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If there was a tip of fried chicken at the Olympics, we would already be with the gold - Walla! Food


Miyazaki Fried Chicken, Giraffe Sushi Servers, River Noodles, Chef Workshops for Kids on the Great Freedom, New Menus, Food Tours, Wine Festival and Thai Pop-Up: Food News

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If there was a tip of fried chicken at the Olympics, we would already be with the gold

Delicious Olympics boxes, delicious food tours, delicious deliveries and activities (delicious of course) for children on the big holiday: the most delicious news in Israel


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Sunday, 25 July 2021, 06:00 Updated: 17:28

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Or Spitz celebrates one year of confectionery (Shai Makhlouf)

Long months of gloomy food headlines and a real passion for some delicious seasoning in the kitchen that is our life ended - for now and without the evil eye - with the food world returning to routine (some sort of routine, meanwhile we will not be petty).

And because we know where we live, let's keep our fingers crossed for a little quiet, and talk about food.

For all the news and headlines from Walla!

I can eat

Walla's delicious Instagram page!


restaurateurs, chefs and other Israelis who just love food (and just want to end this perpetual extreme survival season in the right group of survivors), have started to come back to life, and we with them, hope the next food news will be less and less considered "situation".

And this week: delicious Olympic boxes, delicious food tours, delicious deliveries and activities (delicious of course) for children on the big holiday: the most delicious news in Israel.

And that's not all.

In short, get the most delicious news in Israel.

After the suicide

The chef who survived the Second Lebanon War "came back to life," and his wife is furious

To the full article

Veranda Restaurant, Jerusalem

Veranda Restaurant in Jerusalem (Photo: Anatoly Michaelo)

The Citadel of David Hotel in the capital opens the Veranda restaurant, led by Chef Aviram Chioka.

The restaurant, which overlooks the Old City, is inspired by the kitchens of Huika's childhood and the Jerusalem flavors.

Here you will find, among other things, Kada Siska (Kurdish pastry stuffed with long-cooked beef alongside aioli humusta), veal almonds, eggplant carpaccio, "Jerusalem archini" (Cuban rice stuffed with mushrooms) and also fish tartare.

for further details

Duda Meatbox Restaurant

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The Duda Meatbox restaurant in Kiryat Haim was founded by Amir Postelnik, who built the chimney and oven in its heart with his own hands.

The menu, led by chef Uri Avraham, offers meals of a selection of smoked chunks such as brisket, asado, picnic, lamb neck and poultry, root vegetables with special sauces, pastries and desserts of course.

Among other things, you will find here corn cobs with smoked lime, chili and herbs, sirloin tartare with pickled yolk, garlic confit, balsamic caviar and wild herbs and "egg in the nest" dessert (passion fruit yolk, coconut mousse, white chocolate and chocolate nest with cocoa crumble.

for further details

Olympics Case, Giraffe

Giraffe sushi (Photo: Ran Biran)

The Tokyo Olympics provided the old chain with a good excuse to launch a new sushi package.

The box includes six rolls to choose from (Yuzu LOVE, for example, which is a roll wrapped in salmon and tuna filled with avocado, cucumber, chives and pickled Japanese radish, yuzu mayonnaise and tempura crumbs, or "Grande Grande", which is steamed salmon and fins, fried roll wrapped in tempura and two types of sesame, Spicy Mayonnaise and Teriyaki) and two Japanese Kirin beers.

Price: NIS 286 for a fish combination, NIS 245 for a vegetarian version.

for further details

Olympics dinner, Miyazaki and Kirin

Miyazaki's Olympic meal (Photo: Yael Bonfis)

Miyazaki also trained for the Olympics, with a special meal in conjunction with the Kirin signal.

The meal includes a crispy chicken, a cabbage cheddar, two dishes of umami chips, a coleslaw salad, seaweed salad and two beers.

Price: 158 shekels.

for further details

Pop-up in Ratzhelena, Helena

Pop-up in Ratzhelena at the Helena restaurant (Photo: Anatoly Michaelo)

Helena Restaurant in the port of Caesarea and the capital of Asturias Dam are collaborating into a new Spanish pop-up.

The menu - summery and with a Barcelona orientation of course, will offer tapas dishes for 48 shekels, and a glass of beer (250 ml) for 22 shekels. Tomat with bonito fish in olive oil confit, porcini churro salty blue cheese sauce and lead deals and offers free beer table.

For more details

Summer edition, Elite instant coffee and MISMAS

Summer edition of Elite Instant Coffee and MISMAS (Photo: Studio Strauss)

The Strauss Group and Ido Greenberg are returning to collaborate on an edition of Elite Instant Coffee and a new MISMAS for the summer.

The refreshing kit includes three new flavors - a powder for making cold coffee, a powder for making cold coffee with a salty caramel flavor and a powder for making cold coffee with vanilla cookies - and three cups "You will shake my heart" and "Today's forecast: Melted all over the country".

Price: 85 shekels.

for further details

Good Food Festival, Marina Herzliya

Noodles from VONG Restaurant (Photo: Boaz Lavie)

The marina in Herzliya is launching the Good Food Festival, with chef dishes alongside live performances.

The event, which will take place on Wednesday and Thursday (July 28-29), will offer, among other things, hits by Haim Cohen and Guy Gamzo, as well as dishes by VONG and Guy Peretz at prices ranging from NIS 15 to NIS 35.

for further details

White Festival, Marina Herzliya

White Festival in the Marina of Herzliya (Photo: Tom Getz)

Stay in the Marina: The White Festival celebrates the summer with dozens of white, pink and sparkling wines, and food nearby of course.

The event, which will take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays (04-05 August), will offer tastings, sandwiches, a food court, music and a special shop.

Price: NIS 115 at the box office, NIS 90 with advance registration.

for further details

Thai pop-up, Bravo and Mrs. Kotiyo

Thai pop-up by Bravo and Mrs. Kotiyo (Photo: Bravo)

The wine bar from the We Like You Too group is launching culinary pop-up evenings in its first collaboration with Ms. Kotiyo's restaurant from the Carmel Market.

The event, which will take place today (July 25) at Geula Beach in Tel Aviv, will offer Matti Nakash's excellent Thai food, including dishes such as Som Tam and Pad Thai, reinforced by a special wine menu.

for further details

River Herzliya

Cigar at River Restaurant (Photo: David Moyal)

The River chain is inaugurating a new branch in Herzliya, reinforced with an open and green urban garden.

The unique menu at the branch includes, among other things, Thai chicken salad, disassembled Golden Ontario, wings, steamed Dennis curry, and also rolls such as "New Style Salmon" (avocado, cucumber, mint and coriander, wrapped in rice chips and a cube of salmon in yuzu aioli).

for further details

B-Fresh and Cleaner

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The B-FRESH chain enters the world of the purifier, with two drinks that combine the green superfood.

B Seychelle is a Mankai smoothie, apple, pineapple, passion fruit sorbet, lychee balls and mint, while B MankaI offers a Mankai smoothie, pineapple, melon, banana, date, mint, squeezed apple, yogurt and tapioca balls.

Price: NIS 24-30.

for further details

Jameson IPA


The popular Irish whiskey is launching an IPA edition in Israel - a whiskey that has undergone a careful aging process and is finished in beer barrels.

It is the same favorite drink, with a slightly lighter, more citrusy and much more summery finish, including aromas of grapefruit and delicate seasoning.

Price: 120 shekels.

Negev Tour, culinary tours in the Negev

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A post shared by Tourism of the Negev (@friendly_negev)

The Negev Development Authority is launching the "Negev Tor" project, which incorporates urban (and free) concept tours that focus on the story of the neighborhoods and cities throughout the area.

Among other things, the public will also be offered special culinary tours such as Ringenblum Street in Be'er Sheva, a night of skipping bars in the spirit of art on the streets of the Old City and a delicious walk in Rahat.

for further details

Alcohol celebration, the Fringe Festival in Be'er Sheva

The Fringe Festival in Be'er Sheva (Photo: Snap The Social Center for Photography)

Still in the South: The International Fringe Festival in Be'er Sheva also celebrates food and alcohol, with bar tours and intimate alcohol workshops.

The festival, which will be held Monday-Thursday (July 26-29), will offer at the same time local beer tastings, cocktail making, arak for night heating, a workshop for the brave only and also a welcome preoccupation with whiskey.

for further details

Gold medals for Tepperberg Winery

Tepperberg Winery (Photo: Shani Brill)

Tepperberg Winery finished the DECANTER 2021 competition with six medals, two of which were gilded.

The winery won the international competition which is considered gold medals for Cabernet Franc Legacy 2018 and Petit Syrah Legacy 2017. Silver medal was awarded to Cabernet Sauvignon Essence 2018 wine, while three bronze medals were awarded to Petite Verdo Legacy 2017, Cabernet Franc Legacy 2017 and Petit Verdot Legacy 2018.

Shpachik, a family pizza preparation kit

Shepchik's pizza preparation kit (Photo: Ilan Besor)

A new initiative seeks to reconnect families who may have lost it a bit during the Corona and the Great Freedom, through a shared kitchen entrance.

This is a "Shpachik kit", with games and a book for children, as well as ingredients for making a delicious family pizza.

The kit includes four dough balls created by Yiftach Yeshayahu, 400 ml tomato sauce, 500 grams of grated mozzarella cheese, a children's book, an apron and games, a wooden surface for pizza, a rolling pin, work aprons and chef's hats, certificates for the participating chefs and dessert. Price: 220- NIS 299.

For more details

Summer workshops for children, BBB

BBB Restaurant (Photo: Elad Gutman)

The hamburger chain is preparing the next generation with summer workshops for children.

"Young Chef" workshops will be held during August for children aged 4 to 10. They include experiential cooking, chef uniforms, tips from the chain's professionals and of course food.

Price: 69 shekels.

for further details

Balzan cookies are refreshing

Belsen cookies (Photo: Leiman Schlissl)

The European biscuit brand launches new packaging and a brand new brand.

This is the result of a deep thinking process in the company, which ends by emphasizing the quality of the products, a clear distinction in the packaging design between products with milk chocolate and products with dark chocolate, as well as marking for easy and easy opening of packaging that integrates with packaging design without damaging it.

The main message - Bahlsen By Design.

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