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You can use these tricks to drive houseflies out of the apartment


House flies in the home are really annoying - mainly because they transfer germs to food. You can get rid of them with a few tricks.

House flies in the home are really annoying - mainly because they transfer germs to food.

You can get rid of them with a few tricks.

Flies can be annoying.

Once they accidentally land in the apartment, the animals usually cannot find their way out or buzz around until then.

The noise can be more than penetrative, but with house flies the transmission of germs also comes into play.

Ideally, house flies should therefore be driven out directly.

That can work with some means.

Houseflies in the apartment: this is how you get rid of the germs

Flies are actually fascinating animals. They taste with their feet, their brain can process around 250 images per second, they have an enormous field of vision and they can also walk upside down. Unfortunately, houseflies also have some disgusting habits. The flies prefer things like feces, carcasses or other putrid and decaying things for laying eggs. The youngsters then have a richly laid table and can quickly become large and annoying.

According to the Federal Environment Agency, houseflies occur everywhere except in the desert and are typical cultural followers.

According to the Federal Environment Agency, the adult flies feed mainly on

sugary liquids

, but they need proteins for the production of eggs.

According to the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU), the common housefly (Musca domestica) is also extremely useful because it pollinates, for example, leek plants, strawberries and blackberries.

In addition, according to NABU, birds like to eat them.

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Houseflies in the apartment: diseases and health risks

But that also means that, contrary to its name, a housefly would be best kept outside.

Indoors, their

fondness for rotting things

can quickly become disgusting and risky.

The Federal Environment Agency reports that when eggs are laid, pathogens and putrefactive agents can stick to the fly and are then transferred to food.

Food can then spoil quickly.

However, infectious diseases are also possible, such as

typhus, cholera, dysentery, salmonellosis and foot-and-mouth disease


However, these diseases are negligible and hardly pose a threat in everyday life (especially since some of them are hardly present any more).

According to the Federal Environment Agency, the transmission of germs and the associated spoilage of food are therefore relevant.

Ideally, you don't accidentally attract houseflies or scare them away again:

  • Especially in summer,

    do not leave leftovers or groceries standing around openly

    , fly hoods can help if necessary

  • Chemical tools are not needed to get rid of houseflies

  • Fly screens effectively keep the animals away, but unfortunately also do not let our pets through

  • Fly traps (sticky traps)

    are of course an effective means, but it can also be nicer

  • Fragrances for defense

    : Many animals do not like certain smells at all.

    Öko-Test reports, for example, that tomatoes, basil, lavender and geraniums in particular help as a scent barrier against flies.

    Ideally, the plants are placed directly near the house or window.

  • Essential oils

    : According to the Öko-Test, they are also effective, as are scent pillows.

    Lavender and eucalyptus oils, which are given on pillows or in fragrance lamps, are particularly suitable.

    Only be careful with essential oils in the presence of pets.

  • Fly traps

    : If you are motivated, you can collect the flies in a jar with air holes and then put them outside.

    Self-made fly traps are usually a substitute for glue traps and therefore kill the animals.

  • You can also try a draft, because flies like no wind.

In addition, according to RUHR24, warm water with chilli or cayenne pepper or a lemon with cloves should help against house flies *.

House flies in particular should effectively keep odors away from the apartment.

Incidentally, some of the smells also help against mosquitoes, so you have two advantages.

* and are offered by IPPEN.MEDIA.

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