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Everything you need to know to buy the best brush for your cat


Your cat needs brushing to stay the prettiest in the neighborhood! Brushing your cat is also a real care, which avoids swallowing it

Your cat spends part of the year, or rather two, spring and fall, shedding astronomical amounts of hair. You will find it everywhere in your interior and on your clothes, not to mention its baskets and its cat tree! Especially since cat hair is not easy to dislodge. Brushing your cat regularly is the only way to have less hair at home and on you. It is also necessary that the brush really eliminates all the dead hairs, which are about to spread in the smallest corners of your house or apartment. Thanks to our comparison of

cat brushes

, you will find the best one, the one you will like to use and above all, the one that your cat will find pleasant or less unpleasant!

With the plethora of grooming accessories available on the market, choosing the perfect brush seems complicated.

In reality, there are two main types of brushes.

This is not the only criterion of choice, but the main one: does your cat have long / medium or short hair?

In the hunt for dead hairs, this is the key question that plays a determining role in the length of the brush pins.

You also need to decide if you want the pimples rather tight, comb-like, or spaced apart.

In the first case, you can do precision disentangling.

The other type of brush will be fine if you are not faced with knots.

Need a little help?

Check out our top 10 of the best brushes for your cat!

Our selection :

  • ACE2ACE self-cleaning cat brush  

  • Furminator Premium Grooming Tool

  • Baytion cat brush

  • G-MOTIONS cat brushing glove

  • Pecute cat brush and comb

  • Docatgo cat brush

  • Kosse grooming comb

  • Detangling brush for cats Morpilot

  • Maike High cat brush

  • Bonve Pet Cat Brush

  • Why brush your cat?

    Prevent ingestion of hairballs

    Some think of everything for the safety of their cat, such as fitting it with a GPS tracker or buying fake plants!

    But cats lose their hair during shedding, which occurs in spring and fall, and because they lick themselves a lot, regular brushing prevents them from ingesting too much dead hair.

    Cats vomit hairballs, especially long-haired cats.

    These balls, which bear the curious name of trichobezoars, can cause complications.

    The best prevention is brushing.

    Make the hair stronger

    Another great reason to brush your cat is because the hair is of better quality.

    Brushing stimulates the hairline and a cat that is brushed regularly has healthier hair.

    It protects it better against bad weather and temperature variations.

    Check the coat and skin

    While it is true that brushing limits the amount of hair you find in your home, now is also the time to inspect your cat.

    Hunt down the little beasts.

    Check for any injuries or skin problem.

    And if your cat goes outside, brushing is the best way to help keep her clean.

    Avoid knots

    Knots form in the coats of long-haired cats.

    Brushes help you untangle the growing knots, but sometimes it is too late.

    Without brushing, you are sometimes forced to cut them.

    How to brush your cat?

    The best way to brush a cat is to get it used to it when it is still a kitten.

    But with patience and delicacy (and a few treats!) Older cats can learn to appreciate.

    If it's a bit difficult, prefer a small cat brush with plasticized nubs.

    While it is not advisable to change grooming tools too often, accustomed cats generally do not see too much of a problem.

    You could also use several accessories, brush, comb, tools of different sizes for different parts of the body.

    A cat should be brushed when it is calm, and in the direction of the fur.

    A short-haired cat may be brushed less often.

    The important thing is to be regular and you can increase the frequency in the spring and then in the fall.

    What is the best brush for her cat?

    A brush for long-haired cats

    If your cat has long hair, a classic carding brush is suitable.

    It is a flat brush, on pneumatic, which has metal, plastic or silicone pins.

    Note that a good brush should not generate static electricity, and the longer the bristles, the more effective it is.

    During the moult, you could use a double-sided brush, to untangle and remove the dead hairs.

    Some of these brushes require great delicacy, so as not to pull on the hairs and hurt your cat.

    A brush for short-haired cats

    Card brushes are suitable for short-haired cats.

    If your cat comes out and comes back with matted hair or dirt, a comb brush will do both of you a favor.

    Those brushes that have a row of small, closely spaced metal teeth tend to disappoint owners of long-haired cats.

    They do their job on short hairs, however.

    One of them has become famous: the Furminator brush.

    It removes a lot of hair in one pass, without damaging the top hair.

    What about the brushing glove?

    Opinions on the brushing glove are divided.

    It grips less the hair than the good old card with metal pins.

    Those who have tried everything for their cat resistant to brushing, however, tend to find that this is the best brush for cats.

    It depends on the cats.

    One thing is certain, if you happen to shampoo yours, the glove is really practical.

    Cat frequency and size

    The frequency with which you brush your cat is another criterion of choice.

    If you brush it often, use a soft brush, with beaded or very flexible nibs, in order not to irritate the skin.

    Finally, use a small brush instead to get your kitten used to it or if you have a featherweight cat.

    Large brushes are ideally reserved for larger sizes.

    It is both a question of ergonomics and comfort of the cat.

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