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The best cat scratching posts


Indispensable for satisfying the natural needs of your favorite pet, the cat scratching post comes in all shapes and sizes.

Scratching, in cats, is a natural need that must be allowed to happen. The indoor cat does not wear its claws as much as an outdoor cat, so it is necessary for it to file them for various reasons. First of all, the claws are renewed, just like the nails in humans; by scratching, it therefore helps in this process. It also allows it to mark its territory by releasing a chemical substance located between the pads of its paws, thus leaving an olfactory and visual trail. Preventing a cat from scratching can be harmful since it hinders its comfort, well-being and health. This is why there are

cat scratching posts

that will allow him toexercise this need and that will also protect your furniture!

In order to satisfy the natural needs of your pet, many equipment, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, have emerged, taking into account their anatomy and instinctive behaviors.

You can therefore find a wide range of cat scratching posts with different shapes, materials and options.

To make the right choice, you will have to observe your four-legged friend, which will allow you to define his favorite place to make his claws, his preferred position, or you can simply make him discover the usefulness of a scratching post in order to that he uses it wisely.

It is thus thanks to this object that it will no longer damage your sofa, decorative carpet or tapestry, and that you will live together in harmony.

Our selection :

  • Wild Cat plaque scratching post, Trixie  

  • Kerbl tube scratching post

  • Valkyra carpet scratching post

  • Rijjk cardboard scratching post

  • Likea tilting scratching post

  • Scratching post Brigitte Flamingo

  • Cat tree scratching post Lionto, Dibea

  • Navaris carpet scratching post

  • Petcheer scratching post

  • Lsaifater carpet scratching post

  • Why buy a cat scratching post?

    The cat scratching post is an essential item for the health and well-being of these indoor felines. Clawing is a natural need for cats, which not only allows them to file their claws, but also to mark their territory. About once a month, the tips of the claws fall off to make room for new ones; by wearing them out on a scratching post, the cat participates in this process and thus helps their renewal, so it is an innate and instinctive reflex. In addition, in action, pheromones are released by the glands between the pads of its paws, thus leaving an olfactory and visual mark on other cats. Be careful not to prevent your pet from scratching, as this could lead to stress and discomfort. This is why the scratching post,whatever its shape, meets this need perfectly and should be ideally located in your home, at the full disposal of your favorite companion.

    Where can I find a cat scratching post?

    With the understanding of animal instincts and the growing interest in them, many pieces of equipment have been manufactured to meet their natural needs. Among them, an essential element for their balance is the scratching post. We can therefore find different types, adapting to the needs and capacities of each one. Often, they can be found in stores or on sites specializing in pet stores. The large e-commerce sites also offer a wide range: carpet, wall, corner, vertical or cat tree, it's up to you to make your choice according to your pet, but also taking into account the quality of the product. , its durability, its practicality, and its price. Feel free to visit a variety of sites to compare the various options to find the best solution.

    How do you get a cat to love the scratching post?

    Sometimes your cat may instinctively walk over to the scratching post you just bought her and use it wisely.

    Other times, he won't see the need for it, and it will be up to you to direct him to use it.

    To start, you can show him how to do it, by gently taking his paw and resting it where he needs to sink his claws.

    A click will perhaps make, and its smell, thus affixed, will make him want to come back.

    Certain items are known to attract and pique the interest of cats, such as catnip. These are various plants, often young shoots of grasses or tigernuts, which have a euphoric or exciting power on felines. All you need to do is put some on the scratching post and let nature act. The scratching posts are generally sold with a bag of these herbs in order to promote the use of the object. Another possible option is Feliscratch, a blue product containing synthetic pheromones and catnip, a kind of hormones released by the cat when it claws, which will attract it by the smell and the visual. Be patient, sometimes it only takes a little time for your pet to dare to approach or to understand the usefulness of theobject in question. In general, once tried, he can not do without it!

    What is the best cat scratching post?

    When choosing a scratching post, there are several criteria to consider, including shape, material, but also the needs and desires of your own cat.


    From the simplest to the most sophisticated, you can find basic rugs, often in sisal, a natural fiber, that you will only have to put on the ground for your animal to scratch.

    The scratching mat is generally suitable for older felines, who no longer climb too high, and those who have already attacked your doormat!

    Make sure that the mat is of good quality and especially that it is non-slip so that it does not slip every time your cat walks on it.

    Even if scratching posts are often made of sisal, an ideal material for your cat's sharp claws, you can also find some with cardboard, which is less resistant over time.

    The form

    If it is your sofa or your wall tapestry that has suffered the scratches, then opt for a wall scratching post that you will have to fix in the place concerned, for example, or a corner scratching post, which will adapt to your armrest. sofa or any other piece of furniture depending on the shape.

    Very practical, it will allow you to save your furniture.

    The general preference is for the vertical scratching post, which resembles a tree trunk that an outdoor cat can instinctively walk towards. This allows him to stretch and stretch while scratching. More complete, the cat tree with scratching post will allow your pet to scratch, but also to play, have fun, gain height, doze, or watch, thanks to the platforms on different floors and shelters including the structure is often equipped. Of natural color, it is an object that will easily find its place in your interior, in all discretion. As it is on its feet, make sure it is stable so that it does not fall as soon as your cat climbs more or less gently on it.

    In short, the best scratching post will be the one that fits your cat, but also that is strong and resistant to multiple scratches and time, which offers good stability, and which is comfortable and sober, in order to best suit your cat. interior.

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