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Barbis Diner in Eilat, Roldin Camp and Greco's Gladiya: The most delicious news in Israel Food Food News A new American diner was born. This burger is just developed Sweet summer camp, disturbed Greek ice cream, girls' cakes that are not afraid to be delicious and also a bar with a clear view: the most delicious news in Israel Tags Food News Benedict Eilat hamburger Ice cream Walla! Food Sunday, 20 June 2021, 06:00 Updated: 14:44 Share on Facebook Share on WhatsApp Share on genera

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A new American diner was born.

This burger is just developed

Sweet summer camp, disturbed Greek ice cream, girls' cakes that are not afraid to be delicious and also a bar with a clear view: the most delicious news in Israel


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Sunday, 20 June 2021, 06:00 Updated: 14:44

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Bushwick, Tel Aviv (Shai Makhlouf)

Long months of gloomy food headlines and a real passion for some delicious seasoning in the kitchen that is our life ended - for now and without the evil eye - with the food world returning to routine (some sort of routine, meanwhile we will not be petty).

And because we know where we live, let's keep our fingers crossed for a little quiet, and talk about food.

For all the news and headlines from Walla!

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restaurateurs, chefs and other Israelis who just love food (and just want to end this perpetual extreme survival season in the right group of survivors), have started to come back to life, and we with them, hope that the next food news will be less and less considered "situation".

And this week: a sweet summer camp, disturbed Greek ice cream, childhood cakes that are not afraid to be delicious and also a bar with a clear view.

And that's not all.

In short, get the most delicious news in Israel.

6 Equal Recommendations, From One Who Knows

Skewers as before, excellent Thai and shawarma institution

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LALALA, Raanana

LALALA in Raanana (Photo: Yonatan Ben Haim)

LALALA, a little cafe and a little Italian-Israeli restaurant, recently opened in Raanana.

The place strives to keep you there throughout the day, with fresh breakfast pastries, truffle scrambled sandwiches, for example, or a shakshuka dish with shreds of pasta, coffee, deli products to pick up and also "real" food.

The menu was built by Eyal Peretz and Assaf Arbiv, and at noon you will find here, among other things, horseradish pepper stuffed with cheese, beet tortillas with sheep yogurt, burata salad and fish.

for further details

Diner Barbis, Eilat

Barbis' burger (Photo: Roni Belhassan)

Our favorite barbie restaurant in the southern city is changing concept and becoming a diner with a new and corrupt menu, based on burgers, and automatic self-ordering positions.

The place, which was completely renovated recently, you can now find, among other things, a "Moreno" burger (200 grams of beef and lamb), "Ruben" (a patty filled with cheddar cheese topped with crispy bacon flakes and cheddar slices), crispy chicken meals, Vegan dishes, wings and sausages, as well as desserts such as ice cream with popcorn or Jameson-vanilla.

for further details

Manel Ismail in Sharona Market

Manel Ismail (Photo: Sharona Market)

One of our favorite contestants in the last season of "Master Chef" opens a pop-up restaurant in Sharona Market, and hopes to reveal to the audience the Arab cuisine on which she grew up.

The place will operate for a month (June 20 to July 20) and will serve a changing daily menu.

There will be, among others, dolma (a vegetarian mix of grape leaves, cabbage, onion and horseradish pepper stuffed with herbs, round rice, pomegranate honey and olive oil), briani (basmati rice stew, almonds and chunks of beef spiced with cardamom, cloves, saffron and cumin and of course Shushbarak,

for more details

An evening of food, the house of wheels

The House of Wheels (Photo: Gil Aviram)

The Wheelhouse in Ibn Sapir holds an evening "that is all an experience of tastes, sounds and social action".

The event, which will take place this coming Thursday, offers the culinary touch of Afaim Farm, wine from Flem Winery, music by Yotam Ben Or and quite a bit of scent light.

Proceeds from the event will be donated to the House of Wheels, a national organization for young people and adults with physical disabilities, which includes six homes open to different populations from all parts of Israeli society.

for further details

Pop-up on the roof, Assaf Day

The roof of Queen Esther (Photo: Queen Esther)

Still in Master Chef: One of the standout contestants last season picks up a pop-up for twenty people on a rooftop in central Tel Aviv.

The event, which will take place this coming Wednesday, will offer a seven-course menu, including - a spinach stuffed with shredded chicken in green curry, ravioli with shpondra and banana tart tarts.

Price: 590 shekels.

More details at 054-3973953

Summer picnic, Benedict

Picnic basket, Benedict (Photo: Sarit Gofen)

The breakfast giant is celebrating the picnic season with a new, summery basket.

You can find, among other things, cheese borax, egg salad, potato salad, Ikra, scordelia, Baba Ganosh, peppers stuffed with cream and chives, lava and dried cherry tomatoes, Greek salad, pretzel rolls, watermelon with feta, cracked pistachio pie and sour cream and quite a few Stiihtz Price: 309 shekels a long-time curlers, 279 shekels of the box.

For more details

Shabbat reception box, Tel Yitzhak Bakery

Tel Yitzhak Bakery Shabbat Case (Photo: Tel Yitzhak Bakery)

The bakery and deli from Sharon is launching a Shabbat reception package, with "all the products that must be especially delicious on Shabbat."

Or in other words - fresh challah, truffle butter, jam, yeast cake, chopped liver, egg salad, cream cheese and more.

Price: NIS 115 and up.

for further details

Pop-up Pizza-Puri, Lela

Pizza Balla (Photo: Sarit Gofen)

Lily Ben Shalom gets the summer with Pizza-Puri, a Georgian pop-up in her "Lala" in the Carmel market.

This is a summer menu that combines Khachpuri and pizza dough, a hot oven, refreshing salads and quite a bit of alcohol of course.

Here you will find, among other things, "Ceviche Babi" (for radish, radish, coriander, onion, shifka, garlic and berries in a nutmeg sauce), "Vazis Thulma" (vine leaves, cabbage and onion stuffed with rice and greens cooked with raisins and Uzbek) , "Pizza Lela" (pepper and tomato sauce, a mixture of Georgian cheeses, caramelized sweet potatoes, caramelized onions and spinach) and also a "sable pizza" (pepper and tomato sauce with green plums, with the addition of Georgian cheeses, chard leaves and chestnuts).

for further details

Ice cream cakes, Stefan

Stefan's ice cream cakes (Photo: Yonatan Ben Haim)

The Austrian ice cream and sweet house of Stefan Macher in Tel Aviv is launching a collection of ice cream cakes with the flavors of his childhood.

His childhood includes, among other things, classics such as Knudel and the Black Forest Cake, and the result is a showcase with works such as "Eis marile knodel" (a semi-round dome, made of vanilla samifardo, coated with a mixture of bread crumbs and stuffed with apricot), "Mohn Imber" (ice cream cake with Layers of poppy seed tortilla, frozen raspberry and vanilla ice cream) and also "Black Forest" (layers of vanilla ice cream and chocolate with cherries and whipped cream inlays).

Price: 160 shekels.

for further details

Pop-up ice cream, Greco

Greco Ice Cream (Photo: Gal Calderon)

And justifiably stay in ice cream: Greco Aquarius opens Ice Greece, a cool Greek pop-up that is expected to eventually move to Frishman Beach in Tel Aviv.

You can find here, among other things, the Kaymaki ice cream, but also exits such as Manori cheese ice cream, fig jam and milk crumble, Ravani ice cream with lemon and semolina cake, caramelized honey ice cream and bee pollen, Kalamata olive ice cream and also the 12 gods ice cream, inspired by the famous pastry.

Price: NIS 17-27 for a personal portion, NIS 78 to take home.

for further details

Pride Ice Cream, ANITA and Spaghetti

Pride ice cream by ANITA and Spaghetti (Photo: My Social)

Still in ice cream, still right: the ANITA chain and the Spaghetti Bar are collaborating and launching a special edition of Pride, in the form of Trix ice cream with white chocolate and fruit-flavored cereals.

The new flavor - colorful and sweet as expected - will be available at ANITA branches until the end of the week.

for further details

Pride Cake, Central Boutique

Boutique Central Pride Cake (Photo: Central Boutique)

The sweet chain also celebrates pride, and offers High Rainbow Cake, a colorful and high-layered cake with pineapple and vanilla flavors, with mascarpone frosting (NIS 82), as well as a collection of macaroons in shades of blue (Bavarian), purple (jasmine), red (raspberry), green ( Pistachio), yellow (lime) and pink (coconut) of course.

Price: NIS 5 per macaroon, NIS 30 per package.

for further details

Pride Tartlet, Bakery

Bakery Pride Tartlet (Photo: Bakery)

Still sweet, still proud: The Bakery and Hoshen collaborate on the basis of a colorful Pride Troll, whose 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the LGBT community's education and information organization. Price: NIS 32.

For more details


Pride menu, Serpina

Serafina Restaurant (Photo: Gil Aviram)

The Italian restaurant north of Tel Aviv is also celebrating pride, with a colorful salute menu.

On the menu, which will be served until June 26, you will find, among other things, a red dish (tuna bruschetta tartare, pepperoni cream and garlic and herbs aioli), an orange dish (organic pumpkin roasted in the oven with citrus gastric, gorgonzola picante and pumpkin seeds), a green dish , Broccoli cream and green vegetables, black cabbage and aged goat cheese) and also a purple dessert in the form of a Neapolitan cheesecake with cream cheese and amaretto zucchini and blueberries.

for further details

Summer Edition, Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere vodka (Photo: Yonatan Ben Haim)

No ice cream and no pride, but still hot: BELVEDERE vodka is also being prepared for the hot days, with the launch of Summer Bay, a special (and limited) edition in a summer design.

The Polish vodka, imported to the country by IBBLS, has created a bottle "that reflects the feelings of summer, and combines elements designed as a tribute to the natural ingredients used to make the cocktails associated with the brand."

That means, among other things, lime, red grapefruit and herbs, and especially a lot of color.

Price: NIS 99-109.

Ducato beers in Israel:

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Birrificio Del Ducato (@birredelducato)

The Hakerem company began importing Ducato's kraft beers from Italy.

These are four beers from the Italian Kraft Brewery - Pilsner "Via Emilia" light and honeyed, Amber-Ale AFO bitter-sweet, the IPA "Free Ride" beer is slightly golden and tropical, and the Double IPA "Macheta" is fruity but balanced.

Albkur Festival, lovely

Assaf Gabay (Photo: Alon Mesika)

Assaf Gabay and the excellent Sheine restaurant are celebrating the "Albkor Festival", a delicious event that will celebrate local and seasonal produce, with an emphasis on tuna that only reaches the shores of the country once a year.

The festival, which will take place on Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday this week, will offer special summer dishes such as sashimi, toro skewers and albacore steak on the bone, as well as local wines from the Golan Heights wineries.

for further details

New menu, Pishop

Challah with fish patties in Pishop (Photo: Pishop)

Still in the fish: The Fishop restaurant in Rishon Lezion is changing concept, but continues to excel in a happy Value For Money approach.

Restaurant customers can now choose fresh fish from a clear ice showcase, and get the coveted dish within a few minutes.

You will find here, among other things, fish and chips, fish burger, sea fish patties in a bun, pasta with fish fillet and also harima of course.

for further details

Greek evening, Yasu

אבי ביטון ושמעון פרנס (צילום: ליאת מנדל)

אבי ביטון ושמעון פרנס עושים כבוד למוזיקה היוונית באמצעות ערבי קונספו חדשים במסעדת יאסו בתל אביב.

האירוע הראשון יתרחש ביום שני הבא (28.06) ויכלול מופע מוזיקלי שמח בהובלת פרנס, ותפריט שמח עוד יותר בהובלת ביטון.

בתפריט תוכלו למצוא, בין היתר, ביורדי (גבינת פטה חרוכה ברוטב עגבניו), קפטדס פראסה (לביבות פראסה עם בשר עגל), סרדינים כבושים וגם חלווס, שהוא עוגת סולת עם דבש וסורבה. מחיר: 90 שקלים.

לפרטים נוספים

תפריט קיץ, סיטארה

טרטר קיץ של סיטארה (צילום: אנטולי מיכאלו)

מסעדת סיטארה משיקה "חגיגת דגים ופירות ים", או במילים אחרות - תפריט קיץ חדש.

התפריט, בהובלת אורן מורד, יציע ראשונות כמו "טרטר ים-תיכון" (טונה אדומה, סלט ערבי קצוץ דק, עשבים ולימון, ביצה רכה וקריספי רייס) ו"קלאמרי קלימרה" (חציל קלוי, משאוושה טחינה וגרגירי חומוס, ביצה חצי קשה וסלט עשבי תבלין), עיקריות דוגמת פפרדלה פירות ים, פיש אנד צ'יפס וקבב אדנה, ויינות צוננים.

לפרטים נוספים

The Garden Terrace, מלון וולדורף אסטוריה

קינוח ב-The Garden Terrace (צילום: דניאל לילה)

בר הקיץ על גג מלון וולדורף אסטוריה בירושלים נפתח, ומציע טפאס ים-תיכוני, בר אלכוהול עשיר וגם נוף מצוין לקו הרקיע של הבירה.

התפריט, בהובלת איציק מזרחי ברק, מציע פרחי כרובית בטמפורה, סלט עדשים חם, מעורב ירושלמי על הפלנצ'ה, אנטריקוט בורגר וגם באו באן ספייריבס. לקינוח יהיה בסבוסה חלבה סמיפרדו של עידן חדד או טארט שוקולד קרמל לוטוס, למשל, וכדרינק תוכלו להזמין "בריזת קיץ" (הוואנה 7 שנים, ג'ין ביפיטר, אפרסק, לימון) או "ירושלים של זהב" (הוואנה קלאב 7 שנים, סירופ מייפל, אנגוסטורה ביטרס, קינמון מעושן).

לפרטים נוספים

תפריט בוקר חדש, קפה גן סיפור

קפה גן סיפור (צילום: לינה מיארה)

מסעדות קפה גן סיפור נערכות לקיץ עם תפריט בוקר חדש, שעושה מאמץ להיות שונה וקליל.

תוכלו למצוא כאן, בין היתר, פריטטה פלורנטין מתנור אבן, ביצים עלומות על לחם תירס ופרמזן, "עיג'ה של סבתא דינה" וגם כנאפ החמה במילוי גבינות - כל זה לצד משקאות קפואים כמו אייס בריאות ירוק, אייס אסאי וגם שייק טחינה טבעוני.

לפרטים נוספים

קייטנת קיץ, רולדין

קייטנת קיץ של רולדין (צילום: רולדין)

רשת המתוקים הישראלית מזמינה את לקוחותיה (ואת ילדיהם בעיקר) ל-"Roladin Senses", קייטנת קיץ קולינרית.

הקונספט פשוט - פעילות אפייה ולימוד סודות מקצועיים מתוקים ממומחי הרשת, לרבות טכניקות מעולם הקונדיטוריה דוגמת הקצפות, טימפרור, וגם זלילה של תוצרים כמובן.

לפרטים נוספים

פסטיבל בירה, קשת טעמים

סניף קשת טעמים (צילום: פלג אלקלעי)

The large supermarket chain opens the summer with a justified beer festival.

The event, which will take place over the coming month, will offer more than 400 local and international beers, including the Dutch La Trapp beer, for example, or the Bavarian Benedictine, and additionally promises special activities and even more special prices.

for further details

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