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Lil Nas X has fun with Nike to launch new single


The American rapper stages his dispute with the sports equipment manufacturer in the case of "satanic shoes". A new marketing move to promote Industry Baby.

Lil Nas X is known to be a master of provocation and the 22-year-old American rapper doesn't plan on stopping there.

After having danced languidly with the devil in the music video for his single

Montero (Call me by your name)

, Lil Nas X decided to capitalize on the “

satanic shoes

” case to announce his new title

Industry Baby


Nike had filed a complaint against the singer and the company MSCHF for having marketed customized pairs of Air Force 97, without his agreement.

If the case was settled in court out of court, the artist did not hesitate to use it to promote his new single.

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In a two-minute video posted to Twitter, Lil Nas X immerses us in his mock trial.

Dressed in the orange jumpsuit of the American detainees, he displays a crestfallen face as his lawyer - who is none other than the rapper dressed in a mule wig reminiscent of the dark hours of 1980s fashion - launches into a speech disjointed to defend his client.


Are you gay?

Asks the prosecutor.


What's that got to do with shoes?"

»Answers Lil Nas X


Are you gay?

», Asks the prosecutor. "

What's that got to do with shoes?"

»Answers Lil Nas X. The judge insists«

Answer the question

». “

Let me rephrase the question, 'Does your mother know you are gay?'

», Continues the prosecution lawyer. "


", concedes the rapper. The room is in turmoil. The sentence falls: the rapper is condemned to spend 5 years in Montero. The case of the "

satanic shoes

" has been tried, in fiction. In reality no one has been convicted.

Lil Nas X had marketed a limited edition of the Nike Air Max 97 which took all the visual codes of


: adorned with a pentagram and a biblical verse, the sole of the pair in question even contained a drop of blood.

Very upset that we can associate the brand with blasphemy, Nike had accused MSCHF of counterfeiting and dilution of the brand: “

Nike is filing this complaint to keep control of its brand, protect its intellectual property, and clarify the situation.

Nike has not endorsed and does not endorse

Satan Shoes. ”.

In April, an agreement had been reached between the two parties, the American rapper had agreed to recall the pairs in question and to reimburse their buyers.

A well-oiled marketing strategy

This is not the first time that the rapper has brought up the affair with an irreverent tone, ignoring criticism. Very active and followed on Twitter, TikTok or Instagram, the artist regularly takes the stage with humor to thank his fans and gently mock his detractors. He had even published a fake apology video following the outcry caused by these

Satan Shoes

on Youtube.

For the musical youtubeur Steeve Olivier Awono, the strategy around this new title is totally in line with


who had enjoyed a great impact on social networks:

"The religious attacked him by saying that he was going to go. in hell. He answered them: “Yes I'm going to go to hell and I'm twerking about the devil” ”.

According to him, the fact that the singer denounces his detractors in the tone of humor works in his favor:

“It goes better, it affects a wider audience. Many will laugh, but many will be touched and understand the message behind. ”

Originally from Georgia Lil Nas X, whose real name is Montero Lamar Hill, has made a name for himself with

Old Town Road

, a track that skillfully mixes country and rap influences.

The song which benefited from a remix with the illustrious Billy Ray Cyrus was propelled by social networks and in particular the TikTok application.

It is the title that has spent the most weeks at the top of the American Billboard Hot 100.

“He is a 2.0 artist who has understood everything about social networks.

First he is very present, then he has this humorous side and finally he takes the stage, there is a real



People feel like they're watching a musical reality TV show.

Without social networks, it doesn't exist.


Steeve Olivier Awono, musical youtubeur

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Old Town Road

, the summer hit born on the TikTok app

Industry Baby

produced by Kanye West is scheduled for release on July 23.

A title certainly calibrated for TikTok.

Source: lefigaro

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