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"Police call 110" today from Munich: "Frau Schrödinger's cat" in a quick check


No observation without influencing? The "police call" from Munich is set up as a physical test arrangement. Crime with mega-meta-saber. Then it goes into the urgently needed summer break.

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"Bessie" Eyckhoff (Verena Altenberger) in her new area: Katzenjammer and quantum physics in Munich-Sendling

Photo: Hendrik Heiden / Geißendörfer Pictures / BR

The scenario:

Katzenjammer and quantum physics in Munich-Sendling.

After two breakneck cases, in which half of the colleagues were decimated, police superintendent Elisabeth "Bessie" Eyckhoff (Verena Altenberger) is now taking things a little more calmly.

She even finds time to help the old woman Schrödinger (Ilse Neubauer), whose darling Pandora has run away.

But through her search, the policewoman involuntarily sets a mechanism in motion that leads to a fatal hit-and-run accident, which she then has to investigate herself.

Ideally, parallel to her investigations, she will then get to know a sweet scientist with whom she will philosophize about quantum and particle physics.

The highlight:

No observation without influencing.

With reference to the quantum physicist Erwin Schrödinger and his cat-thought experiment, the crime thriller is structured as a sophisticated ironic experimental arrangement.

The many unrefined ironic dialogues between scientist and policewoman could have been done without.

The dialogue:

The investigator and the researcher flirt while walking in the park:

He: "I really once believed that you only needed physics to understand the world."

She: “For me it was naivete.

I wanted to do something where you can change the world.

But as a policewoman you can pay for problems.

In reality, you can't change anything. "

He: "Yes, that's right, you only ever have to do with the negative sides of society, I imagine that to be totally difficult.

So always just abysses.


Does the abyss look back at some point if you look into it long enough? «

She: “I think a fascination for the abyss or an abyss itself is there beforehand.

Otherwise you wouldn't be so keen on exploring the abysses of others. "

He: “Yes, that's right.

When there are moments of happiness, probably nobody calls the police. "

The song:

»When do you shine?« By Erobique and Jacques Palminger featuring Yvon Jansen.

"I love those who try the idea, cheat the experience," Jansen sings right at the beginning.

In fact, this "police call" tries to break new ground in crime novels - but it still doesn't really shine.

The review:

3 out of 10 points.

Kitty thriller with mega-meta-sabbatical.

And now: summer vacation with the Sunday crime thriller!

The next new case runs at the end of August.

The analysis:

Please read on here!

"Police call 110: Frau Schrödinger's cat",

Sunday, 8:15 pm, Das Erste

Source: spiegel

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