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Greek Food: Greece's Complete Food Guide - Walla! Food


Greek food guide, including pictures: what to eat in the morning, how best to close the day, what to drink while eating and how much more food can be eaten in the middle. The guide will prepare you for Greece >>>

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Greek Food: Greece's Complete Food Guide

What is the best way to start the day, with what should you close it and what exactly do you do in between?


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Monday, 12 July 2021, 06:00 Updated: 06:12

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Nestos Canyon and River near Xanthi Greece (Photo: Yossi Fischer)

We haven’t checked this story out in a good few months, but we are pretty sure that somewhere the flight tickets we bought for Greece some year and a half ago are still waiting for us.

To the delicious Instagram page of Walla!


then, before this petty story of a global epidemic on a historic scale, we planned to skip between two * less * touristy islands, and eliminate in each of them - from coast to coast of course - everything the local restaurants have to offer.

But all.

The simplest, most delicious there is

Granny Esther's Greek pie

To the full article

There is something to look forward to.

Greek food (Photo: Giphy)

Since then a lot of ouzo has passed through our veins, but not with the right scenery, and only now, if you look at the pink filter enough on the world, can you imagine this trip taking place.

And all this to say that we brought you Chef Guy Peretz from a Greek salon restaurant at the West Hotel in Tel Aviv so that he can make us all a little order.

Because the tzatziki, the pub, the gyrus and the supalki should not be mediated to anyone anymore, but everything else breaks our teeth a bit, and makes us think too much about what should be a perfect vacation.

In short, get the almost complete Greek food dictionary, including photos, so you know how to land well in the land of taverns, and start the mission right away.

Appetite, and a good vacation!


Scordalia (Photo: Alon Mesika, Alon Mesika)


straight from the mazat cut, a potato-based tingling spread, with garlic and almonds.

A recipe for Scordelia spread perfect with spring vegetables


Tzaziki (Photo: Nimrod Saunders)


: The

mazat we embraced with great love thanks to the thick Greek yogurt, the chopped and refreshing cucumbers, the garlic, the oregano and the mint.

A recipe for Tzatziki by Yonatan Roshfeld


Paba (Photo: Dror Einav)

Paba: The

hummus of the Greeks, no doubt.

Instead of chickpeas it is made from dried yellow peas, served hot or cold with the addition of raw purple onions, olives and sometimes also with different types of fish on top.

A recipe for a light pubic cream with chicken in lemon


Tirofita (Photo: ShutterStock)


You must start your morning between the waves with the traditional filo pastry stuffed with cheese or spinach.

Guide to the Philo Pages of Goat Furrow


Trauma (Photo: ShutterStock)


We know Ikra, but the Greeks have their own version.

Terme is an opening dish, a local fish egg spread for lovers of the genre.

Recipe for Balkan homemade icing

Tirokafteri (Tirokafteri)

Tirokpatri (Photo: Dan Peretz)

Tirocapteri: Mazet

which is actually a local cheese with peppers and spiciness that will appeal to even those who do not like spicy.

A recipe for Greek pepper spread with feta cheese


Supalki (Photo: ShutterStock)


We are used to kebabs or grilled chicken, and the Greek version of charcoal grilled skewers is the supalki (or sublaki) which is based on local meats and fish, as well as seafood.

They will usually be served alongside a slice of lemon that will give a sting to the juicy taste.

A recipe for Omar Miller's lamb, chickpeas and chuma peppers


Gyrus (Photo: Giphy)


On an open Greek pita, with tomato, tzatziki and onions, the Greek shawarma is all it takes to close a corner at noon before tanning.

A recipe for grilling chicken and Greek pita in a pan


Color (Photo: ShutterStock)

Color: A

Greek bagel that upgrades any table opening.

A recipe for crispy pretzel sticks with tzatziki

Feta cheese

Feta cheese (Photo: ShutterStock)

Feta cheese: The Bulgarian cheese of the Greeks but more delicate in saltiness and with a crumbling texture.

Meet her in a variety of dishes and salads.

A recipe for a Greek salad with feta cheese in the tempura of Erez Komrovsky


Musca (Photo: Dror Einav)

Musca: You probably know it from Mom or Grandma's kitchen, but the layered dish that combines minced meat, eggplant, mashed potatoes and tomatoes that comes out of Greek Mama's kitchen is unrivaled.

Musca has eggplant and meat in a rich tomato sauce by Henry Ben Shabbat


Melitsona Salta (Photo: ShutterStock)

Melitzona Salta:

Eggplant and pepper salad roasted on the fire.

For the Greek eggplant salad by Segev Moshe


Saganki (Photo: ShutterStock)


Deep-fried hard cheese, retains its shape and goes well with lemon juice (originally from local Calputter cheese).

For Greco's grilled cheese recipe


Dolmades (Photo: ShutterStock)


Greek vine leaves stuffed with rice.

For a recipe for stuffed vine leaves by Omar Miller


Compiled by Dolmedes (Photo: Assaf Carla)

Companion Dolmedas:

Cabbage leaf cake stuffed with rice and meat.

For a Greek-style cabbage leaf and meat cake


Capt. (Photo: ShutterStock)


Homemade patties, usually made from beef or lamb, but in the various restaurants you will also find versions of zucchini, fish, leeks and cheeses.

Recipe for beef and eggplant patties in a reddish sauce


Spankopita (Photo: Nimrod Saunders)


Spinach pastry with or without cheese.

A recipe for crispy pastry by Orly Plai Bronstein


Herta (Photo: ShutterStock)


A stew of fresh green leaves of chard and spinach garnished with almonds.

Yossi Sheetrit's chard salad recipe


Dakos (Photo: Dan Peretz)


Greek bruschetta, based on a special and extremely dry bread, on which are placed crushed tomatoes that moisten it, local oregano, olive oil and cheese or fish.

Recipe for Dacus by Tzviki Eshet


Fidkia (Photo: ShutterStock)


For lamb lovers - juicy lamb chops on a charcoal grill.

A recipe for lamb chops on the plancha


Spankorizo ​​(Photo: Yair Meyuhas)


A rice and spinach stew reminiscent of Italian risotto.

A recipe for a Balkan spankorizo ​​stew by Orly Plai Bronstein and Shai Lee Lipa


Locomodes (Photo: Nimrod Saunders)

Locomods: Straight from the sweets segment - Locomods are the donuts of the Greeks, in the form of small balls fried and soaked in a sweet syrup.

A recipe for Greek donuts in sugar syrup that can not stop snacking


Rabani (Photo: ShutterStock)


A wet and juicy semolina and orange cake, just what it takes to sign the trip.

A recipe for semolina and orange cake with almonds from Matan Chopin

And finally, drink a glass of ouzo and raise it with Yamas, cheers !!!

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