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Just do not forget beer: the meat that made us turn on the grill - Walla! Food


All the newest food products in the Israeli market (and in general), all the snacks, sweets and temptations on the shelf: new on the shelf, Walla's food consumer section! Food. Log in to catch up >>>

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Just do not forget beer: the meat that made us turn on the grill

A baking trick that we will not reveal to anyone, romantic cookies and also a little Greece in a bottle: "New on the shelf" holiday tasters


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Thursday, 22 July 2021, 06:00 Updated: 08:19

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Or Spitz celebrates one year of confectionery (Shai Makhlouf)

You'll have to believe us when we say it's not an easy job, not an easy one at all.

To experience all the new products that come out of the Israeli market (and sometimes even outside it), to taste before everyone else, deliveries and more deliveries, paper bags that accumulate in the office (and at home), a constant feeling of satiety.

Seriously, it's harder than it looks, and no one pays you for the gym, or compensates you for the rapidly evolving sense of FOMO in the mind.

For all the articles in the "New on the Shelf" section

of Walla!


S delicious Instagram page!


However, a "new on the shelf" section, with its tasters, curiosities and loyal consumers, has set out again.

And this time - a baking trick that we will not reveal to anyone, romantic cookies and also some Greek in a bottle.

Yes, we are very eclectic.

enjoy your meal!

Stamp in time

Everything good in knapsack, straight from the ice cream fridge

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BAKEIT donut mix (Photo: Tamar Guzensky)

Hadar Hameiri and Meirav Gindi offer (almost) ready-made baking mixes, under the wings of the BakeIt company they founded.

This is a series of products for making cakes and pastries, which come in ready-made mixes that require only a little more work - just add eggs and butter, mix and put in the oven.

We experimented with a pretzel kit and a brownie cake set with savory pretzel crumbs.

The first provided a proper carbohydrate solution, although needed to strengthen the part where it is explained how to shape the dough into an octopus.

The second was satisfactory as well, certainly relative to other competitors in the category.

A small collective note - beginner bakers, there will surely be a fairly large target audience for the product, need a little more guidance, maybe even videos and the like on the site.

In three words: sweet first step.

for further details

And this is what it looks like in our house:

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Food (@walla_food)

Uzo Maltami

Uzo Malatami (Photo: Malatmi)

AGTD has begun importing OUZO MELTEMI to Israel, an old and popular drink that has been produced for four generations at the Gatsius Arta distillery.

The aniseed drink was deftly put into the freezer, and came out of it only when icicles hugged it, at least conceptually.

It was very aromatic as requested, refreshing and Greek in its properties.

With all the latest titles, that's the maximum you can ask for right now, isn 't it?

In four words: ourselves eyes and imagine islands.

Heartbreaker, Barn

Path of Hearts of a Barn (Photo: Studio Osem)

A well-timed move by Osem led to the landing of the Fetibar Levot edition shortly before Tu B'Av.

Fetiber's consumer-experimental test is inherently a bit redundant. Relatively, hearts are not forced, and as a snack next to coffee it may not really matter, but it certainly brings up a smile.This is actually the goal here, no?

Words: Necessary diversity in a relationship.

Sugar-free cookies, from

Man's cookies (Photo: Man)

Staying in cookies: The Man company continues to expand on the low-sugar shelf and launches cinnamon granola cookies and butter-flavored cookies.

The cookies - both whole wheat - were delicious, with a relatively delicate sweetness and good crispiness (for those with a buttery taste) and reasonable (for granola).

If you're in the business of something small and soup from the north near the cafe - and who is not actually?

- They will close a corner for you quite hermetically.

In four words: dip with, feel without.

Paleo sausages, Byrne Market

Byron Market paleo sausages (Photo: Meidan Mor-Alon)

The "Byrne Dali" online store on behalf of the meat chain is launching a collection of paleo sausages.

The sausages, developed by chef Ofer Wallheim, consist only of meat and spices, without preservatives or artificial additives, and are designed to simultaneously preserve the Bavarian experience.

Scorpion Sausage is a beef snail sausage combined with Tabasco Scorpion sauce, emmental buckwheat is a thick emulsion sausage for smokers combined with emmental, black garlic sausage consists of beef with a Catalan seasoning, four seasons sausage combines four cheeses and there is also chicken chorizo.

We tasted “Landiger Paleo” veal which provided wonderful smoking flavors and a very distinct meat flavor, and also “Swisswurst Paleo” which is even more wonderful, with a mixture of beef and turkey and Gouda cheese.

In two words: lust for meat.

for further details

Barbecue Sauce and Honey Barbecue Sauce, Master Chef

BBQ sauce and honey barbecue sauce by Master Chef (Photo: Master Chef)

The Master Chef brand continues to expand its shelves, this time with two new flavors of barbecue sauce.

The joiners are a classic barbecue sauce, which was a little smoky and a little sweet, and a barbecue-honey sauce, which leaned a little more in the sweet direction, without going wild.

All in all, this is a nice addition, which sits well in a sandwich, for example, or will deepen flavors as part of a rich dish.

In three words: Excellent Summer-Squeeze.

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