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What is in the bottle that Adele holds and how does it relate to her diet? - Walla! health


Singer Adele has been making a comeback in recent years when it comes to her cut. She lost weight thanks to a tensfood kg diet. How does it work? We checked the pictures and found something incriminating >>>

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What is in the bottle that Adele holds and how does it relate to her diet?

In photos posted last weekend, singer Adele is seen showing off a rather shapely figure. The sharp-eyed (we for example) noticed that she was holding a bottle of green liquid in her hand.


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Monday, 19 July 2021, 07:24 Updated: 07:26

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Adele with Nicole Richie (Instagram)

This past weekend, pictures of the singer Adele in the NBA game were published showing not only an amazing cut and fine taste in clothes, but also a bottle with green liquid to which she was attached throughout the game.

The bottle raised our suspicion, and like any health department that wants to bring the most important data to its readers we tried to check what exactly it has in there, and is it related to the tens of pounds she has lost in the last two years?

It is known that Adele has been adhering to a Pilates training routine for years and also incorporates high-weight workouts in the gym, so there is no doubt that there is quite a bit of physical work behind the new cut.

However, anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that fitness alone does not do the job, and to lose weight also requires a dietary change.

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To the full article

This is where the diet that Adele has already adopted in 2017 is called the sirtfood diet, which ensures an average weight loss of about 3 kg per week and is based on sirtuins - proteins whose high levels have been found to contribute to longevity and health improvement - combined with a calorie-restricted diet. Sirtuine, increase the body's metabolism and prevent inflammatory conditions. And here comes into the picture, literally, the green bottle that Adele is holding in her hand.

Looks amazing.

Adele holds a suspicious green bottle (Photo: GettyImages)

So what's inside?

The most likely possibility is that it is a green smoothie consisting of kale and parsley - some of the foods that are allowed to be eaten in the sirtfood diet - that accompanies almost every meal in this strict diet.

A second possibility is that it is green tea, since according to the method, it is recommended to drink green tea about three times a day.

Other foods you will find in the sirtfood diet: broccoli, olives, onions, cocoa and its products (such as dark chocolate that contains high cocoa percentages), red wine, pomegranate, olive oil, fish oil, miso soup, blueberries, fish rich in omega 3 such as herring and salmon, soy and products Tofu, citrus fruits, green tea, apples and more.

How does the diet work?

In the early days of the diet, it includes too low a number of calories (only about 1,000 calories) and includes green drinks and only one balanced meal.

Examples of a meal on this diet include baked salmon, steamed broccoli, kale salad with olive oil, a green smoothie that includes an apple, parsley and citrus fruits.

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The amount of calories then rises to about 1,500 calories and includes two green drinks and two balanced meals.

The explanation given for the drastic reduction in caloric intake in the first few days, is to put the body in a state of distress, which causes the activation of the mechanism of secretion of sirtuine.

Pros alongside cons

On the one hand the foods included in the sirtfood diet are foods rich in vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and many other components known for their importance and contribution to a balanced and healthy diet.

On the other hand, the diet opens up in a few days that include too low a calorie ration.

Calorie restriction can lead to malnutrition and uncontrolled weight loss and thus cause health damage.

Therefore, it is important that the menu is built by a competent person.

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