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Flavie Flament changes program on RTL: "I'm going to conquer a new territory"


INFO LE PARISIEN. Finished "We are made to get along" at 2:30 pm. At the start of the school year, the host will take the air every evening at 8 p.m. with a

She sparkles, Flavie Flament.

The host of “We are made to get along” every day at 2:30 pm and “Here we are!

"Saturday at 9.15 am on RTL, bubbling over at the idea of ​​preparing for her return to school ... Surprise: from August 23, the author of" L'Étreinte ", a novel published last fall, will change box and program to share with listeners other stories in “D-Day” from 8pm to 9pm.

“On RTL, I talk about things that are close to my heart, I explore the human being,” you said this fall.

Always happy ?



I am going to start my twelfth season at RTL and I spent more time there than in TF 1. I will continue the adventure but in a different way, with a new and exciting challenge.

It's like a love story: if we are not in the process of renewal, we end up saying the same things to each other.

Did you get bored of "We are made to get along"?

Not at all.

The show is ten years old, it is the sign of a real bond with the listeners, but we have already covered a lot of sociological, philosophical, psychological questions.

I want to avoid the year too long, the decline of fun.

I have always made choices that have allowed me to keep him on top.

The audiences had weakened this season ... Hence a change of course and box?

Perhaps this slight erosion

(Editor's note: 94,000 fewer listeners in one year in January-March in average quarters of an hour)

was a sign that we had to tell each other other things.

And the idea of ​​changing the conversation with listeners had been working for me for several months.

After listening to their stories for years, I wanted to share what we have in common beyond our own experiences.

However, we all have a collective memory of historical, cultural, societal, political, economic events ... In "D-Day", we will come back from Monday to Thursday evening on a news that marked us by zooming out this precise moment to talk about the subjects in peripheral.

We needed a schedule where people listened while being more calm, hence the choice of 8 pm.

I set out to conquer a new territory, a new audience and a new storytelling exercise.

I have a lot to learn and to live.

How will this new show unfold?

It will always start with an archive. I will be in the narration and then we will conduct an interview because I will have guests. We will come back to a wide variety of news: the day Yves Montand met Marilyn Monroe, Victor Hugo's entry into the Pantheon, the inauguration of the Louvre pyramid, its history from the architect who imagined it on demand of François Mitterrand in the election of Emmanuel Macron who chose it as the symbol of his entry into the presidency. Or the taking of hostages in Neuilly by Human Bomb with the young man Nicolas Sarkozy took out of school, Simone Veil's speech on abortion in the Assembly by finding those who booed or supported her.

We can discuss the abolition of the death penalty, the attacks, football, the fire of Notre-Dame, the day Macron announced the confinement ... Or the day when Jean Dujardin received an Oscar.

And, beyond the feeling, it will allow us to revisit the news 10, 20, 30 or 100 years later, by bringing a touch of knowledge and culture.

Will you continue to have listeners online?

I will not deprive myself of this pleasure.

They will be able to ask questions, intervene ...

Does it achieve listening to their experiences or does it help to put things into perspective?

It invades.

I always keep something of a testimony.

Sometimes I come home in the evening being in the emotion of what I felt, but that does not alter the pleasure because the human being is a permanent renewal.

It feeds me.

For ten years, I have not been alone!

“We're meant to get along” helped people think and grow, and me first.

In complicated moments, such as when “La Consolation” was released

(Editor's note: her book in which she revealed in 2016 to have been raped as a teenager by a famous photographer alias David Hamilton)

, I received invaluable support from the listeners.

I come away so enriched!

My new challenge is part of the continuity.

And I keep my Saturday weekly because it is a hit and we help make consumers more informed, more eco-friendly and happy.

What is the news that struck you the most?

Clémentine Célarié's live kiss with an HIV-positive man

(Editor's note: April 7, 1994, during the first Sidaction)

because, if I had been able, I would have done it too.

It was the image of fighting against the fear of the other and "shocking to advance".

This TV moment allowed a change.

Going from afternoon to evening will give you more time to write?

It will be an opportunity to write differently, surely more because I have just signed for a future book at Lattès.

I have two in progress and a children's album.

And I will write the narrative part of “D-Day”.

It breaks me down: writing has been my new life for ten years.

What about TV?

There will be several evenings on M 6, like the one around trisomy 21 broadcast last September.

The investigation for rape of minors involving Olivier Duhamel has been closed.

Is there still progress to be made in favor of the victims?


The extension of the limitation periods has made it possible to file a complaint 30 years after coming of age in the event of sexual assault of a minor under the age of 15, but this is not retroactive.

We still have to make progress, perhaps towards imprescriptibility: from a philosophical point of view, I am for and I hope that this will be applicable at the legislative level.

The Duhamel affair is a new injustice that hammers home this raw truth: victims of sexual crimes today are not protected.

I wrote in “La Consolation”: “The law is not necessarily justice. Here is yet another appalling demonstration: A man confesses to having committed sex crimes against a young boy and, in the name of strict law enforcement, he can rest easy. I hope that this will allow the legislator to question itself on these subjects. We were a dozen victims of David Hamilton, we were not listened to. There are necessary injustices. I was sacrificed on the altar of increasing statutes of limitations to make a difference. Justice must be humanized because the law is cold and it is of infinite violence for the victims.

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