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The balcony as a green oasis: Hobby gardeners must pay attention to these points


You can beautify your own balcony with plants. But be careful, not every plant is suitable for this. There are a few points that hobby gardeners need to consider.

You can beautify your own balcony with plants.

But be careful, not every plant is suitable for this.

There are a few points that hobby gardeners need to consider.

Munich - Only a part of the German population can retreat to their own garden.

But many have a balcony.

It often serves as a kind of green oasis and is decorated with plants.

In contrast to the garden, you are better protected from animal intruders here.

But fundamental mistakes can also be made on the balcony.

Not every plant grows and thrives optimally on the balcony.

Temperature and incidence of light from the sun play a role, as do the right amount of watering and the right nutrient supply.

Therefore, you should carefully choose the right plant for your own balcony.

Tips for balcony plants: Do not use again before the ice saints in May

The housing


is dedicated to the topic of balcony plants. Accordingly, the right time must first be chosen when to use the plants. As a rule, the right moment has come from May. However, you shouldn't be fooled by the first spring-like days. It is better to wait for the ice saints before planting the balcony plants in the ground. From May 11th they sometimes bring the last ground frost. Some plants, especially those that are in bloom such as geraniums or daisies, are very sensitive to cold and could suffer from frost.

The second important point is the selection of the plants in coordination with the condition of the balcony.

Since some plants are completely unsuitable for the respective balcony, there is a risk of making mistakes.

Whether the balcony is facing south or north plays a major role.

This has an influence on solar radiation: south facing brings a lot of sun, north facing rather little.

Every hobby gardener must also pay attention to whether the plant is hardy or has to be brought into the house during the cold season.

The hardy plants include, for example, cacti and climbing plants.

Tips for balcony plants: Old pots can be recycled - but clean them thoroughly beforehand

Now the preparations for planting begin.

You can also use old pots.

But they should first be roughly cleaned with a hand brush and then wiped off with a damp cloth.

A pot must be cleaned particularly thoroughly if the plant previously located there was infected by pests or diseases.

After cleaning it is time to fill the pot.

But instead of just adding any soil, it is better to proceed in a structured manner.

The type of earth is elementary, in addition




Pour into the saucepan layer by layer.

The basis is a drainage layer, for example with expanded clay.

This is a purely mineral product made of clay, which serves as a water reservoir.

A separating fleece can be placed over this to prevent the layers from mixing.

Now the appropriate soil for the respective plant can be poured in.

To prevent a lack of nutrients, some wood shavings, a slow release fertilizer or regular fertilization by the plant lover can help.

Soil and Co. are now in the pot, now a hole of sufficient size has to be dug.

Then the plant can be put in and the hole filled with soil again.

However, there should still be some space around the plant of around two centimeters.

Tips for balcony plants: It all depends on the right watering

The last but very important point for a long plant life is adequate watering.

Here you can either be too careless about watering or mean it too well.

So look at the cards that come with the plant.

The recommended amounts of water are written on it.

A flower bed can hold more water than pots and flower boxes.

On the balcony, the following applies: Plants that are frequently exposed to the sun need more water than those that are positioned in a shady spot.

Ideally, the water should be soft and low in lime.

It should be poured directly onto the ground.

If you hit the flowers or leaves, they can be damaged in strong sunshine.


Source: merkur

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