.

What will “

Don't touch my post

” look like at the start of the school year?


Usually, we try a lot of things in September to change everything in October. But for once, that won't change much. Well, for now


We will start with twenty minutes media, with surely the return of a columnist (

Editor's note:

Thierry Moreau

). And between 8:10 pm and 8:30 pm, we will launch “les Flingueurs du PAF”, a new section on current affairs. Four speakers will give their opinion on photos of the day or Marlène Schiappa's dance. We should have Fabrice Di Visio, Yann Moix and Éric Naulleau among eight gunmen. And if not, we keep Valérie Benaïm. She took a rest in the countryside after a heat stroke in the middle of the year. There she is.

“Don't touch my post” rose 30% between September and June. But overall, it is one of the weakest seasons with less than 1.3 million viewers ...

For me, we're the only one-year-long talk show. Look at the audiences of "C to you", they are down

(Editor's note: 1.3 million this season against 1.4 million a year earlier)

. The same goes for "Daily" (

Editor's note: in fact, the TMC show goes from 1.7 to 1.9 million viewers, on the second part

). Our season was special, with a different setup the first three months, which lowered the average a bit. But we made a good end of the season by finishing 1.5 million average over the last three months. On target, we are also very high

(Editor's note: the audience share of women responsible for purchases under the age of 50 has, however, fallen from 12.7% to 8% in five years).

It counts for the channel and the advertising.

Since the second season, I hear that this is the last.

In the end, we're still here.

Better, we left for three or four years.

A few weeks ago, you considered your transfer to Canal +.

Before Vincent Bolloré opposes it ...

We are very close with Vincent



We imagined dealing with football and news.

But it got stuck for several reasons.

The first is that I should have finished at 8:59 p.m. instead of 9:15 p.m.

It meant depriving yourself of a peak audience.

The second problem is Hervé Mathoux's football magazine, which I love, for the Champions League.

Every other Wednesday or Tuesday, I would not have been on the air.

And then, we had to find another strong program on C 8 that is not a talk show, and we did not have it.

There were too many constraints.

We would have thrown everything out of balance for not much.

It was also a risk for me.

Would people have followed me on Canal?

Stopped during the season, “Balance your post!

Should come back in September.

LP / Olivier Arandel

What about "Balance your post", stopped during the season?

“BTP” will return on prime time every week.

There will be two versions.

I will host a few specials around big guests.

And Éric Naulleau will do all the others.

He wanted to have his show in the first part of the evening and no longer at midnight.

C 8 will become a “feel good” channel, but we can also approach the news in this way.

Be careful, that does not mean that there will be no clashes.

There will be, for sure


You also mentioned the desire for "a big political show" ...

We are working on a new format that I will present live on C 8 by November.

There will be eight or ten prime, with one presidential candidate each time.

And maybe a special with all of them.

It will be a bit like "May the best win"

(Editor's note: an old game presented by Nagui)

of politics.

Around me, there will be editorial writers from all the channels of the Canal group.

We will propose to everyone.

Will there be Eric Zemmour?

And where will it be?

You have received members of the government like Agnès Pannier-Runacher or Gabriel Attal, elected officials like Nicolas Dupont-Aignan… On the other hand, not Bruno Le Maire.

For him, it is impossible "to calmly expose your positions" at home ...

We also received Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, Élisabeth Borne… Bruno Le Maire can still change his mind.

Maybe he hasn't seen our shows for a long time.

All our guests were delighted with the welcome they received.

I remember Jean-Michel Blanquer who wasn't hot either.

We finally managed to get him on the phone, about the BTS and bac exams.

Some said that the place of politics was not with me.

However, this is where the public debate is happening today.

And receiving Marine Le Pen, is it planned?

Yes why not.

With our editorial writers, we will be better equipped for.

At the start of the school year, we will be able to receive it with a real contradiction, a real debate.

We don't close the door to him.

Cyril Hanouna on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”.

Mathieu Ninat

For Marlène Schiappa, you would be the ideal candidate to lead the in-between rounds debate ...

It touches me that she says that.

But it is a very technical debate, with speaking times to respect.

There is not much room for referees.

For me, the ideal duo would be a trio:




Mabrouk and



I also love


Pujadas and



To read also "TPMP" down on C8: why they are no longer all Hanouna babes

A comic entitled "the President" imagines you at the Élysée.

Have you ever thought about it?


Not for a second.

But we thought of making a big joke, a huge trap in the form of a documentary for the cinema in which I would have made believe that I was going to introduce myself.

We had imagined a tour of France of markets and mayors to obtain the five hundred signatures.

We wanted to push the project to the limit.

Just for fun.

We really almost did.

But by the time we unveil the deception, we would have had our mouths full.

I said to myself:

the guys are going to hit me


And then there would have been a problem with my presence on the air.

In April, you had in mind the grid of Europe 1, which formalized mergers with the Canal + group.

What do you think of Dimitri Pavlenko's choice in the morning?

Dimitri, this is going to be the revelation of the next season.

He is very very good.

First of all, it is no joke.

He's a hard worker.

He is used to debates.

And he can talk about anything.

For the morning, it is ideal.

Listeners do not need an


star (TV host) who is only in politics or entertainment

(Editor's note: in reference to Patrick Cohen and Nikos Aliagas)


He is a hybrid.

According to our information, you are preparing a radio version of your program "La Grande Rigolade" ...

I asked my teams to work on it.

I don't know when or for which radio station.

It could be in Europe, like Virgin.

I also get along very well with Skyrock.

As with RTL.

How do you feel about the success of CNews, recently put on notice by the CSA for having given too much voice to the RN…

I am not at all involved in the editorial line of CNews.

No one there consults me.

What I can say is that there is a wide spectrum of guests and presenters in the Canal group.

All the diversity of the debate is represented there.

And it is very good.

Moreover, some see me as the gaucho of C 8, because I am criticized for receiving too much France rebellious, as others criticize me for receiving too much LREM or Jean Messiha… It shows that everyone has the floor.

“Facing the news” with Éric Zemmour is more followed than C 8 from 7 to 8 pm…

We don't care a bit.

They have their target, an elderly audience.

It hurts more France 5 and the best of "Quotidien".

I have no problem with Eric Zemmour, nor Pascal Praud who also walks very hard in the evening.

If people are signing up, it's because there's always something going on on CNews.

We can stay in front all day.

And yet, it is a chain that started from very far.

Read also "CNews has become essential": why the macronie has approached the news channel

After the attribution of part of the rights of Ligue 1 to Amazon, Canal + decided to withdraw.

Do you understand this decision?

Like any football fan, I would have liked Ligue 1 to be on Canal.

Unfortunately, they did not find an agreement.

How much is it going to cost viewers to follow all the matches?

After that, we have the Champions League and many other rights, such as MotoGP which is a hit when the rights are a hundred times cheaper.

Sébastien Thoen, comedian and actor, was fired from Canal + because of his participation in a sketch parodying the Cnews program by Pascal Praud, "L'heure des pros".

Philippe de Poulpiquet

In December, Canal + fired commentator Stéphane Guy, following the ousting of Sébastien Thoen who had parodied the Pascal Praud show ...

I did not follow the case at all.

I didn't even watch the parody.

I got along very well with both.

Sébastien Thoen, I even produced it on CStar.

And Stéphane Guy, he did his job very well.

Afterwards, they made mistakes, loyalty is important in a group.

Stéphane Guy was fired for "lack of loyalty" while you have often criticized the management of C 8. Regarding their choice of programming for "Rambo III" two days in a row, you said on the air: "They are stupid as pendulums ... "

You talk about a subject of film programming… It has nothing to do with it.

Me, I'm in the dark, people look at me for that.

This is the editorial line of my show, the TV criticism… On the contrary, it would have been a lack of loyalty not to do so.

I have the right to have total freedom of expression on the competition but also on our channel.

On "Rambo", I told them before they carted, guys.

Sometimes I type on Canal and CStar.

We slack off all the time.

What is your take on the TF 1-M 6 merger?

It is often the most motivated who wins the stake in these deals.

The Vivendi group was no more interested than that.

For the Banijay group, of which I am a part, this is a good thing.

We will be able to produce more programs.

And my relations with TF 1 will certainly be better.

It's great.

I get along very well with Nicolas

(Editor's note: from Tavernost)

with whom we often exchange.

For me, he's a genius.

On TV, he's the best.

A word about Arthur, your best enemy?

We don't talk to each other at all.

But I would love to sing “Love Me Tender” with him on the “Mystery Duos” set.

I swear, I do.

Arthur and Cyril Hanouna no longer speak to each other.

Panoramic / Bestimage;

LP / Frédéric Dugit



Born in Paris, September 23.


Co-host of “La Grosse Émission” (Comédie +).


“The Morning Live” (M 6).


“La Bonne Touche” with Jean-Pierre Foucault (RTL).


“Pliés en quatre” and “The open door to all windows” (France 4).


“Fa si la chanter” (France 3), “Touche pas à mon poste” (France 4).

Creation of “H2O Productions”.


Matinale by Virgin Radio.


“Don't touch my post” on a daily basis and “New star” (D 8 became C8 in 2016).


“Les Pieds dans le plat” (Europe 1).


“The egg or the chicken?



Record hours of live television after 35 hours of broadcast.


“A golden family” (C8).

In June, the CSA imposed on C8 a fifteen-day suspension of advertisements in "TPMP" after two sequences broadcast in November and December 2016 in "La grande Rassrah" and "TPMP".

In July, the CSA inflicts on the chain a sanction of 3 million euros after a hoax deemed homophobic in "TPMP".


“Balance your post!



“The big laugh”, “Take it or leave it”.

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