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5 tips for managing online accounting


Many VSEs and SMEs are moving towards online management of their accounts. For their part, the platforms offer innovative solutions to adapt to the needs of professionals. Combined with a few common sense principles, the features of the Cloud will facilitate the ...


Invest in accounting software

The choice of a competitive software is obviously preponderant in the management of its online accounting.

To select the ideal platform, 3 business criteria must be analyzed:

  • Its organization and autonomy in bookkeeping

     : some platforms are suitable for companies dealing only with their bookkeeping, while others allow all bookkeeping to be managed internally.

    The advantage of online platforms is their flexibility of operation: companies choose only the tools they need.

  • Its additional needs: does

    the company want a payroll management module or functionalities allowing it to edit dashboards?

After a first checklist, companies can contact the main publishers of online accounting software.

They will give them more information and advise them on the solution best suited to their needs.

Keep your accounts

Daily bookkeeping is essential for VSEs as well as for SMEs.

Real-time transaction processing serves three purposes:

  • Meet the tax obligations of companies;

  • Analyze the effectiveness of the activity;

  • Anticipate possible risks in terms of cash flow and forecast future budgets.

Like the solution developed by Sage, the online accounting modules adapt to the requirements of each user.

The goal is to optimize the efficiency of companies, whatever their size and activity.

Establish a schedule of operations

Companies have legal obligations subject to a specific timetable.

They must therefore be proactive in managing their accounts.

Good practice consists of implementing a chronological list of periodic processing operations to which companies must submit.

In this way, employees collect the necessary documents on time, in particular by setting up reminders.

Delays are avoided and the impact on the overall functioning of companies is positive.

Accounting management via an online platform is the ally of the anticipation of SMEs and VSEs.

Keeping a precise schedule allows optimal use of Cloud features, in particular the rapid editing of periodic processing.

Open a professional account

A company that does not implement a clear separation of expenses can be subject to very heavy criminal and tax penalties.

In addition, the payment of benefits with a personal account exposes the company to forget certain expenses.

VSEs and SMEs wishing to optimize their accounting management must therefore start by setting up a strict separation of accounts.

The professional account should be allocated only to expenses incurred on behalf of the company.

Online accounting platforms allow automated reconciliation with the company's bank account.

Companies opting for this solution and establishing a strictly professional account are putting all the chances on their side to optimize the management of their accounts.

Organize the different accounting documents

During its existence, a company must keep a lot of accounting documents.

Online accounting software makes it easier to keep these elements and supports professionals towards the goal of zero paper.

The organization nevertheless remains preponderant, because companies are regularly likely to justify various accounting operations.

It is possible to classify documents into 5 distinct categories:

  • Customers:

    invoices for products or services are listed in chronological order.

  • Suppliers:

    it will be more practical to opt for an alphabetical classification.

  • The bank:

    the different bank documents can be classified in chronological order.

  • Tax administration:

    all documents relating to taxes or relations with the administration must be classified according to their nature.

  • Company staff:

    pay slips and social security tax declarations can be organized via a monthly filing.


Source: lefigaro

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